Courier Service in Malaysia

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Couriers are company that offers security, speed, signature, tracking, individualization and specialization of express services as well as an optional of swift delivery times in most of others mail services. In general, couriers which are considered as a premium service tend to be expensive, and limited their service only to packages. Moreover, its operation in providing their customers with courier services nationwide through its own hub and spoke model had been preferred by many generations.

Tips in Selecting A Courier Service

  1. Choose based on the capacity of goods that a sender want to send to the recipient. For example, if a sender wants to post a motorcycle, they could use KTMD service that based it’s specialization on transportation of motorcycle.
  2. The company that offers courier service is able to send the goods at recipient’s location as some of the company that offers courier service does not provides their service to that location.
  3. Only proceed with a trusted company that offers courier service. Sometimes, information can be gathered from many businessmen or a sender’s friend.
  4. Speed of delivery. Some company operates their courier service in public holiday, and some company only operates in specified town.
  5. Pick a company that offers courier service with affordable delivery charges, and company that offers a good quality of courier service.

Courier Service Companies

Courier service had become one of many important tools when doing business in Malaysia. Therefore, companies must needs to carefully select a courier service that suitable with their business. Amongst them are;


1) Pos Malaysia

Pos Malaysia had been known for its cheap rate and good service. The company had also been considered as one of the best courier service that offers delivery for rural area, as its own many branches inside the region. The company charges their customers RM6.00 and RM10.00 (500 gram) for delivery in East and West Malaysia. Pos Malaysia has gone beyond normal courier services, as they start to provide their customers with a prepaid envelope and box. These allow their customers to buy both the envelope and box first and ship them anytime later. Their courier service will ship the packages in one day for East Malaysia, and they will take at least two days to ship a package for West Malaysia. Customers can keep tracking their packages via Pos Malaysia website and also view a roughly cost for their shipment.


2) GD Express

GD Express which had been established in 1997 is one of the top local courier service companies in Malaysia. Their impeccable courier service particularly in collection and delivery options such as remote area service, extended service hours, weekend and holiday service, and dedicated truck for a small to big load had gains them a good reputation amongst their customers. GD Express also had been considered by their customers as one of the companies that offer an affordable delivery rate. Delivery charges with GD Express are at RM12.00 for 10KG shipments in West Malaysia, and they don’t support any shipment to East Malaysia. Moreover, the company offer free delivery charges for orders beyond RM200.00 and above. Customers can check out the charges at the company’s Free Delivery section.


3) City-Link Express

City-Link Express which is one of the top couriers service in Malaysia had been founded in 1979. The company had been established to cater their customers within domestic and international markets. In addition, customers whom use their own packaging are allowed to ship their goods with City-Link Express. Their courier service includes pick-up of shipments, door-to-door delivery for both domestic and international shipments, and all of their shipments have no weight limit. Delivery charges for City-Link Express are at RM7.00 for 3KG shipments within West Malaysia, and there is no delivery made within East Malaysia.


4) Ta-Q-bin

Ta-Q-bin is a courier service company that is suitable for people whom want to make payment after they received their goods, people whom need to get many and various large stock that require space, and people whom want to buy or sell fresh product including food and flower. Customers could expect their product to be received on the next day of delivery or during weekend and at night, as the company impose their working operation in 365 days. The company is one of the courier service companies in Malaysia that able to operate a Cash-On-Delivery system on behalf of their seller. Ta-Q-bin is committed to send their packages to several areas, and soon extending their operation within all states. Delivery charges for document and parcel size of 160cm would cost their customers RM47.00 within the same state and RM101.00 within East Malaysia.