How to be MULA driver

M.U.L.A Driver In Malaysia

There was another transportation service provider in Malaysia besides Grab and Uber. It’s known as M.U.L.A and it has been in operation since March this year and is only available in Penang for beginning. M.U.L.A headquartered in Penang. It’s start with 200 vehicles and offering

Instant Service, Chartered Service – for half day or full day bookings and Pre – book Service

which is customer can book service one week earlier. M.U.L.A is a ride-hailing app which is focus on safety, comfortable affordable rides. The modus operandi looks more convincing than Grab and Uber. M.U.L.A offers fare rates according to the estimated time taken. The price may be more expensive than the estimated time show on the app if there is traffic congestion. But, if you arrive earlier to destination than the estimated time, the price will be cheaper.

M.U.L.A is seen providing a whole new range of vehicles compared to Grab and Uber which is using their own car. In fact, the driver must also undergo a week-long training before it can start driving M.U.L.A. M.U.L.A does not only provide on-demand booking services, but can even be booked in advance or ordered by the hour. Customers can book M.U.L.A using friendly app for travelling in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Vehicle options are also varied, ranging from standard and premium vehicles to 4 people, up to 10 MPV. All M.U.L.A cars are equipped with various safety features such as SOS button, GPS system and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). M.U.L.A cars also serviced and maintained by authorized service center. The SOS or Panic button will allow riders or drivers seek for help during emergency situation. For this matter, M.U.L.A has partnered with SOS crime prevention service provider which it called as Fast Lane, and they provide 24-hour emergency support. All ladies can also book M.U.L.A Pink which is offering female users the option to book a lady drivers. It’s about 30% of lady drivers are female who are mostly single mothers. This is the way for them to earn some money for living.

For beginning, M.U.L.A has promote their services at various shopping malls around Penang. There are M.U.L.A booth that provide more information about M.U.L.A to the public. M.U.L.A service is seen as an alternative that gives users more choice than other services. Unlike the existing transportation service application, M.U.L.A expected to expand its service that includes delivery service for parcels and goods to anywhere. The driver would deliver the parcel or goods when they are free and did not pick up passengers in their vehicle. M.U.L.A can deliver corporate documents, parcels, goods or even gift.

Customers will be charge according to types of cars and distance of destination. For customers references, M.U.L.A fares is shown as below :

1) M.U.L.A Car MPV 6 Seater

  • Basic Fare – RM 1.20
  • Minimum Fare – RM 5.00
  • Per KM Rate – RM 0.70
  • Per Minute Rate – RM 0.20

2) M.U.L.A Car Premium

  • Basic Fare – RM 2.50
  • Minimum Fare – RM 7.00
  • Per KM Rate – RM 0.80
  • Per Minute Rate – RM 0.30

3) M.U.L.A Car MPV 10 Seater

  • Basic Fare – RM 3.50
  • Minimum Fare – RM 10.00
  • Per KM Rate – RM 0.95
  • Per Minute Rate – RM 0.35

All prices shown do not include any discount or surcharges. For any cancellation by customers, they will be charged RM 5.00 after 5 minutes of driver’s confirmation. Toll chargers are not included and must pay by customers.