Dego Ride Malaysia

You may wonder what is Dego Ride? It is non-other than a ride booking service that allows customers to connect to motorcycle taxis. The main objectives of having these motorcycles taxis are to help people to get around in a quicker way especially during peak hours whereby the traffic will be terrible.

How do Dego Ride really works? Does it have an app like Grab or Uber? In order to avoid some confusion, the drivers of the motorcycles are being referred to as the Riders, which are the customers in Uber or Grab. Not as well developed as the car-based apps, making a ride request can be very unconventional.

How to book for Dego Ride ?

Instead of using an app as a platform to make a ride request, you need to send the word “RIDE” to a certain number in Whatsapp in order to do the booking. Then, Dego Ride will reply with a booking form for you to fill in with your details. Any specific requests can be written in the form. Once your request is confirmed, you will be receiving a text message notifying that a Rider has accepted your booking request. Rider’s necessary information and estimated arrival time will be sent to you as well. Usually, the Rider will be arriving within five to fifteen minutes. There is another way in which you can make a booking is by filling in the booking form on their website. As for whether there will be an apps for Dego Ride, you will need to wait and see.   

What about the fares for Dego Ride? Is it reasonable? The fares start from RM2.50 for the first 3km. For every subsequent kilometer, you will be charged RM0.60. Dego Ride covers the next 10km from where they pick you up. When you request for a ride with Dego Ride, you will be provided with a clean hair net and a helmet for protection. Riders under the Dego Ride will have to go through numerous checking before they can be qualified as one. Riders must be at least 21 years old or above and having a full B license with no any previous police or criminal record. In addition, the motorcycle will be checked physically before deemed being fit for servicing others. Besides ride request, Dego Ride also provide courier service called the Dego Send. This type of service uses the similar same-day pickup and delivery model, with rates comparable to its competitors like Mat Despatch and Zepto Express.    


Most of you must have a concern on the safety with Dego Ride. Nevertheless, this is one of the main issue when it comes to riding a motorcycle-taxi instead of a car. Riding on a motorcycle will expose yourself to higher risk as compared to riding on a car as there will be less protection physically. However, there will always be pros and cons when it comes to new offers like the Dego Ride.

Some may believe that riding with motorcycles will be safer than riding in a car as the latter will be putting the ladies in higher risk for drivers to do undesirable things to them. Dego Ride has a consumer app which contain all the Riders information. Thus, every single movement and ride can be tracked and replayed should there have any concerns or issues raised. On the other hand, there are also precautions taken in order to protect not only the customers but the Riders as well. For example, female Riders will not be sent to male customers that specifically request for a female Rider. A male Rider will be sent instead.  

For your information, motorcycle taxis are not really something very new globally. Indonesia’s Go-Jek, has been offering such service for quite some time with almost more than 100,000 requests per day. For the Malaysians, motorcycle taxis or Dego Ride can still be a very fresh thing as cars are the number one dominators on the road. Moreover, our traffic is not as terrible as Indonesia and thus, Dego Ride is still not in high demand in the country. Maybe someday when the traffic congestion is very bad, Dego Ride will be a good choice. In order to save time, Dego Ride can get you to where you want way faster than riding in a car.         


As of February 2017, Dego motor sharing service was rejected for Malaysian roads. As such the service is ordered to half immediately by JPJ and by Malaysian Authority.  However on the end of February , Minister from Prime minister department Nancy  Shukri says there are no ban on Dego Ride yet. JPJ also warns that motorbike doing Dego service will be seized.