DJI Mavic Pro Price Malaysia

DJI Mavic Pro is one of the highly anticipated foldable drones in Malaysia. Even though it can be folded to fit in your palm and comes in weight under 750g, this drone is actually not lacking in terms of its features. As a matter of fact, it has all the features and the same camera sensor as compared to larger drone like the Phantom 4 drone.

In Malaysia, DJI Mavic Pro is priced at the range starting from RM4500 for the drone itself and about RM6000 for an advanced bundle, which not only includes the drone but also other items such as a controller, three batteries, two times quick-release folding propellers, battery charging hub, car charger, battery to power bank adaptor and Mavic upright shoulder bag.

There is a newer version of DJI Mavic Pro called the Mavic Pro Platinum, which still have the foldable capability and a 4K camera connected to a 3-axis gimbal with less noise while flying. In addition, battery life span is also longer because it has the new electronic speed controller. The Mavic Pro Platinum edition gets 30 minutes of flight time which is slightly more than the 27 minutes rated flight time on the original Mavic Pro. The Platinum edition has redesigned propellers, which means that noises are significantly cut down by more than 50%. Same goes to the Mavic Pro propellers. The main difference is the platinum colored shell of the Platinum version.

As the drone can be controlled completely with a smartphone, the DJI Mavic Pro is sold in some countries without a controller. This makes the drone cheaper as it does not come with extra item. However, it is only available as a bundle in Malaysia. No individual drone will be on sale here. Yes, it will be more expensive but on the brighter side, it provides a better drone experience for you as controller allows you to have a longer range. In order to align with the Mavic Pro’s small size, the controller is also designed to be in small size but with big buttons. So, it is very user friendly.   

One drawback of the drone is the controller limits the size of smartphone that you can use. For example, you may manage to squeeze an iPhone 7 Plus with a leather case to the holder but that’s about the maximum size that you can fit. Just like the drone and the controller, the battery charger is also quite compact and it can charge both the controller and the Mavic Pro concurrently. Once it’s fully charged, you may need to connect your smartphone to the controller. Do know that DJI provides two custom cables namely the microUSB for Android and Lightning for iPhones.

You may fly the DJI Mavic Pro with the two available joysticks and there are also buttons for controlling the camera as well as the gimbal head. If you wish to check for the battery life or GPS signal strength, you may refer to the screen on the controller. The function of the smartphone’s display is to show live feed from the camera.

If you are interested in getting a drone, DJI Mavic Pro is highly recommended as it has all the features of the great Phantom 4 but in a relatively smaller size and foldable. This makes carrying the drone way much easier and more convenient. In short, Mavic Pro is compact and foldable, has 4K recording, well-designed controller and a good battery life. As mentioned, its drawback is the controller not being able to fir very large smartphone or tablets.