How to be Grabcar driver Malaysia ?


Driver Registration


Grabcar requirements

All GrabCar  drivers will need to fulfill these requirements:

  • Malaysian Citizen holding a valid Identify Card (Armed force & Police is acceptable)   ( Permanent Residents are not allowed)
  • Possess a valid driving license (No age requirements)  , Not P License
  • Possess a 4 door car that is not older than 6 years  ( Manufactured 2010 and newer)
  • Pass JPJ and PDRM summons check
  • Acceptable grooming ethics
  • Able to communicate in English and BM
  • Driver name , Car Registration Number , Insurance Coverage Period must appear on Insurance Cover Note (For company car, you will need an official letter from company with letterhead stating the driver is allowed to use the car for e-hailing purpose )
  • PSV license
  • Pupakom for car older than 2 years
  • ehailing insurance
  • Change status of car to commercial


1st Step

Submit your basic details on the form on top. This is to make sure that you pass the initial requirements

2nd Step

Get your medical check up done for JPJ. Medical checkup can be done at clinics.  You will need medical form BORANG JPJL8A from JPJ

The test are really quite simple to verify that driver is able to perform basic driving tasks.

3rd Step

Get your PSV for ehailing


These car does not qualify as Grab car

Proton Gen2, Proton Juara, Proton Wira,  Proton Iswara, Proton Satria Neo, Proton Savvy, Perodua Kelisa, Perodua Kancil, Perodua Viva, Perodua Kenari, Perodua Kembara, Inokom Atos, Inokom Matrix, Kia Picanto, Kia Spectra, Renault Kangoo, Hyundai i10

Cars that qualify as 6 seaters 

Chery Easter, Nissan Grand Livina, Nissan X-gear, Perodua Alza, Proton Exora, Proton Ertiga, Toyota Innova, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Vellfire

Cars that qualify as Grab Premium

These are usually D segment and luxury cars. Some of the examples are BMW 3 series, BMW 4 series, Honda Accord, Nissan Teana, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat, Mercedes C Class, Mercedes CLS, etc


PSV & Puspakom

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to register PSV & Puspakom and ehailing insurance

Grab Required Documents 

Malaysian Identity card. Take photo of your IC top down on a clear background in landscape mode. Do make sure all corners and texts are sharp and readable.

Malaysia driver license. Take photo of your driving license top down on a clear background in landscape mode.

Car Insurance Cover Note. Take photo of your driving license top down on a clear background in landscape mode. Try to use free scanner from Android to ensure maximum clarity of the scanned documents. We find Easy Scanner working extremely well. You can still be a driver although your name is not listed as car owner.  The only requirement is that your name has to be listed as driver on the insurance cover note. If not , you can request to add driver name into the cover note from your insurance provider for a minimal fee. Typically this will cost around RM 10 to RM 20. You will received another endorsement document which has to be submitted together with the Cover Note.

Do make sure all corners and texts are sharp and readable for Identity card, Driving License and Insurance Cover Note.

For new car , please provide car grant and road tax as supporting document

Profile Photo

Latest Profile photo, Head & shoulder only. Please hold IC on your left chest using your right hand. Please do not wear sunglasses, songkok or hat)


What is Grab

Grab is a car booking app and an on demand chauffeured service providing you with unbeatable prices for rides powered by the MyTeksi mobile application. There are two types of GrabCar services which are GrabCar Economy and GrabCar+ (Premium). GrabCar Economy caters to ordinary and more casual rides on a daily basis while GrabPremium is a premium car service offering more luxury and comfort.

GrabCar is an alternative way of convenient commuting compared to conventional taxis. GrabCar and GrabCarPremium both comply to the same pillars of MyTeksi which is Speed, Safety and Certainty. It provides meaningful, personalized and conducive riding experiences.  Those who are interested to be a GrabCar driver must undergo a screening procedure. 

Grab operation cities

Grab is operating in Klang Valley which includes Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Shah Alam and other cities such as Johor Bahru, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu ,Kota Bahru, Batu Pahat, Muar, Labuan, Kuching and Port Dickson, Ipoh, and Penang.  As of October 2017 , Grab is also operational at Bintulu, Kangar, Kluang, Kemaman, Miri, Sibu, Sungai Petani and Tawau.

Type of Grab services

GrabCar (Economy)

This is the most basic services offered by Grab to get from a place to another. Most of the cars here comprises of normal sedan cars. B and C segment cars a in this category.

