Easy Parcel

What is Easy Parcel? Many of you may not be familiar with Easy Parcel when you do not come across to its service. Easy Parcel is an Internet-based that consolidates parcel delivery and provides E-commerce shipping solutions. This company is very new as it was only established in the middle of 2014. The mission of the company is to help and offer a simple and yet effective shipping platform for businesses to take place at a reasonable and affordable price.


To date, Easy Parcel has more than 50 000 customers in Malaysia alone. Its services have expanded internationally to Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Easy Parcel has successfully developed an efficient, easy-to-use and user friendly online system to cater its customers’ need. Moreover, Easy Parcel always prioritize customers’ requests and enquiries making it a very friendly service provider recommended for all.


So, what else that makes you choose Easy Parcel over other available delivery services? If you want a rocket speed delivery, choose Easy Parcel as it has a fast online delivery booking. Besides, you can track the status of your delivery via an easy online tracking system. In addition, the consignment note is auto generated without the need of additional procurement for you to handle. Apart from those benefits of Easy Parcel, the company also provide multiple courier choices, door to door collection without any fees incurred and you can save on every delivery. Most amazingly, there is no volume commitment required. Thus, you do not have to worry that you need to commit a certain volume of delivery each time you engage Easy Parcel. In case of any matters that you are not sure about or you are unsure how to use Easy Parcel, there is a dedicated and friendly team ready to serve you.

Using Easy Parcel is very simple, which can be done at the comfort of your home with just three simple steps. First, you may compare the prices via the price comparison engine provided in order to search for the best offer at the current time. Once you are satisfied with your choice of courier service provider, you may proceed to booking via online. Payment is also made online. Lastly, prepare and get ready your parcel, so that Easy Parcel can collect from you at your door step. It is just as simple as that, no hassle at all.

There are some options that may be useful for you from Easy Parcel website including the volumetric calculator, widgets and bulk delivery tool. Volumetric calculator comes into handy when you are sending large items. It is advisable that you measure the volumetric weight of your parcel with the tool provided. As for the widgets, you may allow visitors or others to track the status of their parcel by simply inserting the HTML code to your website. Bulk Delivery Order created by Easy Parcel is created to further expedite the speed of your delivery booking. Thus, you can save more time as you can integrate your shopping cart directly to Easy Parcel.