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There are several ISPs in Malaysia and if you are wondering which suits you best, it takes a bit of inquiring and research to figure it out. Do not rush out to sign up with the first recommendation a friend or salesperson tells you. Equip yourself with knowledge and information before making such a decision. The most suitable service or provider highly relies on your own personal needs as compared to which is the ‘best’ broadband as there are many options that cater to different needs and types of consumers. There are some key factors that will help you to explore and find the answer to which broadband will best suit your wants and needs.


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What to consider when selecting broadband in Malaysia


Coverage area is an important factor in deciding for the brand of a broadband as not every part of Malaysia has Internet coverage all across the country. Fibre broadband is one of the best choice for Internet due to it’s speed however the coverage are limited to urban areas around Peninsular Malaysia. User with no Fibre coverage will have to opt for convential ADSL which also offers high download speed however with very little upload speed.

As for wireless, Maxis and Celcom has recently released their 4G LTE wireless broadband, known to be the fastest wireless broadband service in the nation. However, this service is only available in certain areas of Malaysia.

Types of Broadband 

There are three types of broadband technology offered and they are wireless, fiber and ADSL. Generally we would prefer wired connection however 4G can be very fast these days if you are close with 4G stations.

Home vs Business

There are two types of broadbands package to consider, business and consumer. Consumer broadband serves individuals who use the Internet at home or on-the-go while business broadband is catered for commercial sectors. The choice is always limited by coverage area. You can only apply business package when you are on a commercial venue while home package when you are in a residential area.

The business packages are usually more expensive however with more stable and guaranteed services. All IPSs in Malaysia have both home and business broadband packages.

Unlimited vs Limited service

Frequency of Internet usage is an important consideration when buying a broadband service plan. If you do not need constant and continuous access of Internet 24 hours a day, it is wise to aim for a prepaid broadband plan. A prepaid broadband service is appropriate for users who only have to surf the net now and then for a short period of time. A postpaid broadband plan will have you connected to the Internet all the time, and when you don’t need it too. However, the cost per unit for prepaid plan is a lot more expensive than the cost per unit for postpaid broadband.

Other Factors

Other factors to be taken into account are quota and data capacity, budget and customer service. Customer service plays an important role when there is a problem with your connectivity, modem or speed and receiving the support and help you need in a timely and efficient manner from the company in situations like that are crucial.


Maxis Broadband


Maxis Home Fibre Broadband

Maxis is one of the leading Telco and ISP in Malaysia that provide a wide range of broadband services. There is the Maxis 100Mbps Home Fibre Internet allowing streaming and downloading in just a matter of minutes with no data quota or bandwith limits, 3 day installation and a 30 day back guarantee without any extra charges at RM330/mth* with free enrolment to MaxisONE Club Elite for MaxisONE plan subscribers and RM398/mth for Non-MaxisONE plan subscribers. You can make free calls to all mobile, fixed and IDD destination numbers of RM30 worth. Maxis also has the wireless broadband plans to cater to every budget and need from RM48/mth* to RM158/mth* with 1.5GB to 12GB on peak quota.

maxis one

Maxis Business Fibre Broadband

Maxis Business Broadband ranges from 8mbps to 100mbps. One key benefit for Maxis business package is asymmetrical speed where you get same download and upload speed and Maxis zero downtime features.  There are choices for dynamic IP address and fixed IP address.

  • Maxis Fibre runs on the same infrastructure as Unifi

Maxis Wireless Broadband

The Maxis wireless broadband features 4G LTE speed of up to 150Mbps, versatile sharing of 10 devices at one time, 10 hours of battery life and a free modem with any RM88/month and above plan.


TM Broadband



UniFi is a broadband service provided by TM that along with Maxis and P1 uses fiber optics that increases the connection through a big quota. Often fiber broadband services in Malaysia have the best quotas and are not sanctioned by most telecom companies as compared to wireless broadband services where their quotes are more strictly applied. The UniFi promotion offers free installation for a limited period of time and boasts a save of up to RM200 on installation fees. It gives a one month free subscription provided it is registered online, free equipment for a limited time and a one year warranty. The Biz package changes the way business is performed with an amazing download speed of up to 100Mpbs and upload speed of up to 50Mbps with monthly free calls worth RM50.


Streamyx is the ADSL version of TM broadband that runs on copper cable. User will usually opt for this when there are no fibre coverage available.



TIME is a Kuala Lumpur based telecommunications provider offering one of the fastest home broadband services in Malaysia. TIME Fibre 100Mbps Home Broadband supplies throttle speed of 10Mbps with quota of 100GB at a price of only RM179 a month. There is an option of upgrade to 10 Plan for 2,000 mins of free voice calls. TIME Fibre Unlimited Broadband has packages priced from RM129 and speed of  8Mbps to RM399 and speed of 50Mbps and unlimited quota with a boost speed of 50Mbps for 30 hours for a month at no cost. Time also offers 500Mbps starting with 100Mbps going for RM149 per month for your typical online activities and streaming with enough fuel and speed. With only an additional RM40 you get three times more speed of 300Mbps with a solid D-Link DIR-850L Router Model. Lastly, for the ultimate speed of 500Mbps, it costs RM299 per month with a bundled Linksys EA6350 router. For those who still do calls, you have the option of pay as you use, or get 2,000 mins at only RM10 per month provided you take on a 1 year contract. Otherwise it is a 9 sen per minute charge for fixed or mobile numbers across the country and 8 sen for IDD calls for 60 countries. TIME offers unlimited usage and symmetrical speeds on fibre for all the three plans. This means that if you are using a 500Mbps package, you will get to enjoy the same 500Mbps speeds for both upload and download. Simply put, TIME’s most recent deals and packages beat the previous 100Mpbs Home Fibre plan in terms of speed and subcription which was 100GB quota at RM179 per month. Since TIME only covers 250,000 homes of mostly condos and apartments within the Klang Valley, you will need to check if your area is covered by their service.



Both YES and U-Mobile are companies that provide broadband packages that are wireless only. YES Broadband packages has a 4G network that is slower than 4G LTE but faster than 3G. U-Mobile Broadband on the other hand operates only on 3G network.

If fiber broadband services are too expensive for your budget, going for wireless or an ADSL broadband service is the best preference. Streamyx and TIME are companies that cater to ADSL broadband services which are the cheapest broadband services. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is the technology that Streamyx, a name of a broadband service originally given by Telekom Malaysia (TM) uses to transfer date faster over traditional copper lines. Fibre Optics technology has a much faster speed over DSL technology although the cost is more higher. The options are plenty and making a choice is not too difficult but also tricky if you do not carefully make helpful comparisons.



P1 (Packet One) is another competitive brand that offers unlimited broadband called “ForHome” with no upfront fee and the first month subscription free of charge. It starts with RM59 for 5GB quota and 1Mbps to RM159 unlimited internet with 2Mbps excluding 6% GST. This package is catered for home sharing and is as easy as plug and play. ToGo Unlimited Broadband is a pocket size broadband on-the-go offering the same zero upfront fee and one month of subcsription free with a lot of extra perks.