After the success in Singapore, Grab launched its carpooling services in Malaysia on May 5th, 2016. The service was called GrabHitch. GrabHitch was provided with service responsibility of door-to-door facility. For better understanding, GrabHitch provides a service that ensures the maximum match between drivers and passengers especially if the destination is same.

Car sharing or carpooling is a term with which it is referred to the practice of agreeing several people to distribute expenses during a trip or an entire trip in the same vehicle. Since the destination will be same for the paired-passengers therefore, the ride becomes enjoyable and cost-effective for everyone.

If we integrate this service, we can see that it will increase public communication between passengers and drivers along with minimizing travelling cost. Each day every driver will get to meet new passenger and every passenger would get to ride in new improved and safe vehicles.

Following the success, the regional head of GrabHitch, Ngiam Xin has this to say about the service. “GrabHitch will allow both drivers and passengers to cater maximum savings as both are considered to ethically cost conscious. The drivers who have spacious vehicles can accommodate more passengers in their cars considering the fact that the destination is same. And the best part is that every passenger only has to pay for his fraction of the journey.

The working algorithm is quite simple. First, we need to have a Facebook account. For drivers, they need to update their hourly/daily/weekly schedule along with routes. The mobile app is designed in such a manner that it takes such information and matches it with passengers having similar destinations and timings. Also, the passengers are required to pre-book their rides a week in advance or at least two-hours before pickup.

The mobile app will find the best suitable passenger and driver for a match. Once it is done, the drivers will then be notified to either accept or deny the passenger’s request. After accepting, the driver will communicate with the passenger to manage best suitable pickup time. Furthermore, the app will also initiate GPS navigation system for drivers, so that they can feasibly locate the passengers, their pick and drop location. The best part for passengers is that they can invite their friends to tag along for the ride.

GrabHitch is specifically designed to target passengers who have desires to travel at least 15 km of distance. This is the minimum limit of distance and it is indeed important for passengers to remember. The purpose of this limit is to compensate the driver’s cost of tolls, car depreciation, and fuel. The total fare for the journey with GrabHitch is critically monitored and is entirely based on the distance travelled. The fare is displayed upfront so that the passenger could also manage to hitch or not the ride with the increase in fare. This is why it is one of the most cost effective carpooling services.

For clarity in the fare context, consider the following example. The total distance between SS2 and KLCC is 19 km estimated. If a passenger avails local taxi service it would cost him around RM30. But if the passenger decides to travel by GrabHitch then it would charge him or her only RM15. Can you notice that with GrabHitch, the price is 50% reduced? If a passenger decides to travel from Shah Alam to KLCC which has a total distance of 30 km, a local taxi would charge the passenger with around RM45 whereas the if the passenger is lucky to travel by GrabHitch, the total cost for the 30 km trip will be completed in just RM21 which is again 53% less than what local taxi charges.

This is the reason why long-distance trips with GrabHitch are good, less in cost, safe and most importantly comfortable. The total distance between Georgetown and KLCC is approximately 360 km. Normal taxi or other conventional transportations will cost the passenger around RM465 for this trip, whereas GrabHitch will allow the passenger to travel to KLCC (360 km) in just RM71, which means the price is 85% cheaper than other services. Isn’t that amazing? Passengers are provided with various payment methods like cash, debit, and credit cards.


Who Can Be A GrabHitch Driver?

Since the safety of passengers is the fundamental responsibility and constraint of Grab. Therefore, every driver is cautiously examined before signing up as a driver. There are basic eligibility criteria for drivers as they must be at least 18 years old with a minimum of one-year excellent driving experience. There must not be any criminal or travelling offense record affiliated with them. The driving license must be up-to-date with legitimate verification and zero criminal history.

During the travel, the passenger and driver can also get along socially by visiting each other Facebook profiles. It will both of them to create better understanding and safe comfort zone. Also, the passengers are provided with a conditional privilege to choose the carpool driver of their gender whereas the drivers are given freedom to this section.

GrabHitch is also supported with beneficial features like Grab’s 24/7 Customer care service. It has also introduced insurance for both the passengers and the drivers, and an advanced transaction recording system. GrabHitch is a user-friendly service. It allows regular drivers to even provide lifts to fellow travellers. For drivers, every day is a day to meet new and different people. The minimum age set from Grab for drivers is 19 years old and the rest requirements are as same as mentioned above.


Is GrabHitch Legal?

GrabHitch is an authentic and legitimate carpooling service. The rules and regulations are all according to the LTA regulations for drivers. From March 2015 and onwards, these regulations also allow monetarily rewards for drivers by performing well in carpooling service. In addition, LTA has also set a regulation which allows each driver to carpool only two rides per day.


How Much Can A GrabHitch Driver Earn Per Trip?

According to a recent report from Grab, the drivers associated with GrabHitch can average receive up to $8-12 per trip. This roughly translates to RM35 to RM52 per trip.

How Do You Get Paid As A GrabHitch Driver?

Grab has introduced two effective ways of payments. One is Cash, second is Debit or Credit card (also called GrabPay). Each GrabHitch driver has his or her own digital wallet that is links all the GrabPay payments to back-end Grab transaction system. The drivers can withdraw their earnings to their banks at any time of their desire. The transactions take roughly 10 days for deposit.


How Much Commission Grab takes from A GrabHitch Ride?

One of the best benefits for drivers is that they get to keep the 100% fare which means that there is zero commission.


How Many Passengers Can I Pick Up As A GrabHitch Driver?

GrabHitch drivers can pick-up four passengers in a single trip. The riders can also request for 4 riders with conditions implemented.


GrabHitch Response In Malaysia

Due to the advent of ride-sharing apps, the travellers and local passengers in the Klang Valley have slowly started to adapt the idea of carpooling by abandoning their personal cars at home, but there’s still a majority of the population who believes in freedom of driving or prefer their personal vehicles for travelling. This is why GrabHitch is trying its level best to target the problem faced mostly in Malaysia that is the presence of SOVs (Single Occupancy Vehicles) on roads. Nielsen conducted a study which states that Malaysia is the 3rd largest manufacturers and consumers of personal vehicle ownerships, which mean 93% of Malaysians, have at least one or more cars for personal usage. Approximately 6 million trips are made yearly on private or personal cars to Klang Valley and the worst part is most of the vehicles are SOVs, which means it covers 83% of travel made in daily routine.