How to be RIDING PINK driver

The world is now a world where male and female relationships are unavoidable. Nowadays, there a lot of stories about women getting harassed and exposed to crime by unidentified men while in public places or while using public transportation. These horrible cases had happened to our women in our country. We may never think about it, but imagine if our wife, sister or girl friends needs a ride-sharing taxi service late at night. Perhaps nothing will happen but we will certainly feel more comfortable if the taxi driver is a woman.

Riding Pink has launched in Malaysia in 2016 as a new public transportation for women only.

Denise Tan, a full-time mother decided created Riding Pink which is provide a transportation service for women and this is the first of its kind in the country. She is concerned about the fate of women who need confidence in safety when using public transport as well as women who need part-time jobs to sustain life. Denise had previously worked as an auditor in a clothing retailer and had been involved in marketing work. She is currently serving as a general business marketing and strategy administrator for Riding Pink. Denise also sometimes plays a role as a company’s top-selling taxi driver if needed.

The working women will feel safer as there is an alternate alternative service option for them.Women may feel more safer and comfortable when knowing that their drivers are women too. This is probably one of the reasons Riding Pink, a dedicated partner taxi service for women. At first, Riding Pink don’t have any app. People (women) can contact Riding Pink through Facebook and privately message them if interested to ride with Riding Pink. Or else, Riding Pink can be contacted through Whatsapp numbers or SMS. Riding Pink will prompt your message as soon as possible and they will find available driver for you. To avoid disappointment, you can make a request or pre-book 1 day early. And now, there’s Riding Pink app and you can install it through mobile phone. It’s much easier to booking your Riding Pink driver.

Women especially housewives can earn extra income with Riding Pink as a driver. This is an ideal job for them while juggling family commitment. Riding Pink has flexibility time to do the job without failing manage their own commitment as housewives. When Riding Pink started recruiting women drivers in September via Facebook, the number of drivers increased within three weeks. The response has been overwhelming from the public and recurring trips on weekdays of those going to work and school is also increased. There’s almost 100 drivers at this moments. The requirement for become a driver include of having a valid driving licence and the car they used is not more than nine years old and must insured. Riding Pink service is different from Uber and Grab service. They provide pre – booking one day before and sometimes customers request five hours before.

Riding Pink will try their best to match a driver to them. So for now, working ladies, students don’t have to worry that much about safety when riding with Riding Pink.