Clixsense Malaysia




Clixsense is a paid to click sites that has been for over a century old and it is still surviving today.  One can make money by registering to the site and doing multiple variety of tasks.

PTC Adverts

Once registered you can make money by viewing PTC ads from Clixsense. There are 2 types of advert where you can make money which is the sticky ads that pays you $0.001 while regular ads can make you $0.01 per click. It takes a cat captcha verification and 5 seconds for you to earn $0.001 for the sticky ads.


It takes a validation for Regular ads and 30 seconds viewing for you to earn $0.01. The amount will be credited into your account once it is validated.

Do take note that most of the advertisers are Online casinos, Forex trading sites and other PTC sites.

Online Surveys

The best ways to earn via ClixSense is probably it’s online surveys. For a start you will need to complete your online profile so that ClixSense can route the relevant surveys to you.

Once filled, you will have to accept some surveys and fill up some basic questions while the website will determine whether the surveys are available to you

We are able to get a few dollars per survey . Some will wake less than 7mins for a $0.85 survey will is not so bad. There are a lot of surveys however perhaps catered for other countries. Surveys payments differs based on complexity and the length of the survey. Your account gets credited once the survey is validated and completed. It is best to answer the survey according to your profile to avoid any conflict.



Tips to get more from surveys

  • It’s best to make sure your profile is completed
  • Accept all surveys in the setting on your preferences
  • Always give more details when you answer questions. This will help market research company to gather more details
  • Check your email regularly for surveys notification
  • Be the first to answer surveys as it gets filled up pretty quickly



You can paid by completing Clixsense offers. At the time of writing, there are only a RadioLoyalty offers which gives you $0.01 when you listen to this online radio station for 30 minutes.



This option will redirect you to where you can perform online task and make money. You will need to have a Facebook account for this

clixsense-loyalty clixsense-tasks


You can click this grid for a chance to win up to $10 per day. We can tell that it is not so easy to win


Clixsense payment 

Clixsense payment is payout via Paypal which is one of the most convenient to get paid on the Internet. The minimum payout is $8 with a 2% charges for Standard members.

Clixsense Affliate program

This is perhaps the ultimate way to make huge money from Clixsense. Having people doing survey and ads viewing while making passive money from it. The top affiliate marketeer are signing up hundreds of referrals daily.

Is Clixsense a scam ?

Probably not, this site has been there for a long time and probably will be there.  The advertisers are getting views and traffics for incredible low fees.

Can I make money from Clixsense

The pay from viewing Clixsense ads is incredibly low while you can make some money from Surveys.  One have to be online whole day just to get a couple of dollars .However it pays in USD which may be valuable to some countries such as India or other third world country. The best way to make money via Clixsense is having a lot of affiliates working under your account.

Clixsense is very easy to enter as it requires no sign up fees while most of the task are rather manual and does not requires special skills. You can sign up and test Clisense out using the link here