FoodPanda Malaysia?


The Problems?

Imagine your favorite fine dining or middle range restaurant with delivery such as McDonalds or Dominos Pizza. The issue is such restaurants doesn’t have the financial will to invest or they are not large scale enough to achieve profitability with food delivery system. The solution ? Foodpanda.

The make it simple, Foodpanda is actually a delivery program that helps user to order foods from a list of restaurants which has no existing delivery system. As a user, you can order your food from a restaurant chain participates in Foodpanda program and have it delivered to your home or office.


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Ordering food is simple. Order can be done from their website or Foodpanda app on Android and IOS.  There are currently a good range from restaurants ranging from Sushi King, PappaRich, ChickenRiceShop or Italiannies. Currently there are more than F&B 200 brands and restaurants participating in Foodpanda program.

Users will have the option to sort their choices by type of cuisines , prices, free delivery and whether the restaurants are halal. Heck, You can even get your beers delivered from 7-Eleven with Foodpanda.

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You will have to first enter your area where Foodpanda will lookup restaurants that delivers to your area. Based on our experience, not all restaurants will be delivering everywhere. So you may not be able to order foods from all the 200 restaurants list if they are not covering your area.

Upon that you may start choosing your restaurant, you will be prompted the prices of the foods and estimated delivery. Prices of food may be different than dining in. Please take note that Foodpanda delivery charges starts from RM 5 and may range higher if your location is further from the restaurant. There is also a minimum order for delivery which starts at RM 15. The payment are done online. RM 5 sounds very reasonable  say if you plan to drive, park and walk to the restaurant. That would easily incur most time and cost.


At the moment of writing, Foodpanda only operates at central business district , which means areas in the cities in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling jaya and Shah Alam. There are no further information where Foodpanda will be available at other areas.

Foodpanda is great for busy people or when you are in a tight schedule but want to have anything else but Pizzas. You can have it delivered to your doorstep


  • Convenient and reasonably priced
  • You can stop ordering Pizza everyday


  • Not all areas are covered by Foodpanda.
  • Do not expect to order foods from every restaurant listed by Foodpanda.