How to block Spam SMS ?

Recently, Malaysians have been spammed heavily by annoying SMS from gambling operators. These SMS are considered illegal while also being a daily nuisance. Most of these SMS are sent non stop on a regular basis from different phone numbers.  Adding these numbers to SPAM list doesn’t help as these spammers are using different phone numbers daily.

There are a few actions you can take. MCMC can actually take action on these numbers provided if you report to them. The official complaint number for MCMC is +0162206262 , they do accept screenshots via Whatsapp . You can also report Vice and other gambling related spam over the number. As of April this year over 12,000 phone line that has link to gambling was blocked in Malaysia.

It may be too much hassles to report this to MCMC,  You can also use features on your Android phone to prevent these annoying spams.

Android SMS Spam feature

sms spam 06

sms spam 07

To block these annoying sms, we will have to use another Spam filter that is available on Android phones. We will have to detect spam by phrase because the spam operators are using different numbers to conduct their spam

Navigate to SMS Settings

sms spam block

Make sure that the “Spam Filter” function is enabled , click on the Spam Filter button


sms spam 03

Click on “Add to Spam phrases”

This will enable the spam function to filter by words or phrases instead of number. This will work if the sender is sending from same message from different  numbers


2016-08-04 06.40.02

Add the phrase to Spam

You can add any phrase that you consider as spam. For this case, any sms that is sent to my phone with phrase “” will be considered as spam. One potential disadvantage of adding phrase is that any legitimate SMS sent from your friends will also be considered spam if it consist of the phrase. One rule of thumb is not too be too generic on the spam phrases.

sms spam 01

sms spam 02

Now the spam rules will be created. These spammy SMS will be diverted directly into your SPAM folder. This feature can also be applicable to all phrases. You can also add these phrases into the list.


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