Garmin Vivosmart Review


What is a Fitness Band ?

For those of you who are not familiar with Fitness bands/trackers, Garmin Vivosmart is a wearable device like a watch however it has the ability to track your fitness related information such as  number of steps taken in a day, calories burnt and other datas.  The data collected can be send over to smartphones or computers with Bluetooth technology. One of the main benefit of these devices is that it can reveal how much calories you have used and improve it especially for weight loss purposes.




Vivosmart comes in large and small size. The device is made of high quality rubber/silicon like material that fits nicely into anyone’s hand. Vivosmart does indeed looks very durable and probably can last for a long time. Specification from Garmin mentioned that the device is 50 meter water resistant thus this device will have no issues with sweat or when you are wearing it while swimming.

The device actually has no buttons while all functions are performed on the touch screen which is kind of cool. Functions are accessed by swiping left or right with a finger just like smartphones. The OLED screen can be a little dim while brightness can also be adjusted in the device settings.  Of course the device also display the time, date, alarm so it can function as a normal watch as well.


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Connectivity and Garmin Connect

The device can connect to both Android and Apple’s IOS operating system with Bluetooth and will auto sync the data directly to smartphones or tablets. Users will have to download the respective Garmin Connect to be able to sync with the band.  All vital information is available for display on the App.  You can also connect with friends while compete with them on the App. The Garmin App is able to connect with Myfitnesspal app which can accelerate the calories being brunt. Activities can also be shared to social media such as Facebook via livetrack function.



One of the most important aspect of losing weight is not to sit idle too long. The movebar is actually Vivosmart function that will notify you to move if you are sitting to long.  Once you have been idling for an hour, the Viovosmart will notify you following by next 15 minutes for 1 hour. This is optimize the your body for burning maximum calories.

Fitness activity

Just like any fitness watch, Vivosmart is able to track your fitness activity when you run, walk or cycle. Vivosmart can be paired with bike sensors for cycling purpose. Calories calculations are done with your personal information ,activities, speed and distance.


Another benefit if this device is that it will be able to track sleep quality.  The tracking is rather basic. While the function needs to be set manually, the sleep mode is able to track your movement during sleep.

Find my phone

This is another rather interesting feature of the band. You can actually set your connected device such as smartphone to beep in case if you have lost them. This is perhaps a good feature to those who regularly lose their phone.


Garmin Vivosmart will benchmark your steps taken in a day when you start using the device while you can adjust and set your goals accordingly.  Typically someone would want to achieve the goal of 10,000 steps daily


The device cost around $200  , RM 650 which is quite decent for a band tracker. The features of the watch is great however it comes with no heart rate tracking and GPS functions. This should not be the perfect device for running and cycling however garmin vivosmart reviewthe other sensors can be purchase separately and it supports Garmin’s ANT+ standards.  Garmin claims this device has a 1 year battery life while it needs to be charged with a cable that connects to USB port. A single charge can last up to 1 weeks that would also depends on usage

A cheaper version of the watch Vivofit can also be found that don’t comes with GPS tracking function.