How to be Dacsee Driver Malaysia ?

Dacsee is one of the very first decentralized ehailing system dubbed ” Word’s first social ride sharing platform” in the world that is based on ICO ( intial coin offerings)  in other words it is another cryptocurrency.  Dacsee was launched on early January 2018 however with not much updates ever since.

Rider and Driver can use same link to register.


How to register to drive or ride with DACSEE ?

Please follow the steps on the post below to verify your driving account. All ehailing would have to comply with JPJ or SPAD regulations based on e-hailing ACT. Here are some of the general rules with regards to e-hailing services in Malaysia.

  • 18 years old and above , Malaysian citizens only
  • Valid Car with 4 doors ( No vehicle ownership required, however name of driver must be stated inside insurance ) , add endorsement if there are no drive name
  • Posses a valid full driving license ( No P)
  • Car age no older than manufactured year of 2009

Upon registration , you will need to upload your information and document. The Documents needed are

  • Profile photo
  • Photo of driving license
  • MYKad information
  • Photo of Insurans Cover Note
  • Personal information
  • Banking info
  • Emergency contact

How to verify your driving account ?

Once you have sign up you can download the Android or IOS app for the relevant device. Once you have installed the device you will need to verify your car. Go to your app on drive tab on top.   Click the 3 buttons , Scroll to your profile and look for “My Vehicle” setting


You will need to first snap your vehicle front and back photo.  While keying all other details such as plate number, car manufacturer , car model manufactured year and color.

One filled click submit.  You will need to prepare and upload the required documents.


Driver verification  (2nd Step) 

After your car is accepted ( usually a few hours to 24 hours process)  you will need to upload the necessary driver documents. Go to the same menu where you will need to key in your driver ,car details and documents

Items to prepare

  • Profile Photo
  • MY Kad details
  • Photo of driving License and details
  • Photo of your insurance cover note

Fill in your personal details such as IC number, email address, race, address , city to driver , driving license details. Upload the required documents such as driving license and Profile Photo. Choose your city of operation. Dacsee is only operating in Klang Valley at the moment

Car details

Click next where you will need to confirm your vehicle details again.

Banking info

Fill in your banking information

Insurance details

Enter the details of your car insurance. Do make sure that your name is in the insurance. If not you will need to contact your car insurance agent to add the name of the driver. You will need to upload the Cover Note with your name , or Cover Note (without your name) and Endorsement. Do make sure your insurance coverage period is valid.

Emergency Contact details

Enter your emergency contact details


Click certify and click submit , there you go. Your driver account should be activated in less than  1 hour.

You should received SMS stating that your profile has been verified. Once verify you will be able to online with the app under the driver tab setting.


Dacsee concept

According to Dacsee, there are weakness with current e-hailing model which are not sustainable on the long term. Driver earn based on incentives given out by e-hailing company backed by large investment companies which may not be sustainable in the long run. Dacsee also gives driver a business ownership. Rider can also selected preferred driver with Dacsee system.

You can invite anyone to join Dacsee and earn commissions from their usage with Dacsee. This can be a rider or a driver, which means that you will earn commission for anyone that uses Dacsee services which is great. Unlike e-hailing services, Dacsee is operated by community instead of enterprise based. Dacsee uses Blockchain technology which is supposedly more transparent as compared to traditional e-hailing services.


Top up

There are no requirement to top up with Dacsee yet.

Dacsee Car

There are a few category of Dacsee services


Economy way to travel around


Better cars


The luxury ways to travel around


MPV cars