iPhone 6S plans

Keen to own an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus ? Despite the heavy damage that it would cost. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be available starting 16th October and preorder is already available by some telcos in Malaysia. Hey you could save some extra bucks by taking up phone and call plans from telco’s too

Here are some known telcos where you can preregister yourself to be the first to own the phone in Malaysia.

iphone 6s digi


Digi is offering iPhone 6S 16GB for as low as RM 1,152 and iPhone 6S  16GB plus for as low as RM 1,577, this is one of the cheapest iPhone plan available at the time of writing. This is of course applicable when you superscribe to their most expensive Digi Smartplan 238. You will also need to fork an advance payment of RM1,608 which will be deducted from your future bills. At the moment of writing , iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is available for other Digi plans such as Digi SmartPlan 50, 78, 98 and 148. You can also enjoy a RM 200 discount with Digi preorder.

You may register your interest with Digi here.



Great news, Maxis has also released their iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus phone plan details.  The cheapest basic version of iPhone 6S you can get is RM 1,260 via iValue 3 plan which requires and upfront payment of RM 1,500 and a monthly phone package of RM 250. The phone is also available for iValue 2, iValue 1, Maxis OnePlan 188, 158 and 128. There is also a 24 months contract period for the phone plan.

Pre order is available at the link here


 celcom iphone6s plan


Celcom has also made the pre order and pre registration of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus available although there are not much information being published on their website yet.

You may register for iPhone 6S preorder via the link here or at any participating Celcom outlets

umobile 6s


Umobile has revealed their pricing for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. The cheapest that you can get for iPhone 6S 16GB is RM 2,544.00 when you subscribe to Umobile i60 plan. The same phone is also available with i40 plan

Umobile has financing plans if you are keen to own an iPhone 6S. The financing plan requires no collateral which monthly payment as low as RM 48. You can choose from 12, 24, 30 or 36 repayment period with 1.2% flat interest rate, the rate would perhaps lands somewhere 2.2% (EIR). The rate seems quite attractive if compared with credit card or personal loan interest rates.

umobile flexi

You may register your interest with Umobile here

Read here if you are keen to know the official price for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus in Malaysia

iPad Mini 4 price in Malaysia


Finally the latest version of iPad Mini 4 is available in Malaysia after a year in waiting. Although the release of iPad Mini 4 was pretty much eclipsed by Iphone 6s, this new little tablet still deserves some attention.



The iPad Mini 4 fits perfectly for you when it’s not too small compared to a smartphone and it’s not too huge. It feels similar with the previous versions of iPad Mini if you are familiar with Mini range product. Apple pretty much retained the iPad Mini 4 design as it’s predecessor. The iPad Mini 4 has the same premium metal glass design although technically it is aluminium built. At 6.1mm, the iPad Mini4 is is a little bit slimmer when compared to it’s predecessor the Mini 3 at 7.5mm.  Nevertheless Mini 4 fits and feels comfortable on your hands

Ipad Mini 4 is fitted with a 7.9 inches display.  It has a 324 ppi pixel density which is pretty good for a 7.9 inches display. The screen looks pretty laminated such as iPad 2 Air. The lamination has reduced glare and reflection making reading for comfortable and scratch resistance. Colors are vibrant and impressive although having the same resolution as compared to Mini 3.


The new iPad Mini 4 comes with the upgraded Apple’s dual core 64bit A8 processor. This is the same powerful processor that is powering the current version if Iphone 6 but it sure lacks if compared with iPad 2 Air.  According to Apple, the new chip boost up to 30% performance compared with A7 which is great for intensive Apps. The Mini comes with a 2GB RAM. The device comes with choices of 16GB to 128GB of on board stroage.

iPad Mini 4 comes installed with iOS 9. There are some cool nifty features. Some of the software has been revamped where focus is given on multitasking experience for users. The OS also comes with the feature to split screen just as Air 2 when using apps which I think it’s pretty cool. 2 Apps can now run side by side on a single display. Other Apps such as Notes and News were also revamped.


Apple has upgraded the Mini 4 back camera and boost it to a 8MP camera. Burst mode is also now available. This would be great for people who shoots from their tablets a lot.  The tablet also comes with a 1.2 MP secondary camera with a f2.2 lens. All features such as HDR are still available. These cameras are able to capture decent sharp photos at the right condition.

