Being one of the finest and uprising ride-hailing medium in Southeast Asia, Grab has recently announced its first commercial carpool services called ‘GrabShare’. The service has also launched its beta service in Singapore to ensure maximum productivity. The developed benefit of GrabShare is to allow passengers to avail cost-effective rides. In addition, the drivers are also provided with advantages such as incentives or increased earning by finishing two passenger bookings in one trip. GrabShare is considered to be the fourth successful transport service introduced by the company. It also compliments the services of, GrabHitch (provides services for non-commercial social carpooling), GrabCar (private car-hailing), and GrabTaxi (taxi-hailing).

One of the best features of GrabShare for passengers who are in a hurry to their destination is, it books pairs of just two passengers bookings with same destination all within the cost of a single trip. The maximum number of stops during the travel is allotted to be two before reaching the destination. For better understanding and clarity, consider the following example. If Passenger A starts his journey with Passenger B, who also has the same destination then it is possible for Passenger A to take his two stops of the journey for Passenger B; One by stopping to pick him up and one to drop him off.

The brand Grab has three successful, engineered, well-designed, and conceptualized R&D centres in Beijing, Singapore, and Seattle. The fundamental goal of GrabShare is to make travelling cost-effective in less time. GrabShare has created an algorithm that not encompasses aforementioned features but alerts the nearby accessible drivers for passengers wanting the service along with complete travel details, detour distance, intersection of trip routes and current status of traffic to avoid lateness. GrabShare also makes sure that the drivers are also benefited in the scenario by providing them the opportunity to maximize earnings by completing more jobs within one-hour. It will also benefit their income and it will reduce the fuel consumption as well.

In one of the interviews conducted about Grab’s performance, a Seattle-based software engineer for GrabShare has this to say. “Grab is on the surge of continuous prosperity by developing advanced carpooling algorithms. Such steps will be responsible to tailor every GrabShare passenger needs of travelling with optimal drive, safety, and most significantly the effectiveness of cost and time”.

The ex-Microsoft employee said, “The algorithm of Grab may seem critical at first, considering how it manages to match travel patterns, bookings from different locations to their nearest ones. These features are also to be merged in a customized app for feasibility. In simple words, the more people incline towards GrabShare the more efficient and robust the algorithm will become”.

To cater the emergent demand for point-to-point transportation, GrabShare has availed services of GrabCar that allows the pool of economic commercial drivers to serve the purpose.

What Are The Benefits Of GrabShare?

Benefits of GrabShare for passengers include:

Cheaper Fares

In a comparison of fares to other services like GrabCar Economy, GrabShare offer 30% cheaper fares. These fares are updated every hour according to locations and also displayed upfront. It further proportionally increases the and balances the pricing model for supply and demand as the pricing model ensures passenger’s satisfaction, cost-effective rides, especially in non-peak hour time when the majority of the drivers are available.


Ride With A Friend At No Additional Cost

GrabShare also introduced a package for passengers which allow them to bring another friend to accompany along the journey free of cost. The only condition that lies between is the same destination, both must have same destination.


Maximum Two-Stop Guarantee

Every passenger is allowed to take only two stops while travelling with GrabShare. By following this, it will become feasible for both; the driver and the passenger to reach the destination in as less time as possible. The drivers will only wait for three minutes for passengers at the time of pick-up.


Instant booking

With the advanced mobile app, passengers can now avail GrabShare’s services on-demand from anyplace, at any time with plentiful social enjoyment with corresponding travellers during the ride.


Ride With Peace Of Mind

Grab Group of companies also offers efficient Accident insurance which tends to cover all damages of passengers during unfortunate occurrence of an accident. The total expected personal accident insurance amount with benefits for both the driver and passengers are approximately around US$250,000 or aggregate limit of US2.5 million per accident or per vehicle.


What Are The Benefits For GrabShare Drivers?

Benefits of GrabShare for drivers include:


Higher Earnings

One of best features of GrabShare is it provides maximum benefits to drivers and passengers. For drivers, they can obtain higher mutual prices with every GrabShare trip if the manage to complete two passenger bookings at once.


Similar Trip Routes

The algorithm is designed in such a way that it automatically minimizes the fuel consumption by reducing it, shortens distance travelled and total time spent GrabShare trip.


How GrabShare works?

GrabShare app allows drivers to monitor passengers with same destinations. For example, if Passenger A uses the GrabShare service, he is picked up by the GrabShare driver. If Passenger B uses the app and has the same destination as Passenger A, then a notification is generated to the driver which relates that both Passengers A and B are matched and have the same destination.

The GrabShare driver only has to make a detour to pick up Passenger B. Both passengers A and B can bring along one person to ride with them free of cost. The vehicles must have at least minimum of four seats. Only monitoring of orders to pick and drop ensures that every passenger reaches his destination safe and sound.


Official Launch In Malaysia

Due to massive international respect and known for fine services, GrabShare was successfully launched in Malaysia on February 16th, 2017. Keeping the apprehensive mood shifts of Asians on the idea of sharing cars with strangers, Sean Goh (Country head for Grab Malaysia) says that Singapore has successfully proven that the Asians have shown clear willingness to try out this new way of commuting. In fact, there are already hundreds of repeated passengers who are more than happy to try the services of GrabShare for good.

Grab Group of companies has created a market potential and diversity for companies like Uber. Grab is also seen as South-East Asia’s local champion that can compete directly with Uber. There are many reasons behind this success. Grab offers cost-effective carpooling services, every passenger is entertained with respect, safety and enjoyment. The fares are 30% cheaper than every other carpooling service in Asia. As mentioned above, the fares are fixed and displayed upfront. However, during the peak-hours the fares slightly rises but it is beneficial for drivers as they can earn more during these hours.

The traffic conditions at Klang Valley are becoming more than a headache for not only the drivers but passengers as well. The reason behind so many cars on the road is everyone who owned motorbike or scooters now have cars. According to a study conducted by Nielsen in 2014, Malaysia is the third largest manufacturers of cars around the globe covering 93% of the car’s ownership per household. It has become difficult to cater traffic and sustain roads for long if 600 thousand new cars will use one single road. To make it worse, our local people do not want to give our much improved public transport system a chance. As we can recall a famous slogan-sticker used on cars in classic times, “-Be Cool, Car Pool”.

Grab Group of companies is a customer oriented company. Goh mentions that we develop our company by putting ourselves as passengers. He further added that they are more concerned about the safety and feasibility. Therefore, the vehicles are from GrabCar along with drivers, the company takes complaints very seriously. The drivers who commit the act of harassment are banned for life and those found committing the offense of speeding or driving dangerously are given warnings before termination.

Grab offers personal accident insurance up to US$10000 per person in Malaysia for both the passenger and the driver.