Baby Carrier Malaysia

The benefits of using a baby carrier are pretty intuitive or subjective as it is not only a great way to carry the baby but also a great way to minimize the items needed to be packed for an outing with baby. In other words, parents can walk freely without feeling impeded by a stroller or wagon and able to have physical contact with the baby. The following are some options when it comes to getting a baby carrier.  

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier is one good choice for parents. It sets out to make a new, fresh carrier, allowing baby to face outward in an ergonomically correct position. This 360 baby carrier is a 4-position carrier which means that it can be used in four ways namely, back carry, hip carry, front carry facing in and front carry facing out. The main selling point of this carrier is to support the baby’s legs in a wide position as well as for baby to face outwards. The seat provides plenty of support while holding baby in an upright position. In short, the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier is a great carrier that allows the facing out carry while carrying baby in a comfortable and ergonomically correct position. In addition, its design is simple and looks great with wide and comfortable waistband that is very supportive.

Another baby carrier, the Vococal Cotton Baby Carrier is also a great choice. Here are some of the features or benefits of the baby carrier which include nursing advantage as it allows direct contact with baby and it has multiple carry positions including front facing in, front facing out, back and hip positions. Besides, it has a front pocket in which the adult can keep some personal belongings such as money and purse. It also has side opening, making it easy in order to get the baby in and out. It is a great choice especially for breastfeeding mothers.   

Babyjorn Baby Carrier Miracle is a great product to keep baby happy, calm and comfortable. It has a waist support like the Ergo carriers that able to distribute weight and create balance in the body. This keeps the adults’ neck, shoulders or back from taking on too much stress. The carrier can be used to carry the baby on the parent’s chest or back and face the baby outward. It comes in two fabrics of either cotton or a more breathable mesh. The mesh may be a great choice for those in the hot and humid regions.

The Beco Baby Carrier Organic Gemini is definitely one of the best baby carriers in the market. It has some great features and is ultra-versatile with a waist support for maximum comfort and weight distribution. It also has the ability to put the baby in all positions, side, chest facing chest, chest facing out and back. The criss-cross design on the back or shoulders is easy for some people to manage as compared to others. This carrier is really a great choice for parents who often travel a lot or do many things with the baby. In terms of design, it is very stylish from camo to flowers and everything in between. Just a small concern on the carrier is the buckles. Some parents may find the buckles not that easy to manage. Anyhow, this can be overcome after trying practically a few times.

Parents may consider the Sokano 4 in 1 Multifunctional Baby Carrier. Its hip seat and carrier strap can be separated, thus it can become hip seat, carrier, front and back sling. That is why it’s called a multifunctional carrier that comes with adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable use. This Sokano multifunctional carrier is available in black and red. In terms of material, it is made of high quality breathable fabric material that supports baby weight from 3.5kg up to 25kg. It is regarded as one safe, convenient and ergonomic carrier for parents to carry their baby.

Bear in mind that there will not be one perfect baby carrier that will suit everyone’s need or preference. It is all depends on what the parents are looking for. It is advisable for parents to do some research before purchasing a baby carrier as it is an invaluable tool to parents. Remember to take some time and carefully select which baby carrier is the most suitable one.