Cheapest Car in Malaysia

For first-time car buyers, the current economy situation makes it harder for you to afford your first car. Hence, it is important to choose the cheapest options available and costs the least fuel to run it without breaking your savings. Fortunately, there are 3 cars that are decent enough despite their advantages and disadvantages, available in the market today.


Perodua Axia Standard (E-Manual)  MYR 24,900.00    ,   Automatic MYR 34,390.00                  

Perodua Axia 1.0 Standard E-Manual is a five-door hatchback that only costs RM24,9000 for the solid colour option and your monthly installment for it can be as low as RM266 per month. The automatic transmission is 10k more expansive which we would suggest you to get a Bezza with automatic transmission. 

Perodua Axia beats the rest of its similar class in terms of fuel efficiency. According to Perodua’s official specifications, the car has a fuel capacity of 33 litres and only consumes 1 litre of fuel for every 21.6 kilometres. The car is also affordable to those people with low to medium income and young graduates in Malaysia.


The gear pickup on the manual version is better compared to the clunky automatic version depending on which brands of petrol you filled in. The gear shift is also better than older Perodua models like Viva and Myvi. Perodua Axia comes with an electric power steering, does not feel underpowered, smooth to drive, to ride, easy to handle, has good turning radius, good for doing 3 point turns, fits easily into small parking lots, moving around the city and the engine sound is very quiet too. It also has smooth, low drag noise when you open your windows when you are driving 110km/h. The Eco mode can last until 120km/h so you can still drive 110km/h on the highway while Eco mode is switched on. The body roll when you corner the car is quite impressive too.


The car’s cabin is even more spacious compared to a Perodua Myvi both in terms of legroom and the boot. It is also very spacious especially for passengers at the back and has quite a big boot to store your luggage considering the compact size of the car. The design at the door compartment can fit even more than a water bottle. The car is comfortable enough that an owner even drove 1600 kilometres for 5 days without getting any body aches.

Some owners found the little features like handbag hook, tissue compartment which can actually be doubled as a small hidden storage and compartment at the driver side to be quite convenient. The steering wheel also feels great to hold onto and the car has a high seating position giving you better driving visibility in the front. The air conditioning inside the car is very cooling and the sound environment in the car can be considered very silent with the air conditioner switched on. The noise insulation is considered good for cars of this price range. For some additional safety advantages, the LED tail lights of the car can be seen from far, has very high beam light and the fog light is very bright.

Perodua Axia may be an affordable car but it is by no means a car made with high quality. Although the gear shifts are much improved, shifting from gear 1 to gear 2 can be very hard, producing a forced sound and feels sluggish even when you using the clutch correctly. The pickup is also slow considering the fact that is just a 3 cylinder inline engine. The acceleration from 0 is sluggish but it becomes smoother after you reached 20km/h. Despite one owner saying that he has no body aches after driving for 1600 kilometres in 5 days, the car is generally not suitable for driving on highways for long hours. The light on the speedometer can also be a pain to your eyes and some owners have recommended it to be in white colour. The car vibrates a lot when you reverse or when it comes to a complete stop because of the nature of its engine. ABS and EBD are both the basic standard safety features of any car and unfortunately, Perodua Axia 1.0 Standard E-Manual version does not come with them. It also does not come with audio and speakers.





Perodua Bezza 1.0 MT MYR 34,490.00 ,   AT  MYR 36,290.00

Perodua Bezza absolutely rules the sedan economical market in Malaysia. This car is top choice for ehailing industry as its fuel efficient and relatively larger than its nearest competitor a Proton Saga. You won’t go wrong if with an ehailing favorite car. It has a boot and larger room comparatively to an Axia which makes it the nearest choice after Axia.





Proton Iriz 1.3 VVT Standard MT   MYR 36,700.00   , AT  39,700.00

The next cheapest car is Proton Iriz 1.3 VVT Standard MT, a new model that was developed from scratch by Proton and only costs RM36,700.00 for the solid colour option.

