How to appeal PokemonGo account ban ?


Reports have recently surfaced that Niantic has finally started to hard ban players who cheated on PokemonGo. Some Botters have reported receiving emails from saying their account was permanently terminated while their PokemonGo app displays “failed to get game data from servers” permanently when loading. So far only botters have been hard banned. We have not heard of spoofers being hard banned yet. Many trainers applaud to such action by Niantic as botters have created an uneven level of playing field.

What is Bot ?

There are codes or clients call Bot available on the Internet where it can automatically play your Trainer 24 hours a day. Botters will leave this script on a PC running whole day and it will automatically visit all Pokestops and catch Pokemons. Botters can reach very high level or capture rare Pokemons without actually playing the game.


Cheating has been a widespread phenomenon in PokemonGo. Many trainers spoofed their GPS or use bots to level up their trainer quickly. Players would have to manually submit a ban request against suspected cheaters.

Previously, Niantic is only soft banning cheating players for a period of time . Trainers who cheated are not able to swipe any Pokestop , capture any Pokemon or do battle in Gym temporarily. According to PokemonGo terms and conditions, falsifying GPS location, using emulators , modding PokemonGo client software or using any other client to access your PokemonGo trainer account is against the t&c of the game. This means that those PokeIV calculators are actually against TOS too

How to submit ban appeal ?

Fortunately, Niantic does offer ban appeal. If you feel that you did not violate the terms and conditions of the game you may submit an appeal at . However we have no heard of any trainers who successfully appealed for a ban at the moment.