3D Printer Malaysia


3D printing existed and developed in the 1980s and is slowly beginning to come into the lives of people more regularly from whether it’s toys, food or prosthetics. This advanced technology was not properly commercialized until of recent times. Back in the 80s, industries such as manufacturing, engineering and architecture were some of the main industries that were utilizing 3D printing. The length of time for 3D processing then was slow and equipment was costly. However, getting a 3D printer for personal use is now as easy as browing the web and visiting a printing shop nearby that specializes in 3D printing.


Apart from the industries mentioned above, 3D printing is also used in building and medical industries with the purpose of improving things for people with more progressive technology. 3D printing is not only available to heavy and large industries but it can be used by lay people for a wide variety of purposes such as printing your own jewellery, figurines (customizing your own pack of cartoon characters with your own faces), toys, machine spare parts, musical instruments, smarphone cases, headgears, 3D bookmarks, puzzles, abacus, mini statues and much more. People in architecture field can easily print their own models than cutting cardboards and gluing them together which is time and labor consuming. If there is any editing needed, it can be made to the file on a computer to be printed again. With technology advancement, the medical industry is using 3D printing to make prosthetic limbs and human organs through a bioprinter. Looking into the near future, 3D printing will be able to print bones, human tissues and organs. Aircraft engineering compartments and food will be able to be printed without damanging the environment.


If you’d like to use 3D printing for personal use, a small scale 3D printer for home use is available which is slightly bigger than the average inkjet printer. This can easily fit onto a work desk. Next you have a 3D printer which is usually tucked away at the corner of the room as it’s bigger than a photocopier. These are machines commonly found in shops offering printing services or is used by designers. The larger 3D printers are the ones utilized for production and is not suitable to be placed or used at home.

The length of time of 3D printing ranges from 10 miutes to 3 days depending on what you are printing, the size, the quality and difficulty. A customized smartphone cause typically takes two hours, a simpe cup holder takes half and hour and a miniature model of the Eiffel Tower will take two days due to the complex structure of the design.

Larger industries use over a hundred different materials for 3D printing suh as plastic, metal, nylon with plastic being one of the easiest material to use as it’s soft and mouldable upon heating and becomes hard again after a period of cooling down. However, one of the most commonly used material in Malaysia is thermoplastics (ABS).

It costs between RM4,000 to RM8,000 to buy a 3D printer that will fbe put to use at home in Malaysia. 3D printers used for manufacturing and massive printing will be a lot more expensive. Using printing services run by a shop will be cheaper because the cost only goes towards the services. For example, you may be charged around RM3.50 per 100grams depending on the weight, amount of materials used and the time used to print.

There are three official places where you can purchase a 3D printer for your home or office. Otherwise, you can also visit the closest shopping mall that specializes in computer gadgets. The three companies are as follow:

3D Printer Sdn Bhd. The company is a leading company in advanced 3D printers in Malaysia and has a showroom located in Sunway Giza.

Designex 3D is a company that offers printers that are affordable and suitable for home use. There is a wide selection of brands, designs and budget tailored to every customer’s need.
PP3DP has distributors in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.