GoPro Karma


The Go Pro has made its presence in the drone market after having been around for some time. Now, there is a new product that is in the midst of of being finalized and is making it’s name known as Karma. It will be the first drone ever for Go Pro. The launch is rumored to be introduced early next year. Last October, Go Pro delivered its first taste of the Karma in a video format which contained amazing images. No other important specifications of the gadget was shared. This time, the grabber in the most recent video trailer parades the same movie though with added background music and with a great voiceover narration. Based on the Go Pro’s past performance, it is hard to imagine that Karma will fail in shooting videos in 4k at the bare minimum.

So there is that at least considering if has tough competitors to face. This is quite apparent if you look at Go Pro’s strongest competitor,  DJI which is flourishing as one of the most secured drone makers in the field. It prides itself in it’s 4K camera equipped with a handheld stabilizer called the Osmo. Be sure to watch the space of these two opponents and how they will stand against each other in the batterfield of drones. The company wants to make a 100 people feel lucky by giving away a 100 units of Karma. Unfortunately is unsure if Malaysians qualify for the this opportunity. However, we may still get a hold of it next year in the CES 2016.