Price and availability

Good news, the iPad Mini 4 is readily available in Malaysia, with weakening Ringgit at the price of writing, the price of iPad Mini 4 expected to look ugly. Here are the breakdown of Ipad mini 4 that available from Apple Store Malaysia. The iPad Mini 4 comes with choices of Silver, Gold and Space Gray.

iPad Mini Wifi only

16GB RM 1,599 , 64GB  RM 1,999 , 128GB  RM 2,399

iPad mini Wife + Sim card (LTE)

16GB RM 2,099 , 64GB RM 2,499 , 128GB RM 2,899


Xiaomi Mi4c


The Mi4C is an interesting device with beautiful design and an updated chipset. It also shares the look of its predecessor namely the Xiaomi Mi4 and comes with MIUI 7. The Mi4C features a 5 inches 1920 x 1080 Full High Definition display within a polycarbonate bodies. Interestingly, the Mi4C has added a new innovative feature to its USB plug and probably be the first device that used the USB Type C plug which is located in the base of the device. The USB Type C plug could charge the 3080mAh battery faster up to 40% in approximately an hour but it could not transfer the data in a short amount of times.


There is a 5MP front-facing camera in front of the device, whereas at its rear, there is a speaker, dual tone LED flash, Mi logo and 13MP camera alongside the Samsung and Sony rear sensors can be founded by the consumers. Other port and button such as volume rockers and power button of the device are placed on the right of the device which is typically the same among its line of family, while the IR remote sensor and 3.55mm headphone jack are placed at the top of the device.


The device maintains the slim ratio of the device inside its polycarbonate unibody design together with its beefy battery. In addition, the device has discard the Snapdragon 615 chipset and replaced it with Snapdragon 808 that feature an Adreno 418 GPU with a hexicore processor that helps to runs the device more smoothly and effectively. On the others hand, the device also provides a 2GB RAM with 16GB of internal storage and 3GB RAM with 32GB of internal storage separately. However, both versions of the device are not compatible with a SD card but it would provide dual SIM on standby.


Another feature to the device includes the “Edge Tap”, where consumers could use it to tap the edge of the device to take a photo which is good for those who like to selfies. The Edge Tap has been default only to take a photo but consumers could change the factory setting of the Edge Tap to work as a secondary back button. To put it briefly, the device has a better optimisation than its predecessor, where it could perform in a blistering and fast manner without lag or slow down on top of the MIUI 7. The device is a decent product that tend to get overheat due to the long times used by its users.

Digi Unlimited calls Smart Plans

digi unlimited

RM 25

Digi has released a quite interesting prepaid plans which is considered very competitive in Malaysia. With just RM 25 montly, you can enjoy unlimited calls and SMS However the number of calls is only limited to 3 friends within Digi network. Other calls are subjected to 20 cents while SMS is 15 cents. Perhaps this would be suitable for people who calls certain numbers on a regular basis. The plan also comes with a hefty 1GB LTE data.

RM 45

For just RM 45, one will also be able to enjoy the unlimited calls to 3 friends while the plan comes with a heavy 3GB data and 50 minutes call time. All other calls are subjected to 15 cents while 10 cents for SMS.

RM 65

One would have to pay RM 65 for free calls across all networks. Free SMS is available for 3 friends on the same network. The extra SMS would cost RM 10 cents. The plan also comes with 3GB data with unlimited Whatsapp and Wechat. Additional top up may cost RM 8 for 1GB which is valid for two days only.

All plans also comes with Digi Music freedom for 3 months trial period and a 3GB Capture storage space which is kind of a cloud storage. The SmartPlans is only available for limited time basis and is only valid until 31st October 2015.  Also do take note that the unlimited calls are only applicable to domestic network while you will not be able to enjoy it when dialing to 121, 1-300 and 1-800 numbers.

If you are keen , you can signup for the plan at your nearest Digi outlets or at Digi website.

Best Prepaid Plan in Malaysia 2015


In Malaysia, post-paid plans can be costly as it needs its customers to be bound byk,mjj a contract and a monthly commitment charged by the telecom provider. Plus, the increment of smartphone users lately has leave them with no choice but to consort with other types of telecom plans particularly the prepaid plans. However, as there are several telecom providers offering numerous types of prepaid plans to its customers, it is hard to find a solid starter pack for new users and thus leaving them in confusion, headache and sometimes regrets.

Before anyone wanted to take a look around for their first prepaid plans, they should understand and look on what they needs and what kind of option they would receive from several big telecom providers in the country such as DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and u Mobile.  Whether they are looking for the prepaid plans to make calls, using the social media, and surfing the internet on this pay-as-you-use billing method, the basics would always be on the coverage, frequencies and regulations. Apart from these, customers of prepaid plans can also enjoy the versatility and various advantages of selecting the perfect plans that are custom suited to their needs.


