Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe price in Malaysia


Image Credits: Asus Malaysia

Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe has been officially launched in Malaysia last week in conjunction with with launch of Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone Go and Zenfone Laser.  The highly anticipated Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe is essentially a Zenfone 2 ZE551ML that still retains the 5.5 inches full HD 1920×1080 IPS display on Zenfone 2.  Zenfone 2 Deluxe is using the same Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection that keeps away the dirty fingerprints and smudges. IPS gives good viewing from all angles and under the bright sun.


The phone weights only 170 gram while it it features a cool looking back cover. According to Asus, the back cover is made up of 500 tessellated which gave it a very diamond like effect.  On the hardware side, the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe is powered by a 2.3 GHz quad core Intel Atom Z3580 chipset. The phone comes with a default Android 5.0 operating system. Zenfone 2 Deluxe runs on a default ZenUI skin which the the Asus user interface for the Android operating system. 

Zenfone 2 Deluxe has a dual LTE slot. From the camera perspective, this phone is has 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front facing camera. The front facing camera is wide view by default and it is perfect for group selfie lovers.  The phone runs on a non removable meager 3,000 mAh battery. Quick charging is available

Worry about space ? the Malaysian version of Zenfone 2 Deluxe has a HUGE 128 GB internal storage. It also comes with a free lifetime 5GB Asus cloud storage.  The phone will be available in the market in a few weeks time.  Zenfone 2 Delxue comes in choices of white or purple.


The  Zenfone 2 Deluxe retail price is RM 1,599.

Access blocked sites Malaysia

blocked site malaysia

In Malaysia, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC )is the authority to investigate on content on the Internet and has the right to issue blockage on certain sites in Malaysia

Here are some methods to access sites which are blocked in Malaysia. Warning, is only sharing this as part of education process and does not take responsibility on any harms or intended usage . Different Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have different methods to block websites in Malaysia.

1. Bypass TM DNS

This method only works for Telekom Malaysia related Internet service such as Unify or Streamy. Basically, TM removes the DNS entry on their server when MCMC issues a website to be blocked as such TM Internet users will not be able to lookup the domain name. This method involves changing your computer DNS to lookup DNS servers from the Internet such as Google DNS and many more. In theory, this method should work for all types of devices and operating system as long as you are connected to TM Internet service.

a)To change your DNS setting for Windows, to go your computer control panel,

bypass dns

b)Look for the “Network and Sharing” center. Choose “Change adapter settings”

bypass dns 01



c) Choose the adapter that is connecting you to the Internet

bypass dns 03

d)You will get a popup where you can click properties and you will be able to change your DNS server

bypass dns 04

3) Set your preferred DNS to Google DNS and alternate to   (Warning: You should only set these parameters to trusted sources on the Internet)

bypass dns 05


2. Google Chrome  (For Smartphone devices)

This method works for Google Chrome on smartphones only. Basically Google Chrome has this “Data Saver” feature which enable you to surf a website through Google Proxy which is protected by SSL. Besides saving up your data, your connection will turned encrypted thus ISP will not be able to detect your traffic. This method has been tested on Maxis and Celcom networks.

a) Open up a Google Chrome browser in your smartphone

2015-08-25 11.50.08

b) Click on the setting button on the top right  and look for “settings”

2015-08-25 11.50.12

c)  Turn on the “Data Saver” feature

2015-08-25 11.50.44

d) There you go, you should be able to surf sites that are block once it is turned on

2015-08-25 11.50.47

3) Use VPN or Software

There are great softwares which are free and paid. UltraSurf is one such great software which enable you to access blocked sites. This program can be downloaded from . You may want to consider using paid VPN services if you are heavy Internet user.

Samsung Edge Plus price in malaysia


The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is an ambitious smartphone created by Samsung to win the category for this year award and is consider as a worthy contender. It is mainly targeted at those whose a fan of Samsung’s devices and those whose want to get close with the latest smartphone technology. Currently, the device is being sold at several big network markets such as AT&T, O2, T-Mobile and can also be pre-order through Samsung’s online network.



The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is mainly a bigger device than the Galaxy S6 Edge that provides 5.7 inches Super AMOLED screen display with QHD resolution and some upgrade. However, as it have bigger screen, it also mean that the device is quite bigger on the hand. The device which can be found in 32GB and 64GB variant offers 4GB of RAM, 16MP main shooter and 5MP front-facing camera as well as an octa (eight) core processor but it loses some features including microSD card slot and removable battery.


