Grab App Malaysia

What is Grab ? 

Grab formerly known as MyTeksi is a taxi ride e-hailing app such as Uber that is gaining popularity in Malaysia and around the region. This service let you take a ride from Point A to Point B at very minimal cost. To start using Grab, You can download the app from the official App store (IOS) and Play Store (Android) link below. Download and create and account in just minutes. You can sign up with telephone number, Facebook or Google account.

Download Grab Rider App

Please take note that you will need the official app to book for a Grab car, there are no telephone or online booking


Grab Services

Here are the basic services that are provided by Grab. You can choose the service from the Grab app. Price for each services varies. This option also shows the nearest available type of service that is away from you.


Book whichever services that is nearest to you at an affordable price.  This can be GrabTaxi or regular GrabCar

GrabCar Plus

GrabCarplus provides a little more comfort to passenger. These are selected C segment and Foreign brand cars such as Toyota Vios, Honda City , Altis and many more. Price is higher compared to GrabCar

GrabCar Premium

Premium is the luxury way to go when travelling with Grab. Base fare starts from RM 15. The cars in these category are D segment cars such as Toyota Camry, Luxury cars such as Mercedes.

The ideal passengers for these categories are 4 passengers.  A driver has the right to cancel your ride if there are more than 4 passengers

GrabCar 6 Seater

6 seater is the category to look for when you are booking for an MPV.


You can also book a taxi via the Grab app.


GrabShare enables you to share a ride with another passenger at slightly reduced fare. GrabShare is only available at selected locations and CBD in Klang Valley. Please do not take this option if you are in a hurry as driver may need to pick up and drop off another passenger. There are only maximum 2 passenger allowed for GrabShare.

GrabCar ( Economy)

This is the cheapest way for a person to travel from point A to point B. Most of the car from this service consist of basic B and C segment sedan and hatchback. You

Payment Mode

Grab driver accepts Cash , GrabPay (Credit Card) and Promo codes.  You will have to select you payment mode in the app. Please beware that tolls are borne by passengers. The driver will key in the toll amount at the end of the ride.

Grab runs on a fixed fare mechanism vs Uber. You will pay only what you see when you book the ride. Fares sometime vary due to surge of demand and supply of rider and driver.


How to book a ride with Grab  ?

Once loaded, Grab Rider App map will show how many cars are around your vicinity.


  1. Select your pick up location (This may sometimes be a bit tricky , you will have to zoom in to the map to your specific location if there are no pick up location available) You can also put a note of your address on the request so that driver will search for the address
  2. Select your destination, your fares will be displayed
  3. Select services , payment and book. Grab will match you with a driver where he or she will accept your request.  Once a driver accepted your request, the details of the car and drivers will be show to you with the estimated time of arrival. You can also see your map to see the progress of your drivers.

Benefit of Grab ? 

  • Driver will arrive to your place without extra charge
  • Fixed fare
  • Safe as everything is tracked on GPS
  • Avoid hassle when travelling to high traffic places
  • Avoid parking fees and car maintenance