DJI Spark Price Malaysia

The DJI Spark is one of the Chinese drone giant DJI’s latest achievement in the world of drone. It is said to be the smallest and most affordable drone created along with some of the best features in any available DJI drone.

Do take note that this gadget’s strength lies in its simplicity. Even though it has a camera that only mounted on a 2-axis gimbal and only has the ability to take 1080p video with 12-megapixels, but it has a maximum flight time of 16 minutes, which is considerably as long. In addition, it makes everything darn easy. First and foremost, it does not need to be on the ground in order to take off. In other words, it has the ability to take off quickly whereby you can launch it from your palm. You can do it by holding the drone out in the palm and make sure the camera is facing you. Then, double tap on the back button and give some time for the drone to recognize you. Once the recognition is complete, the rotors will spin up and the drone will take off.  

You may control the drone through smartphone with height up to 100m or a controller with height up to 2km. Otherwise, you can just simply use hand gestures. For monitoring purpose, you may look at the two rotors at the front on the drone with colored lights, which tell you what the drone is up to. If it flags yellow, this indicates that the drone is looking for you while green means it has recognized you and you hand gestures. If it is red in color, it means that the drone does not recognize any input provided. Therefore, it is relatively easy to note what you want your drone to do. Just hold up your hand until you see a green light is turned on and you may start to issue any gesture to have control over the drone. When you raise your hand, the drone will climb and descend when you lower your hand. It works really well given its high success rate. Remember to be careful when you swing the drone around without over doing it.  

All in all, DJI Spark is definitely attractive from its super portable size, its flying prowess ability, the quality of its image and stability of the gadget itself. As much as attractive it can be, buying the basic drone may not be sufficient. One upside to this is the affordable price starting from around RM2300. However, having only the drone alone limit yourself with a lot that you can do if you top up with some accessories. If you only spend the minimum price of RM2300, all you get is the drone and its container, without any controller, extra battery, padded bags for carriage and propeller guards. In other words, you will have to fly your drone via smartphone or hand gestures. All modes of control are good but why not have a wider range of options in controlling your drone. Moreover, you can have full control of the drone with a proper controller so that you are able to capture serious aerial videography and get a wider range of shots.

It is highly recommended to get the Fly More Combo as part of the accessories for your DJI Spark. For a slightly higher price at about RM3200, you will be getting a lot more items that maximize the usage of your tiny drone much more efficiently. Besides the drone, you will be getting a set of propeller guards for safe flying in indoors, the controller, a power brick, smart charging pad, an extra battery and a carriage bag. One of the most important items is none other than the controller, which allows you to get a wider range with your drone besides giving you more granular controls when flying. On top of all these advantages, you can also access to Sport Mode that allows your drone to reach its top speed of 50 km/h.  

One limitations of DJI Spark even with Fly More Combo is the battery life. It is said that a single battery can be gone in about 10 minutes. This is really a short amount of time and indirectly forcing you to get more than two to three batteries if you are a serious drone flyer. Ideally, it is advisable to equip yourself with four batteries for a fairly amount of half an hour of flying time. Moreover, it is very simple to charge the batteries.