The device which is sold in gold, silver, black, and white does not offer stylus like the other Samsung’s device, the Galaxy Note 5. Nonetheless, this curved-screen phone has great hardware for all kind of media such as watching videos, photos shooting and editing, as well as reading varieties of articles and e-books. In addition, the phone’s screen brings pleasant to the eyes due to the clear and crisp screen provided by the phone.


Just like the Galaxy S6 Edge, this device is protected with metal chassis and dual Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The device also allows its users to charge their phone through the technology of wireless charging and fast charging in approximately 2 hours, thus hide the lose features of removable battery. Furthermore, a combination of the chipset and the 3,000mAh capacity battery may start the advancement of technology in the smartphone market and lead it to the next level.

Running on the latest Android, the device offers varieties of apps that bring attention to others such as the “People Edge” which is now capable to let others designate their VIPs, the “Apps Edge” that helps others to gain quick access to several apps shortcuts and its interesting camera that enable others to see any YouTube’s streaming video in a duration of 60fps and video quality up to 1080p.

11960220_975635752478212_2214708160753084670_n (1)

Release date and Price

Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus will be released in Malaysia on 4th September at a retail price of RM 3,099


To put it briefly, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a device with numerous enhancements providing a better battery, larger screen and streamlined software than its predecessor, the Galaxy S6 Edge. Whether this device is worth to buy, might be a question of relative and preferences that depend on the suitableness of its users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 price in malaysia


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) is an interesting tablet designated for individual whose likes high performances and new specifications, mostly those whose are into the devices created by Samsung.  As always, Samsung never failed to impress their fans with numerous great features categorizing under communication, multimedia and Internet functionality in lots of their devices.

The Galaxy Tab 2 is indeed features video group chat, voice call and applications as well as others Samsung’s multimedia-oriented hubs. It is powered by the newest Android Operating System (OS) and is connected to limitless networks for better and smooth performance that is capable for most activities.



Thousands of Great Contents

The Video Hub applications in the tablets which its services may vary throughout the region present over than 1,000 titles and it is still counting. It also may not take a long time for consumers of the tablet to enjoy the video contents during progressive download. Apart from that, the tablet features Readers Hub for anyone to be involves in digital reading as it is convenient, does not take lots of spaces, and offers thousands of books.

For gamer whose into premium or multi player games, the Game Hub would not disappoint them and could get them into the action seamlessly while people whose enjoying listening to music could listen to a broad range of music stores that is loaded with their favorite tunes through the Music  Hub.


An Accessible That is Made Easy

Accessible to current premium games, latest hit songs, recent video releases and top e-books is make easier by using the Samsung Hub services in the Home screen, all the time.


Newest Applications Recommendations

S Suggest services which is vary by country would help those using the tablet Galaxy 2 with the recommendations of top rated apps that is linked to Samsung Apps and Android Market, where it is based on their likes and uses which they should not be missing out.

Various Digital Contents from Several Networked Devices

AllShare Play service compiles various digital contents from several networked devices into one app, where it allows users to download all the media to store and watch them later on the Samsung TV. The app also provided web storage services to help users upload or backup their data for sharing or safekeeping securely.

Latest Android OS

Latest Android OS namely Ice Cream Sandwich would let users to enjoy varieties of apps in the shortest time through the new enhanced performance by the ICS technology comprising faster response, faster screen transition, better web browsing and it also provides utmost usability.


People using the Galaxy Tab 2 would found a smooth quality sound through the embedded receiver alongside wireless BT earpiece. It is indeed a great backup data for anyone to inserting their own phone number or others contacts. On the other hands, the tablet provides ChatON that features Buddy Interaction, Multimedia Transmission and Group Chat, among many others, for users to connect with friends and acquaintances through many platforms and devices.

A Little Bit of Specifications

The Galaxy Tab 2 use powerful dual core 1.0GHz processor that helps the tablet to achieve maximum usage and top performance through many heavy duties made by the users. In addition, the phone which is slim and light at around 10.5mm and 345g could be found in varieties of colours.


The retail price for Galaxy Tab S2 8 inches is at RM 1,699 while 9.7 inches is priced at RM 1,999

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price in Malaysia


Samsung has just recently released its two official smartphones namely the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ at the Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event in New York City, where both smartphones which is actually made for the phablet (a combination of a smartphone and a tablet phone) market will be available by the end of August or as early as September. The Galaxy Note 5 which is the more stand out between these phablet features the sleekest design yet with obviously a powerful hardware and can be described as one of the most elegant phablet yet created by Samsung.