As the car is made with medium sized engine, it is not as fuel efficient as the Perodua Axia Standard E-Manual version but Proton Iriz feels stable during high speed of over 120km/h and feels stable during cornering with minimal body roll. It gives you the confidence to step on the pedal more when taking corners. The clutch is also very smooth and soft.

The wind noise is also not as obvious when you are driving at 110km/h. Proton Iriz, which is a huge improvement when compared to previous Proton Models, is easy to move around the city, has good handling, very stable, comfortable and fun to drive making it good for driving short and long journeys. The fuel consumption is still considered respectable with the average of driving 14.5 kilometres using 1 litre. The rear camera is helpful for parking too.

The interior of the car looks futuristic and stylish from every angle and has quite a spacious cabin space with sufficient legroom and headroom space. The sound entertainment system included in the car is also quite satisfying for most owners.

For safety measures, Proton Iriz is packed with a lot of top-notch features like 6 airbags, Isofix child seat, Electronic Stability Control, hill assist, ABS, EBD and earned a 5 stars  ASEAN NCAP rating. Proton also tends to give generous rebates making it a value buy.

Some disadvantages can be seen on Proton Iriz as well. Some owners felt that the road noise is terrible and Proton should have done it better. The dashboard rattles when you are driving at low speed. Some owners have complained this issue to the service center but were disappointedly told that it could not be fixed. The customer service is very slow and Proton could learn one or two tricks from Perodua in improving their after-sales service, customer relationship and general management efficiency. The stock tyres used on the car are not good either and the pickup from a complete stop can be a let-down at times too due to its CVT gearbox.




Perodua Myvi Standard G – Manual   RM 40,862

For those people that feel Perodua Axia’s power to be a bit underwhelming, Perodua Myvi is your next best value for money choice. Perodua Myvi Standard G – Manual only costs RM40,862 for the solid colour option.

Perodua Myvi has a bigger engine capacity, it is stable even when you drive it at 140km/h and the RPMs are acceptable during high speed. For its size, it is still considered very good fuel consumption although some owners disagreed. The acceleration of the car is smooth, fast and it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

The car also feels well-built, an improvement from previous models and far better from the owners’ expectations. It has a clean and nice interior along with comfortable nice quality leather seats and the air conditioner is cooling too. Safety wise, Perodua Myvi comes with 2 standard airbags and the front parking sensor is also quite useful according to some owners. In terms of entertainment in the car, Perodua Myvi Standard G – Manual version at least has a radio and CD player with 4 speakers.

For its disadvantages, Perodua Myvi is not as fuel efficient as expected by some of the owners and the first block of the fuel meter will disappear after driving for about 50 kilometres. The pickup is also not as impressive for such a small car. There is no storage space at the driver’s door and you have to put everything in the middle storage area. Although the car is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, it is unstable when you take corners and the braking system is not that good giving you the worst experience during emergency braking situations. There is also a lack of safety features in this car such as stability control, traction control side and curtain airbags.

Driving during the day and night can be difficult at times because the meter does not illuminate during the day and due to its red colours, it is difficult to read it during the night. The OEM speakers and sound system included has very poor quality and the driver seat is also too high. There should be an adjustment option to further lower the seat or else it will feel like you are driving in a commercial van. The steering wheel adjustment is very limited too and this might tire your hands when you are driving long distance.



Proton Saga Standard MT  MYR 33,591.00 ,  AT MYR 36.343.22

Proton Saga is a great way to own a car without literally breaking your bank. This Malaysian brand is a popular choice due to size and budget friendly. Proton saga starts from RM 33,591.00 and allows you to have the most economical way to travel around. This car has a boot which is comparatively larger versus an Axia. However Proton Saga is not know to be fuel efficient. Spare parts are however abundant and cheap.



Each and every of these cars come with their own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which car to get based on your budget, wants, needs, requirements and preferences.