Best Air Purifier

What is an Air Purifier ?

An air purifier is a device that helps to minimize the concentration of airborne contaminants in a specified area according to the specifications of the particular product. For people who suffer from asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies, chemical sensitivity and other respirary related problems, a purifier aids in cleaning the air indoors. Indoor pollutants can be hazardous to one’s health as they contain harmful particles in the air. Indoor pollution is just as serious as outdoor pollution and is likely the top five evironmental health risks. Controlling and removing the resources of contaminants and ventilating your home with clean outdoor air is often the most effective way to manage this risk. Unfortunately, this ventilation process relies heavily on the condition of the weather and unwanted amounts of toxins present in the air outdoors. These challenges can be overcome by the use of an efficient air purifier.

There are different types and brands of air purifiers in the market and it’s helpful to know what you are looking for in a purifier that would make the gadget an effective one to reap the best benefits. Since most air purifiers promote many specfications, it’s important to know how to note the key differences in them. Among some of the things you can look for when buying an air purifier is the Pre-Filters. The advantages of these Pre-Filters is they assist in lengthening the time between filter cleanings and changes. They also help to preserve and maintain the air purifier’s perfomance and productivity.  With the Pre-Filters, this can be done when the large particles are captured before they reach the primary filters of the air purifier. Apart from that, there is a standard to meet for the material that is used for the purifier, which is a penetration not more than 0.03 percent of particles and 0.3 micrometers in size or larger. There is a precise amount of air that should be allowed by the filter to flow through which depends on the size of the filter. Carbon filter is useful to activate carbon that is blended with other minerals such as Zeolite. Ions and molecules are consumed by Zeolite which functions as a filter for odor control, removal of toxins and filtering chemicals.

Best Air purifier for Haze ?

We know that Haze is pretty much an annual affair right here in Malaysia and Singapore. Typically the particles in haze is extremely small which are  0.1 to 0.3 microns in size. We will prefer air purifier with HEPA filtration when dealing with haze.

Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner


One of the best air purifier products out there in Malaysia has to be the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner. It offers a 3-stage filtering sytem, a Plasmawave technology that is one of it’s kind and a built-in sensor with high quality at an unbeatable price. In addition, this appliace is suffice for big rooms up to 350 square feet in size. The Whirlpool Whispure 510 is an amazing value for money for an upgrade if you require more space allowance up to 500 square feet.


Sharp’s Plasmacluster Air Purifiers


Another air purifier worth considering for a trustable brand is Sharp’s Plasmacluster Air Purifiers’s range of models that will suit the size of your rooms and budget of any kind. One of the most available in the market is the FUA28E Air Purifi model for around RM1,459 covering about 19 metres square feet proving to get rid of mold, viruses, pollutants, allergens including sanitizing the air. Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology patented air purifier efficiently removes microstropic pollutants classic filters fail to trap. This is achieved by the production of negative and positive ions from water vapor in the air which is also a reflection nature’s way of cleaning the air.

Honeywell HAP 18200


Honeywell HAP 18200 form House of Air Cleaners is another outstanding appliance for air purifying. The most advantageous feature is the filter which is the thickest in the market, airflow intake being one of the largest and has an approximate life expectancy of 1 to 5 years. This time frame naturally depends on how often it is being used. The scale of noise and power consumpution is very minor due to its strong running motor. If these are less significant factors for you, the appliance is still commended as Honeywell purifiers are highly endorsed by hospitals and independent medical doctors. Despite all this, the price is relatively competitive. Substitute filters can be purchased at the same store – activated carbon pre filter and HEPA filter.

Alen Air Paralda


There are other air purifiers that may suit your preferences and work better under your own circumstances. For example, the Alen Air Paralda Air Purifier is known for its mutli-filtration technology; Silver Filter with HEPA style filtration and an ozone safe Ionizer. An optional night light is also part of the newly redesigned Alen Air Paralda. Because the antimicrobial HEPA-Silver threads are carefully braided into HEPA stlye filteration material, Alen Air Paralda purifier proves to deliver better results at gather and getting rid of bacteria and microbes compared to UV. Airborne particles like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and pollen is easily removed as well. The exclusive feature of the device is the Dual Airflow Design which draws air through the rear of the unit distributing purified air both sides rather than one.

 BlueAir 203 SmokeStop


If there are smokers in your household, it is useful to know that the BlueAir 203 SmokeStop has a main feature that deals with the aftermath of smoking activities. The SmokeStop feature eliminates gaseous pollutants such as tabacco smoke, ethylene oxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and VOCs (volatice organice compounds) inluding home paints and other chemicals. Although this air purifier has this special specification for smokers, it area covered is smaller and the general inflow competency is below average. The model prices ranges from RM1,700 to RM2,500.


Coway Aires



Another air purifier brand that will work well in smaller living spaces with less room to purify is Coway Aires. The company boasts as being the top consumer and household electronics company in Korea. The smaller yet robust air purifier range for approximately RM2,100 would fit well if you live in an apartment or studio suite. It has a slim built design, quiet, with easy control access buttons to use. Coway is sold directly in Malaysia and not through a distribute or third party dealers makes this another added advantage.


Selecting an appropriate air purifier for your home has great implications on the health of you and your family. It is essential to carefully research and examine each product as what suits one person differs highly to another.