Maxis #Hotlink

#Hotlink is one of the top prepaid plans available in the market, where various prepaid and mobile data services can be found provided by Maxis. Although, its coverage tend to be mediocre, it has a top stable network and lowest calling rates for international (IDD) call service as well as a line for its customer to use their phone with free basic Internet data. Interestingly, Maxis also offers Hot Tickets including Football Hot Ticket, Festive Hot Ticket, IDD Hot Ticket, Social Edition Hot Ticket, and Internet Hot Ticket that can be purchased by customers to have free data, free SMS and extra call time. Its standard prepaid SIMs can be founded available at various Maxis retailers and resellers nationwide, where it can be cut into micro and nano SIMs without charge.


Celcom XPax

Celcom is the leading mobile cellular provider and also a big rival of Hotlink that offers customers with a wide range of unique prepaid services. In addition, it has a great network for many frequencies within 3 of its starter packs namely the SOX, UOX and XPax. These packs have its own solely purpose and targeted at different age groups. Nonetheless, its gives out great offers for the customers including free video calls, free voice calls, SMS and MMS as well as other freebies with a little charge. Celcom starter packs can be found in various stores while its micro and nano SIMs would only be available upon request or cut down. It would amuse many travellers as Celcom also provide a SIMs specifically caters for individuals whose like to get on the road with its Traveller SIM.


DiGi Prepaid

DiGi was established as digital mobile network in the country in 1995, but currently has become one of the largest telecom providers today. It has a good coverage but may appear less clear in some remote places. Recently, its frequency for 4G has been added into the company services. In general, DiGi offers its customers straightforward prepaid plans such as Easy, Best and Smart Plan with different rates according to the needs of its customers. Its starter packs can be found sold in many local stores but it is tend to be more expensive with less offers.


U Mobile

U Mobile is the smallest network in the country providing only a 3G and 4G platform for customers whose needs a prepaid plan. Nonetheless, u Mobile is currently a telecom provider that gives out a cheaper data rates than its top rivals. Although it seems having a same digital footprint as one of its rival named Maxis, it is also offering a very low roaming when connected to the neighbouring countries which is exclusive only to its market in the country. It is also easy to find its starter packs as any others telecom that providing prepaid plans to the customers.

One frequent complaints with Umobile is the lack of connectivity outside or urban areas such as Kuala Lumpur or Penang. Once should take consideration of this factor before deciding.

Prepaid Plans Verdict

Depending on the needs of the users and the offers provided by the telecom company in Malaysia, some of the prepaid plans has its owns solid purpose that any users could grab and use in different aspect such as;

Voice Calls and SMS

U Mobile Prepaid has the best value for this category. It would cost the users 3 cents for one SMS to its network and 8 cents to other networks while its voice calls would cost at most 9 cents for every 30 seconds of usage. Furthermore, calls made to other u Mobile numbers would not cost them and they can obtain 20 free SMSs for every 6 messages send to its network.

Mobile Internet

For this category, #Hotlink would bring the best value to its users. It offers them with free basic internet data alongside other mobile internet options. There are numerous quota plans ready to grab and enjoyed by anyone. Moreover, Maxis would only throttle the connection speed of its users once they have exceeds their quota limit. In general, there would always be a data connection with any Hotlink SIM card but its network and speed would vary accordingly.

Social Media

Celcom provides users with two plans for this category but it is more than enough to pick and put this company in this category. The Chat plan is great for social messaging comprising Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, with at least 50MB of data while the Social plan with at least 150MB of data is free out of the expiration and thus users could use it until their quota runs out. Plus, users can also enjoy up to 500MB of free data when they used their plan in a Celcom Wi-Fi hotspot.

International Roaming

Most prepaid SIMs provided by Celcom is up and ready for roaming but its need a pre-top credit worth RM15 inside the SIMs. However, the ability of Celcom’s network coverage in Malaysia and up to 200 countries as well as an unlimited internet usage for its customers alongside free SMS receiver would make the plan rates worth the value for any users travelling abroad.

Best Overall Value

U Mobile provides 1000 SMSs per day and 60 minutes of free talk times as well as free calls from midnight until 7 in the evening every day with 4.5 cents per 30 seconds block from its promotional rate when if users make a call to others u Mobile numbers after certain period of times. To put it briefly, u Mobile would be the best prepaid plan so far that gives users great value for money and various kind of benefits.

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