GrabCar Premium

Grabcar Premium is the premium way to get from a source to destination. Most of the range here are luxury and D segment cars. To be able to drive for premium, you will need a D segment ( Honda Accord, Toyota Camra ,etc )  or Luxury car while have completed 50 trips for economy drives.

6 Seaters

Grab MPV is specially catered for drivers with MPV or 6 seaters vehicle. This service is launched on December 2016 which promises much better pay for drivers.

Grab 6 Seaters (Economy)

Toyota Wish, Toyota Estima

Grab 6 Seaters (Premium) 

Toyota Velfire


Grabshare enables different rider to share a Grabcar at a cheaper price.  Grab will auto pair different riders going from and to similar destinations. GrabShare is only available in certain location in Klang Valley at certain hours only





How to start driving ?

Make sure you qualify as per requirements written.

Signing up and activating account

For drivers who are interested to join GrabCar, you will first need to sign up and activate your Grab account. Upon activation, you are required to watch GrabCar’s training videos made specifically for new drivers. The videos give a background of the app, how to use the app, what to do after receiving bookings and dealing with fare transactions. Get familiar with the rules of conduct and other information on how to get started.

Drivers will have to through online kuiz and survey. Upon completing it, driver will go through activation process.

Grab Driver App

Grab Driver app can be downloaded from IOS or Playstore. You will need to provide IMEI code or Gmail account and have an activated account to start driving.

Grab Topup

Grab topup is the credit that driver use where their commission to Grab will be deducted from. Rider may pay you with cash and Grab will take their commission from your prepaid top up.  Driver will need to have sufficient credit to be able to accept bookings. As a new driver, it would be great if you have at least RM 50 credits in your account. Grab top up can be bought at KK Mart, 7-Eleven and E-pay app. The easiest way  to top up online is via or Epay app.

Receiving bookings

Once your account is activated you are all ready to go ONLINE. Please do not go online if you are not driving .Once you receive a booking or “PING” in driver term, you should take it and you are not allowed to select bookings according to your own whims and fancies. As you appear online, it will mean that you are prepared to pick up any passenger that require the service. There is a 15 seconds wait before you accept a booking and by the end of the 15 seconds you have not picked up the booking, the app will instantly lock you out. The app will ask you to manually login again to begin accepting jobs. Ignoring bookings will tarnish your Acceptance Ratings and may result in loss of incentives. 

Some other more serious offences involve “Gaming the System” which means accepting bookings for rides that you did not accomplish and pressing ‘Pick up’ before passenger climbs in the car or stopping to drop passengers off far away from the destined spot. Gaming is also considered when passenger who uses a promo code miss showing up and driver presses and receives a free top up to his credit balance. These are serious offences and will result in immediate ban. 

How do I pay commission to Grab ? 

Grab will charge 25% commission (On exception of Grab Ambassador)  from your fare. This commission will be paid in the form of Grab Prepaid. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to reload your Grab prepaid


Receiving Payments from Rider


As most of the Grab bookings are paid by cash , you are advised to prepare ample of spare change for your rider. Bring 10 or 20 pieces of RM 1 , a few pieces of RM 5 , RM 10 and RM 50

GrabPay (Credit Card)

Credit card or wallet payment from Rider. You should not collect anything from riders


When rider uses a promo code, they will be able to enjoy discounted or free rides fromGrab. However Grab will still pay it’s driver normal price for the ride. The end price will be reflected when you dropoff your riders

Things you should know about Rates 

AR   (Acceptance Rate)

Make sure your acceptance rate is above 30%.

CR  (Cancellation rate)

Make sure your cancellation rate is below 10%

DR  (Driver Rating)

Drivers are rated 1 to 5 stars.  Always maintain your stars above 4.8. Having your ratings dropped will get your terminated as driver.

Please do not ignore too much jobs as you will not be able to receive incentives or may get your account into trouble.  AR, CR will reset weekly and starts back on Monday.

Pick up & Drop off

Golden Rule: Remember that you should press Pick up only when rider has entered your car and drop off only when rider has exited the car.

