Best Unlimited Data Plan Malaysia

Anyone who have been searching for the best and cheapest data plan in Malaysia would definitely know that a data plan is not simply judged by only the price. Sometimes, a lower or cheaper data plan may have many restrictions or may be too many attachment that might end up way more expensive. In addition, certain data plan have monthly commitments that you need to abide to, while certain data plan have minimum usage, which can be not minimal at all.

Are you a heavy Data User?

As heavy internet users, selecting a suitable data plan can be quite complicated and confusing as there are so many factors to consider besides the data usage. Moreover, there are so many options available in the market nowadays. Making it even more difficult, telco companies are constantly updating their data plans. This may results in more research required for users to pick the best unlimited data plan.

Unlimited data plan is very important especially to heavy users who engage in a lot of online activity like video or music streaming. In other words, unlimited data plan is a must for those who are constantly online. Thus, these people will usually sign up to any telco plans that offer higher mobile data size as they can easily use up to more than 10GB of data per month.   


Here are some of the selected data plans from the major telco companies in Malaysia. First, the data plan that comes from Maxis, one of the giant in the telco industry, is the MaxisONE 98. This plan has only 1GB of mobile data, unlimited calls and text messages to all networks. As mentioned in the plan’s name, the monthly charge is RM98. After 1GB of data is reached, the internet speed will be slowed down. Thus, for heavy users, this is totally insufficient. In order to top up the data plan, the fees include RM30 for 1GB, RM20 for 500MB and RM10 for 200MB.


Digi telco offers a plan called the Digi Postpaid 98. It offers a higher mobile data size of 7GB, unlimited calls and text messages. The monthly fee is RM98. For heavy data users who find that 7GB is insufficient and wish to top up, the extra charge is RM8 for 1GB. One advantage of this data plan is that any unused data can be brought forward to the following month. However, keep in mind that only 2GB of remaining unused data is allowed to be added to the following month’s data. This data plan should be more than enough for casual browsing and lesser streaming of video or music.


Celcom First Gold, the data plan offered by Celcom has 10GB of mobile data but the 10GB data is split into 5GB monthly Internet and 5GB weekend Internet. Similar to Digi Postpaid 98, unused data can be brought forward to the following month but maximum of 5GB is allowed. Besides the mobile data, this plan also offers unlimited calls and text messages to all networks. In case the internet data is insufficient and requires for a top up, the rate is RM20 for 1GB. This is quite pricey for just a single gigabyte. However, one limitation of this plan is that the weekend allocation is divided into 1.25GB to be shared out in between Saturday and Sunday.

U Mobile

Lastly, the U Mobile Hero P70 data plan by U Mobile is said to be quite similar to the Digi’s plan. It also offers a 7GB of mobile data and unlimited calls to all networks. Besides that, it offers a free 50MB data roaming every day for selected countries. There is one unique feature of this plan, in which users are allowed to have free YouTube and Tonton streaming; and KKBox music streaming. In order to top up data, RM10 is the fee for 1.5GB, which may only last for three days. As compared to other telco plans, the U Mobile Hero P70 data plan does not include free text messages.

So which data plan would you choose? Have you taken in all the factors into your consideration? What exactly are the features that you should pay attention in order to identify the best data plan? The best advice given is to pay more attention on the usage and flexibility. Choose wisely.