How to be Uber Driver in Malaysia



What is Uber

Uber is a car pooling app that can be based on Android and IOS platform.  With Uber a rider can ride a car with driver. All bookings and transactions are made online and payments are cashless. According to Uber, they are actually a private car pooling system instead of being a public transportation system.  Uber in cashless (As of April 2016 , Uber has launch a cash payment system).


There are a few types of services offered by Uber. The most common ones are UberX , UberXL and Uber Black. Travelling cost with rise across the categories.


UberX would be the most budget way to get from a destination without hurting someone’s pocket. Typically these cars are D segment 4 seater such as Perodua Axia, Proton Saga, Toyota Vios or MyVi.


UberXL typically consist or 5 doors or 7 seater. Typically MPV cars such as Toyota Innova, Nissan Grand Livina and Proton Exora will be under this category


UberBlack is the premium Uber service. These could be high end 4 seaters and high end MPV or mid size SUV. Cars such as Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, CR-V, Toyota Velfire, Honda CRV, Mitsubishi ASX, Kia Sportage qualify to be in this range.

Benefits of becoming a Uber driver

Let’s face it. It is very easy to become a Uber driver as compared with Taxi driver. The cost would only be your own car and petrol mileage. To become taxi driver you will have to pay a compulsory RM50 daily taxi permit to some permit holders who do not brings any value to the transportation system. There are also compulsory training and other PSC license requirements to become a Taxi driver. You can drive full time or part time as an Uber driver. Working hour is flexible however the peak hours are stated on the earning tables below.

How much could you earn ?

As of September 2016, Uber has removed guaranteed rates and instead replaced it with Surge pricing.  Drivers can now choose to drive and work based on their preference. This system is more flexible and allows driver to work whenever they want to with less time wastage.


Surge Rate

Surge rate is calculated based on supply and demand of drivers. Surge will happen where there are more drivers than riders in a certain area. As such driver will receive a boost rate that is multiple the standard rates. Surge is calculated and pick up point during the time of pick up.

Partners can now zoom into areas where they are a lot of demands and focus on those areas instead. The map with surge pricing will be displayed on the Uber partner app. Rider will have the option to wait for the surge to end of take Uber at higher fares

Yes , there are statements going around that people can earn more than RM 4,000 per month driving Uber. It is possible if you drive like there is no tomorrow. You will have to take note that these earning figures are revenue and not net profit. You will have to also factor in other costs such as petrol, vehicle maintenance and depreciation.

Uber Promo

Sometimes Uber will launch promotion which are good to bring new clients to Uber as part of marketing campaign. Driver do not need to worry of these low fare as Uber does guarantee the rates to it’s drivers.

Uber Availability

Traditionally, Uber is available in large cities such as Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur.  Uber has also launched its services at major urban cities such as Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Kuantan, Penang, Melaka, Ipoh and Seremban.

As of March 2017, Uber will be launching it’s services at Langkawi, Alor Setar and Miri. Feel free to use the link above to register as Uber driver.

In Klang Valley, the peak demand of Uber is at areas with high expats such as Mont Kiara and Bangsar.  The coverage of Uber in KL ranges from Sungai Buloh through KLIA and ends at Seremban. Riders can also take Uber from Klang Valley while dropping of at other states such as Pahang or Alor Setar. As a driver, you will have the option to accept any outstation jobs which are far away.

How to make good money with Uber

You probably can’t make much from the driving fees alone which may also be subjective. The key of earning high income from Uber is to hit the incentives provided by being a good driver. Driving at non core areas say Shah Alam or Klang will not make you much profit.  Basically, one rule of thumb is to stay in area where there are super huge demand for drivers. Fortunately, Uber is giving out the information on SMS all the time. The highest fees are KL and JB. Here are also some good areas that a driver should concentrate.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 17.51.26


Trips to and from KLIA/KLIA2 are also easier ways for you to make money besides hitting surge rates. Driver will only have to camp at vicinity of KLIA/KLIA2 for trips. As of 2017, there is a First in First Out (FIFO) queue for any drivers waiting for passengers in areas surrounding KLIA

Uber Core service area in Klang Valley

  • Petaling Jaya,
  • Bandar Utama, Damansara and TTDI
  • Mont Kiara and Hartamas
  • Central KL
  • Ampang

Most pickup locations for Uber in Klang Valley

  • University Malaya
  • Tropicana City Mall
  • Jaya One
  • Eastin & Phileo Business Park
  • Atria Shopping Complex
  • Paradigm Mall
  • Citta Mall
  • Subang Airport
  • TTDI
  • Dataran Sunway and The Strand
  • 1 Utama
  • The Curve
  • Plaza Damansara
  • Damansara Uptown
  • Hartamas commercial area
  • Garden International School
  • Publica
  • One Mont Kiara
  • Plaza Damas
  • Jalan Telawi
  • Bangsar Shopping Complex
  • KLCC
  • KL Sentral
  • MidValley
  • Masjid Jamek
  • SS15
  • Sunway University
  • Monash University
  • KL Tower
  • IMU Bukit Jalil
  • IOI Mall ( Puchong)
  • USJ 10 – Taipan

You will also want to hit the guarantee rates all the time.  Please also take note that Uber fees are different from cities to cities. So this will directly effect your income as a driver. The highest rates are in KL and JB. All toll price will also be auto paid by Uber if you are driving passengers that are cashless. It is recommended to driver to have at least a TouchNGo or SmartTag to provide great riding experience for riders.

How to be a good Uber Driver

Uber has a two way rating systems which means that you can rate your rider and your rider can also rates you.  Ranting are sorted from 1 star to 5 stars. Having bad rating may cause you to be suspended from being a driver. Uber rating is permanent while it is average out for a driver’s lifespan. Therefore it is very important for rider to maintain good ratings while being an Uber driver.