Back to Back

Driver will receives booking although they have not drop off rider on back to back booking. This means that Grab application will detect the next rider that is very near to your dropoff point to maximize your earnings.  If you do not want to accept the next ping, you can select “Not available for job” when you pick up your driver

Passenger Capacity

As a rule of thumb. Grab economy car capacity is only for 4 passengers while 6 seater for 6 persons. You have the right to ask the rider to cancel if you believe your car is over capacity.

Passenger behavior

Should there be any difficulty of behavior on the passenger’s end like not showing up for 20 minutes, not paying after drop off or other illegal activities, please call 1300 80 5858.

Passenger do not have the right to change destination is it’s way off the destination or request to stop to buy foods.  They will have to drop off and book again.  You can call CS to lodge a complaint after the ride if customer do not want to pay the full amount.

Grab Hotspot

Here are some of the common Grab hotspots in Klang Valley. Some of the best time to get bookings are during morning office hours where people get to work. For night drivers, you can standby near LRT around 6.30PM  to 9PM , while large shopping complex after 10PM and most of the riders will be using Grab to commute.  Some good areas to get short trips are near condos where they commute to nearby LRT stations.

Universiti Malaya
Tropicana City Mall
Jaya One
Eastin & Phileo Business Park
Atria Shopping Complex
SS2 Commercial Area
Digital Mall
Jaya 33 & Plaza 33
Paradigm Mall
Citta Mall
Subang Airport
Dataran Sunway & The Strand
The Curve & IKANO Power Centre
One Avenue, The Roof, Sri Pentas
Centrepoint BU
Damansara Uptown
Plaza Damansara
Hartamas Commercial Area
Garden International School
One Mont Kiara
Plaza Damas
Damansara Town Centre
Bangsar Shopping Centre
MidValley Megamall
Menara TM
KL Sentral
The Sphere
Pantai HillPark
Hilton & Le Meridien
Petaling Street & Central Market
Masjid Jamek
Pavilion & Bkt Bintang
Fraser Business Park
Kenanga Wholesale City
GE Mall
Tmn U-Thant & Embassy Row
Ampang Point
Amcorp Mall & Tmn Jaya LRT
Sunway Pyramid
Sunway University
Taylor’s Lakeside
Monash University
KL Tower
Pasar Seni LRT Station
Changkat Bkt Bintang
Sunway Putra Mall
USJ 10 – Taipan
One City
Sri Petaling Commercial Area
Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park
Summit USJ
One Ampang Avenue
Flamingo Hotel
Gleneagles Ampang Hospital
Royal Selangor Polo Club
Fairview International School
Wangsa Walk
Platinum Walk
PV 10
TAR College


Payout & Incentives

Payouts are made weekly into your bank account starting at 12am on Mondays and stops on Sundays at 11.59pm. As of all e-hailing services, you probably can make good money out of incentives given out by Grab. Here are the chart of incentives given to Grab Ambassador and Grab Pro. Grab will send weekly statements to drivers for incentives and performance summary

*Please do that note that the incentive table may change on periodic basis and does not reflect the current incentives. Grab will send the incentive details weekly

To enjoy the incentives you will need to pick up 50%  from Busy Areas while maintaining your minimum AR at 88%(Grab Pro) and 85% (Grab Ambassador)   , DR  at minimum 4.4 and CR at Maximum 10% , try to achieve 5% .  Please stay Online for the entire block to enjoy the entire block incentives. For Eg if you want to hit HP on 1PM Monday, it is best to stay Online until 2:01Pm

Incentive Tips

To maintain your 50% pickup from Busy Areas. You will need to know where you are picking up from.  Open this link with your Google Map app and it will load the areas into your map. Click pinpoint location to know whether you are inside the Busy Areas

Grab has removed the required pick up from busy areas as incentives requirements. However busy areas are still good if you want to pick up riders.


Things to avoid when you aim for incentives from Grab

  • Pick up same rider in 1 week time
  • Closing your GPS while in transit
  • Purposely delaying to press drop off after rider has disembarked
  • Hanging out inside buildings areas while you are online
  • Picking up your emergency contact listed during the driver application


Grab Driver Customer service

If you encounter any issues please contact CS at 1300805858.


Driver Penalty Guidelines

For drivers starting out with GrabCar, it is important to be thoroughly acquainted with the GrabCar Driver Penalty Guideline. This guideline has four stages and begins with warning, 3 days suspension, 5 days suspension and banned. For example, at the warning stage, some of the points are dangerous or fast driving, driving without seatbelts, being late for 20 minutes without notifying passenger, being dirty, smelly, demanding passenger to sit in front, taking on another job with a passenger on board, taking longer routes and not using GPS and many more. For 3 days suspension they are things like no show, overcharging passenger and many more that can be read further. GrabCar takes each offence seriously and upholds it’s guidelines strictly to ensure customer’s safety and satisfaction.

