Apple Ipad Pro price in Malaysia


Apple has recently introduced consumers with two new smartphones and a refreshed Apple TV, alongside the company’s latest device, the Apple iPad Pro, in its annual iPhone press event. The long awaited tablet is manufactured by Apple due to the success of its rival namely Microsoft in the creation of the Microsoft Surface Pro series without a doubt. On the other hand, the tablet is also made in order to help the company maintains its brand and compete with other big companies in the market of modern technology especially gadget as well as putting up a new addition to the company’s line of device collection



It is one of the most innovative device with the purpose of supporting the “green” environment and probably design for any content creator including writer and designer as well as enterprise users, this 13 inches device is absolutely a super-size tablet with Microsoft Office app. Although the tablet is big in size, it does not feel heavy and it is mean to be carried easily for anyone.  Moreover, the 12.9 inches Retina display supported by the A9X 64-bit chip would make the big screen showing its users with stunning pictures and easier text to read. It has three colours including gold, silver, and space grey that are built in without the preservation of the PVC alongside the arsenic-free display glass, recyclable aluminium and a LED-backlit display made without the use of mercury.



The device has at least 10 hours of battery life. It also provides consumers with iOS 9 which is great for multitasking either in a Split Screen mode or in a screen of 3:1 ratio mode.  The operating system also offers picture in picture mode, where the users could reduce the size of screens when playing movie into three different sizes. Others app such as FaceTime can also be used during multitasking and others interesting thing such as the speakers on every corner of the device that produces clear and powerful sound would make the device belongs into its own class.


The Styluses

Apple Styluses which has a wide range of mechanical ballpoint pen pressure is another interesting addition to the device, where it could run smoothly on the surface of the tablet and giving the natural feel of writing when being used by its users. The mechanical pen which is describes as a “precision input device” by the company can be fully charged via the tablet’s lightning connector in a short amount of times and can be used for a full day. If the mechanical pen suffered harsh damage, the users have to change its nib only, instead of replacing the whole pen.


The Keyboard

Keyboard is an essential tool when typing words but it can also be neglected by the users as the tablet has an in-app for that. Nevertheless, the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard which is made from woven fabric has at least two functions mainly stand and cover that can be hook easily to the tablet through the MagSafe, where it can detect the sweet spot for a better connection. The keyboard also comes with the command key and does not need to be charge as it would be charge automatically through the connector.


Release Date and Price

Apple’s lowest spec of Ipad Pro is expected to cost $799 USD  ( A whopping RM 3,200) after conversion. The device will be released on November. We expect the device to take a few more months before it reaches Malaysian’s shore.


To put it briefly, the iPad Pro made by Apple is a beautifully-crafted tablet available in 32GB and 128GB variant that provides big and stunning pixel-packed screen suitable for its productivity and multitasking. Its price tend to be quite high but the device which is great to get stuff done and enjoying various thing it has to offers may put the consumers satisfied with the value.