GoGet Malaysia

GoGet.my’s mission is to create a better environment for Malaysians by offering a reliable delivery service from point A to point B using technology, decision-making based on data, and systemized operations.

This allows Malaysians to become more enterprising and to become successful GoGetters. With GoGet, time and distance will no longer be an issue to get things done. Furthermore, Malaysians are no longer bound the minimum wage that what most of them are getting now. GoGet’s unique technology helps to connect daily requests from people with GoGetters, people who will fulfil those requests. Through hard work and being enterprising, most Malaysians can make more than what they are making now. Prior to GoGet, these Malaysians were only making RM60 for a full day of work. Now, they can earn the same amount in just two to three hours.

According to a famous online tech blog, GoGet is Malaysia’s first marketplace for deliveries and running errands tailored to a busy Malaysian individual. The whole idea came from a conversation at a Mamak store.

That busy Malaysian individual can post requests or errands from getting GoGetters to do last-minute grocery shopping to stringing his or her racket. GoGet will then match that individual with an interested go-getter at an agreed price.

While there are a few reliable food delivery services in Malaysia such as FoodPanda and DeliverEat, they do not offer the service of getting someone running down to a particular Mamak restaurant to get your favourite Maggi Goreng. Most of these food deliveries only focus on restaurants and cafes. This was where GoGet first came in to fill in the gaps. Apart from food, the idea grew quickly and they expanded into other services which I will explain more below.

How Does GoGet Work?

The way how GoGet works is just like what you see in an UBER or Grab app. It is a platform for sellers or GoGetters in this case to attract buyers. While UBER and Grab focusses on ride-sharing services, GoGet focusses on selling time because they want to tailor this to those people who are busy, do not have transportation or do not have the knowledge to do something. The service will then connect those people with qualified GoGetters for the job and finalize on the agreed price for their services.

Based on GoGet’s official website, the products are split into 4 categories; dispatch, sales & marketing, part time, and projects.

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A seller, also known as a poster, would first post a job and set a time. GoGetters can then browse through the available jobs and see which one suits them and which one they want to do.

After the GoGetter selects the job, both the buyer and the go-getter will communicate using GoGet’s in-app messenger to update each other.

At the end of each job, both buyer and GoGetter must leave a rating and review, which will ultimately affect their reputation on the GoGet service platform. GoGet also takes reputation issues seriously and in the community, trust is an important factor. That’s why GoGetters are manually checked and screened through before they are given the permission to accept any of the available jobs in GoGet’s platform.

GoGet’s service is currently available in two countries; Malaysia and Hong Kong. They are also associated with a number of big global and local brands names including L’Oreal Paris, Google, Maxis, Grab, 7-Eleven, Lazada, Metrojaya, B.I.G Group, Honda, Kaodim, KFIT, Ninja Van, Store Hub, Media Prima, TREC, La Juiceria, amazin’grace, eatcaketoday, dahmakan, purely b, Myburgerlab and Bloomthis.


To sum it up, some of the benefits of GoGet include:


  • 100% guarantee where you can dispatch with confidence and never have to worry
  • Cashless because it is hassle-free to do a transaction and you can book a GoGetter easily and conveniently
  • Lower cost because you do not need to hire a personal assistant to get things done
  • Free credits as you will earn more credits the more you use the GoGet service
  • Elite GoGetters to make sure you get the top quality service
  • Support to ensure you that GoGet’s team will work together with you should there be any issues
  • Insurance because all goods are protected by insurance policy
  • Lifetime as your credit will not expire and you will get what you pay for