Digi Unlimited calls Smart Plans

digi unlimited

RM 25

Digi has released a quite interesting prepaid plans which is considered very competitive in Malaysia. With just RM 25 montly, you can enjoy unlimited calls and SMS However the number of calls is only limited to 3 friends within Digi network. Other calls are subjected to 20 cents while SMS is 15 cents. Perhaps this would be suitable for people who calls certain numbers on a regular basis. The plan also comes with a hefty 1GB LTE data.

RM 45

For just RM 45, one will also be able to enjoy the unlimited calls to 3 friends while the plan comes with a heavy 3GB data and 50 minutes call time. All other calls are subjected to 15 cents while 10 cents for SMS.

RM 65

One would have to pay RM 65 for free calls across all networks. Free SMS is available for 3 friends on the same network. The extra SMS would cost RM 10 cents. The plan also comes with 3GB data with unlimited Whatsapp and Wechat. Additional top up may cost RM 8 for 1GB which is valid for two days only.

All plans also comes with Digi Music freedom for 3 months trial period and a 3GB Capture storage space which is kind of a cloud storage. The SmartPlans is only available for limited time basis and is only valid until 31st October 2015.  Also do take note that the unlimited calls are only applicable to domestic network while you will not be able to enjoy it when dialing to 121, 1-300 and 1-800 numbers.

If you are keen , you can signup for the plan at your nearest Digi outlets or at Digi website.