Another driver using your application

Another driver is not allowed to use your profile or application to drive for you. They will need to sign up as a driver and possess all the required documents given. Letting another driver use your application will result in a ban as shown in the SOP. However, sharing a car for e.g as husband and wife is accepted although both persons need to have their own separate GrabCar app accounts individually.


Things that you should not do as a Grab driver

Grab is getting strict with it’s drivers. There are a lot of things that you should not do as a driver. Continuously violation may get your account permanently banned !  Yes , you will get no able to drive with Grab anymore if you are permanently banned

  • Gaming Pretty much a general term in Grab. You should not cheat Grab incentives based on exploitation of Grab’s system.
  • Camping, You cannot hide in low demand areas with very little Ping after completing minimum trip for incentives.
  • Do not cancel your Jobs for more than 30% in a week, this may result in 5 days suspension
  • Do not cancel your jobs for more than 10% in a week, this may result in permanent suspension
  • Never accept regular booking from the same passenger
  • Notify customer service if the Dropoff location is different from initially requested
  • Cancel passengers booking and deal direct with passengers while bypassing Grab
  • Do use the “Drop off” or “End job” only after passenger have exited the car.
  • Do not take other jobs when you have another passenger who have not exited the car
  • Do not self book your own car
  • Always honor all PROMO CODE jobs when you have received your confirmation SMS. Do refer to Customer Service if there are any doubts or questions
  • Do not cheat or commit any acts to defraud Grab
  • Always check your pending traffic summons

Tips to be Grab Driver

  • There are 2 types of driver that make the most money. They are Incentive and High fare trip drivers. As incentive driver you will have to follow the weekly shedule to enjoy the incentives from Grab. High fare driver will aim for higher pay route such as KLIA or Genting Highlands. There are some drivers who makes as much as 10 KLIA trips per day.
  • Always ask rider to cancel a trip if you cannot accept them as it will effect your CR ratings. Call them up to ask nicely. If there are any issues you can also call CS to remark or cancel it
  • If rider did not show and not contactable. End the trip but adjust the fare to 0. Call customer service to inform them.



Driver can also opt in for GrabAllstars program where they can enjoy benefit as a driver.  There are a few tiers where driver is required to achieve a number of trips and hit certain ratings in a month. Among the benefits are Fuel vouchers , Discount coupon for engine oils and many other benefits.   Existing drivers can sign up here


Grab Ambassador

Grab ambassador is a program where a driver can enroll and receive extra benefits from Grab. This usually mean driving exclusively for Grab and the removal of all other e-hailing app.  Driver’s commission for Grab and requirements to hit incentives will be reduced.


Full time driver should get themselves covered by Socso. Driver should sign up under Self Employment Disaster Scheme Driver can actually sign up at here. 

Grab Driver FAQ

I’m a PR or Foreigner living in Malaysia.  Can I become a driver for Grab ?

  • No, only Malaysians can become Grab driver

How much can I earn driving for Grab?

  • Earnings can be flexible and depend on driver’s commitment. There are drivers getting consistent returns by driving


Johor Bahru

Grab Office : Jalan Kempas 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Tampoi

Taman Damansara Aliff: Tatapan Minda   (8.30pm to – 11.30pM)

Tatapan Minda, 3 Jalan Medan Aliff Harmoni 1/2, Taman Damansara Alif, Johor Bahru



Tan Chong building Penang

Level 1, Tan Chong Building, Weld Quay  ( 2pm to 6pm)

Level 2, Tan Chong Building , Weld Quay ( 10 am to 2PM)


McDonalds, Jalan tengah ( 8pm to 10pm)

McDnolads, Sungai Dua (8pm to 10pm)

Starbucks , E-gate(8pm to 10pm)

Starbucks, Tanjung Tokong ( 11am to 3pm ,8pm to 10pm)

McDonald’s, Time Square ( 8pm to 10pm)



MTC Training Center 10am to 2pm , 8PM sharp

No 5-1, 2nd Floor, Jalan KL 3/11, Sek 3 Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka