Cheapest Post Paid Plan in Malaysia 2015


Cheapest Mobile Post-paid for Internet Data Plan in Malaysia 2015

In the ever evolving state of technology, telco and Mobile Post-paid plans in Malaysia has sometimes let the consumers facing up their dilemma in deciding the right post-paid plan that offer the best price for Internet data plan as there are many mobile network providers in Malaysia offering varieties of packages and bundles. Thus, the question that arises is which mobile network providers are good for consumers and provided the best value for money.

In Malaysia, there are four major telco or mobile network providers namely DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile each with its own perks and advantages. In general, post-paid users are individual who could be bound by a contact and have to pay a monthly commitment fee that billed on monthly basis so determining the average mobile usage and the services that they need is crucial before commit to any mobile network provider.

Mobile Post-paid Plan for Internet Data

Nowadays, people are more prone to communicate via Internet based applications on their smart phones such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Viber calls. It is important to know that Internet data plan is different than call and SMS plan in which the required minimum monthly fee is intended for the Internet data only while the extra usage of call and SMS will be charges and will be billed on a Pay-As-You-Use basis.

In addition, Internet data plan which usually can be found in a monthly bundles and packages quota ranging from 100MB to 5GB gives the consumers a lot of choices that would suits with their Internet needs. For users who uses Internet data plan mainly for communication purposes and website browsing without much downloading, the U Mobile’s U28 would suits them while users who are after the all rounder plan can opt for Maxis Internet Value Plus 80.

Best Mobile Post-paid Plan for Internet Data with 1GB


U Mobile’s U28 offers monthly commitment fee of RM 28 per month which is the lowest among the others mobile internet plans with call rate being charges at RM 0.18 per min to own network and RM 0.20 to other networks. The SMS rates for U Mobile’s U28 are charges at RM 0.05 per SMS to own network and RM 0.12 per SMS to other networks.

The monthly bundled quota of the U Mobile’s U28 include 1GB Internet data and 300 free SMS with 100 free SMS to own network and 200 free SMS to other networks. Moreover, the Internet speed will be throttled when the users had exceeds the usage of the Internet data plan with no hidden additional charges. Others features include free added services such as call hold, voice mail and CLIP. Users are also free from binding contract and can unsubscribe the plan anytime they want.

Best Mobile Post-paid Plan for All Rounder

Maxis Internet Value Plus 80 is a good all rounder plan that offer a monthly bundled quota comprising 300 minutes free calls, 300 free SMS and 500MB of Internet data at a price of RM 80 per month. The call rate for this plan is charges at RM 0.12 per min to own network and RM 0.18 to other networks while the SMS rate is charges at RM 0.05 per SMS to own network and RM 0.15 per SMS to other networks.

The main drawbacks for this plan is that it charges the users an additional fee of RM 0.30 per MB when exceeding the 500MB quota when others would simply throttle the internet speed or block the internet usage once exceeding the plan internet data which users have to make sure and be careful about their Internet data usage with this plan.

Other Titbits worth mentionioning for Internet Data Plan

Best Mobile Post-paid for Heavy Surfers


Heavy surfers can relied their Internet data usage with Celcom’s First One plan which feature a 5GB Internet data with a top up charge as low as RM 15 per GB.

Best Mobile Post-paid for Family Plan

U Mobile has a reasonable Internet data products that can be shared among the family namely Internet Share Plan which would gives the users three SIM cards with 3GB worth of shareable data and a free 60 minutes voice calls between three SIM cards. The U Mobile’s Internet Share Plan is price at RM 68 per month for the monthly commitment fee and another SIM would only cost the users RM 10.


Although Malaysia’s Mobile Post-paid plans are still too high in term of price compare to other countries, the versatility of each Mobile Post-paid for Internet data plan’s package and bundles from various mobile network providers still could help saves more money on call rate and SMS rate by using the communication applications and with each plan caters for different needs make it harder to pin point a winner.