Alienware 13 price Malaysia


Alienware is a computer hardware company that produces a great gaming device which is known mostly for its reliable small and portable gaming laptop attended for gamer who want to experience playing games in different games consoles. The official Alienware 13 had been launched less than a year ago but has already catch a lot of attention from consumers and its own supporters. At the recent PAX Prime 2015, Alienware had upgrade its PC line-up including laptops and desktops with a new and powerful processor that is more suitable for gaming namely the Skylake processor.



Currently, the Alienware 13 is one of the laptops from the company that is compatible with the Graphics Amplifier and had been used by many multimedia professionals and hard-core gamers as it is easily accessible to a desktop with GPU compatibility. It also features a faster PCIe SSD to ensure every media, apps and games are loading smoothly, and USB Type-C ports for USB 3.1 with Thunderbolt 3 capabilities as well a “dynamic overclocking” which able to balances out the device’s power draw and heat levels for a maximum performance claimed by the company. Apart from that, the Alienware 13 is packed with a 13-inch IPS display that features either a QHD+ or 1080p touchscreen display as well a battery life that is able to reach 8 hours per charging.

The Alienware 13 offers similar networking as the rest of its competitors with a High-Performance Gigabit Ethernet and Killer Wireless-AC combination for gamers to have more quality time when playing games. In addition, the device had also received a new HDMI 2.0 that provides the consumers with UltraHD 4K output and high-resolution displays. There is also a larger battery that comes with the device that produces a 63 watt-hour.


The device which is right now powered by an Intel Core i7 dual-core processor is backed with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, 8GB of RAM, and is running on Windows 10. It retail at most RM5,899 for the 500GB SSHD and RM7,299 for the 256GB SSD according to the online store of Dell’s Malaysia. The price is considers reasonable in the market value for its powerful technologies and the current trend of GST in Malaysia.

Last but not least, the already powerful laptop which had been upgrade with the new processor is not bias to their consumers who had purchased the laptop from August 27 till today and thenceforth the company granted a free automatic upgrade from Intel processor to Skylake processor to their consumers. Therefore, Alienware should be one of the solutions for gamers when looking and buying a pre-built gaming device that’s not only attractive but also rewarding.

Price in Malaysia

Retail price RM 5,899.00