Before approaching the Galaxy Note 5 and what it could give to the consumers, let’s take a look at its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 4 which is a phablet providing a powerful software and hardware that can run a Gear Vitual Reality (VR) headset smoothly alongside its powerful display. On the other hands, the Note 5 that may have shares a good range of specs from its predecessor, does features new software and may have less weighs when compared with its predecessor. It also can be found in 32GB and 64GB memory variant within a Black Sapphire and White Pearl.

logo_watermark Copy

Design and Build Quality

The Galaxy Note 5 together with an S Pen is built within fake leather and metallic plastic trim that captured and reproduced the looks of the S6 while the device’s front and back is supported by a Gorilla Glass 4 and an aluminium frame that can’t be removes. The back of the device’s curve shape its rounded sharp edges that makes the display of the device perfectly flat and is similar to the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. The display of the device has also been surrounded with narrow bezels.

However, the Note 5 didn’t provide a place to replace the battery and a microSD expansion slot due to its back which is not removable. Although its mean that the phone lacks some features, it also mean a better battery management with its turbo charging as well as a natural progression seemed by consumers nowadays to faster its cloud storage and internal memory.


Display and Features

The Galaxy Note 5 offers consumers 5.7 inches QHD (2560x1440pixels) Super AMOLED display that gives them great image clarity as it produces a pixel density of 518 per inch. The display is also sharp, bright and saturated which is suit with any type of media especially for watching videos or maybe playing games.

The special feature of this device is its S Pen stylus, where the pen provides consumers with an automatic eject mechanism. This can be done by pressing the end of the pen and then it would pop out from its housing. Pressing the end of the pen would also open up the new Air Command menu featured by the Note 5.The pen could also help consumers to easily access the Smart Select, Action Memo, Screen White and S Note, and others customizable options in the device’s circular menu.

Software and Performance

The Galaxy Note 5 is running on Android 5.5.1 Lollipop with Touchwiz running on top of it. The software can be upgraded to Android M which is going to be launched by the end of 2015. Apart from that, the Note 5 also sustains its features and gives consumers an easy way to do their payment at local stores or any place that offers credit card terminals by providing Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) through its software, Samsung Pay.

Even though the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is thicker, wider and heavier, as well as it provides consumer with larger battery and additional RAM, the device is quite identical with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ internal specifications. The internal specification includes the used of64-bit eight-core Exynos 7420 SoC with four-core Cortex-A57 clocked at 2.1GHz for the main processor, and four-core Cortex-A53 clocked at 1.5GHz for an additional processor, coupled with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM for better multitasking.


Camera and Battery

Samsung has installs a 16MP main shooter for the Galaxy Note 5 that offers optical image stabilization and 5MP for the front camera with both providing low-light sensor. Interestingly, people who like or love to view YouTube video can view any videos including live streaming video that would be broadcast from the device.


The 3,000 mAh non-removable battery of the Note 5 has been setting up with an innovative creation of wireless charging technology, where it allows consumers to turbo charge their device wirelessly in about 120 minutes through the use of Samsung’s special wireless platter. In addition, the battery of the Note 5 can be charge on any wireless charger but may not provide fast charge as the platter while with cable the Note 5’s battery can be turbo charge in about 90 minutes.

11960220_975635752478212_2214708160753084670_n (1)

Release Date and Price

Galaxy Note 5 will be released in September in S. Korea while Quater 4 in USA. Galaxy Note 5 will also be released on 4th of September in Malaysia. The device is expected to cost less than Galaxy Edge+.  Galaxy Note 5 will cost a whopping RM 2,699 ! Considering ringgit has lost huge value these few months


To put it briefly, the Galaxy Note 5 created by Samsung is a great upgrade from their Galaxy Note 4 with some additional improvements such as Air Command menu and S Pen stylus. The exquisite hardware and new software provided by the device could make it one of a great phablet phone in the world even if it lacks the microSD card slot and removable battery which is something that fans of Samsung has to learn to adopt in the future.

Pros and Cons


  • The device provide consumers with a beautiful display
  • The phone itself has an ergonomic design
  • Samsung has improved its S Pen functions


  • The Samsung Galaxy Note S5 would be an expensive phablet
  • The device use a smaller battery compare to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4
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