Apple TV price in Malaysia

apple tv

Another generation of Apple TV would be launched on October 30th with a storage model of 32GB and 64GB variant as well as a small glass touchpad remote that enable users to play games and navigate. Interface of the TV has been improves namely the tvOS with a better touch control and users could shout at the screen via the application of Siri voice commands. In addition, the Siri can get to a specific app via a tap as instructed by their users and recommend or search a specific show inside numerous TV’s streaming options via universal search screens. The TV comes with a remote that can control the volume of the TV and commanding it alongside a gyroscope, an accelerator and a rechargeable battery that can lasts up to three month.


The TV provides gaming powers which is compatible with the third-party controllers and the remote that gives the feel of motion controls via Bluetooth. Although, it is probably not one of the greatest consoles in the market such as Xbox One or PS4, it still allows their users to play various casual games with good graphics including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Asphalt 8 and Crossy Road. The TV also features a subscription services with an access to some of the content providers such as Netflix and Hbo Now as well as app stores with unexpected software namely the Gilt Groupe which is a digital discount clothier and various redesigned MLB apps in order to fill the emptiness of its 4K streaming.


The 32GB and 64GB variant of Apple TV offers plenty of space for high definition movies, games, and others blockbusters without actively holding them as Apple want to use more on-demand resources from the innovative developers. Therefore, Apple only allows 200MB of downloadable media at a time. Once download, users need to wiggle the storage to accommodate more media. On the other hands, users can quickly streaming the most frequent media including music, photos and movies that has been cached by the TV particularly from the 64GB Apple TV or to depend on the cloud storage to stash the media.

To put it briefly, the 64GB Apple TV being sold at RM949 is a great device for the users to switch from playing games to downloading a lot of media at a time while the 32GB being sold at RM729 is likely the other options for the users to taste the different between the Apple TV’s versions available in the market. It lacks the app of Amazon Video but the 32GB Apple TV is much cheaper than the Fire and Roku TV. The black device is powered by Apple’s dual-core A8 chip alongside 2GB of RAM and a wide range of connectivity such as a wired Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, IR receiver, USB-C port, Bluetooth and 1080 pixel resolution of HDMI output but it also lacks an optical digital audio output.