To maintain good ratings,  always keep your car from any smell which include those funny fragrance.  One best way to be a good Uber rider is to be polite, be yourself, have fun while driving and treat the riders like you would like to be treated.  It is also good not to chat about politics or controversial topics with your riders as this may caused in conflicts. Try to avoid these topics and change the conversation into something else. Mount your smartphone for safe driving instead of holding them.

Avoid drinking recklessly and dangerously and rider may give you bad ratings or report you. The best way is to drive smoothly so the rider can have the ultimate passenger experience while reaching the destination safely.

Smooth Ride Monitoring

Uber collects data from partner app which can tell whether you are driving harshly or accelerate rapidly.  It is best to avoid these erratic driving behavior while you are online with Uber partner app

Uber Requirements and car requirements

Becoming an Uber driver is very simple. You don’t even need SPM to be a Uber driver. Here are the minimum eligibility for anyone to quality to become an UberX driver.

  • 21 years old with with driving license   (No maximum age requirements)
  • Own a car that is less than 10 years old
  • Car insurance policy under the same name as applicants. If you are driving your family’s car do make sure that your name is also under the insurance policy. You can easly add your name as driver for RM 10 to RM 20.

Van,  2 doors and 2 seater cars do not qualify as Uber cars. You will need a 4 doors vehicles. Wira and Iswara is not allowed too. Waja must be above 2010.

Uber will also do a screening on whoever that has signup as a Driver.  Driver must not have any previous criminal records, bad driving records and outstanding summons

How to Sign up

Uber Malaysia is still accepting drivers. They have launched their service in many large cities such as Penang , Johor and Ipoh. To sign up you will first have to register online here.


Documents needed for Sign up

Please remember to bring

  • Identity card
  • Driving license
  • Insurance cover note with driver’s name on it

After the online registration , you will need to visit Uber’s (Partner Support Center) PSC to activate your account. There are various PSCs located across Malaysia. Take note that there are no online activation for places with Uber PSC. Please bring documents such as IC card, Driving License and Hardcopy of Car insurance Cover note for approval. There will also be a short training provided by Uber team Malaysia. In less than 2 hours time, you will probably complete the Uber briefing and be ready to drive !

Uber Partner Support Center (PSC) Office in Petaling Jaya

Address: 6 Jalan 51/225a PJCT Industrial Zone,, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

10am to 8pm from Monday to Friday

12pm to 5pm on Saturday


Uber JB Office

57, Jalan Setia Tropike 1/25, SetiaTropika, 81200, JB

10am to 8pm from Monday to Friday

12pm to 5pm on Saturday


Uber Penang

Bay Avenue , G-21-1, Lorong Indah 1, 11900 Bayan LepasPenang

10am to 7pm from Monday to Friday

12pm to 5pm on Saturday




2016-04-10 13.16.01

Uber Partner App

Unlike taking a ride with Uber, Uber partners ( Drivers) use different app. You may download the app when you search for “Uber Partner App” on your Google Play or App store. Once downloaded, the app may not be active yet. It can only be activated after you have done Uber verification at your relevant city. This app will be your best friend when driving for Uber. All rider’s request and fare calculations are done with the App.  Once activated, you can go online to to start making money with Uber.

How do I get paid with Uber ?

Uber pays it’s driver on a weekly basis. Once you visit Uber PSC in Petaling Jaya, you will need to provide your bank account to Uber. Your payment will be directly credited into your bank account. The payment is quite frequent and is prompt on time. From our experience, there are no payment delay with Uber in Malaysia

Troubles with SPAD ?

As of August 2016 , Cabinet has approved the proposal by SPAD to legalize Uber. SPAD is now working on amending existing acts and laws to get Uber regulated.

There were issues with Uber and SPAD at the end of 2015 where Uber driver’s car were confiscated. Uber is actually operating in grey areas. Now, according to Uber , the are actually a car pooling app. You will have to contact the rider as a driver before picking up the passenger which means you already knew the passengers. Also all transactions are done online so your rider do not pay you. This means that Uber is not a public transportation and SPAD do not have the rights to interfere with Uber’s operation. Uber is also working with SPAD to regulate their services in Malaysia.

As of June 2016, SPAD is suggesting Uber to be legalized.

Ex Minister Tan Sri Abd Wahid Omar trying out as an Uber driver

Tipping with Uber ?

There are no tipping in Uber. There are risks if some riders pay you money as you can be treated as public transport providers. This could get a driver into trouble with SPAD.


Uber has introduced cash payments. This has opened by new markets for Uber and Uber parnters. Uber’s commission will be deducted from your payment earnings via credit card passengers.


Here are some frequent frequently asked questions

  1. Do I have to pay when registering for Uber as a Driver

Registration is completely free. Uber will take 25% commissions from each ride with Uber.

2. What is insurance cover note?

This is how it looks like. You should have this when renewing your car insurance policy. Look for the page with “Schedule” title


3. My car is over 10 years old, can I use my wife’s or relative’s car to drive for Uber ?

Yes you can as long as the Insurance Cover Note has your name as a rider as well. Please get your name added into the cover note as well

4. I’m from Kelantan, can I drive in Kelantan

No, Uber is only available in Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu and other cities stated on the start of this article. You can drive in these cities although you are from Kelantan.

5. I’m going to be 21 at the end of this year, can I be an Uber driver ?

No. Uber is strictly for 21 years old and above. You can sign up first, however your application can only be approved upon reaching your birthday

6. I’m a foreigner with PR . can I drive?

No, Uber driver in Malaysia is strictly for Malaysians only