How to catch Pokemon

Wild Pokemon Encounter

First, your smartphone will alert you when there is a wild Pokemon nearby by vibrating your phone. It is utmost important that you enable the vibration option in the Pokemon Go game settings. After that, touch the Pokemon shown on the map to begin your capture. If you are not able to find any wild Pokemons, walk around your area. Pokemons are said to love places like parks so you can try to visit a local park nearby you.


The other way to attract Pokemons if you happen to be in a place where there are only very few Pokestops is by using an item called incense. You will get incense as part of the rewards on different level-ups and you can also purchase additional incense with Pokecoins from the shop. There are some Pokemons that will only appear in certain environments and climates. As an example, a specific type of Pokemon will only appear if you are near to water. You can find the list of nearby Pokemons in the nearby column located at the bottom of your screen in the Map View. The Pokemons that you have already caught and added into your Pokedex will be shown in colour while the Pokemons that you have not caught and have not encountered before will appear as silhouettes.


Whenever you encounter a wild Pokemon, you will have several attempts to capture it before it runs away. This holds true except for Abra which has an enormous 99% flee rate. Therefore, if you failed to catch Abra on your first try, it will most definitely run away. There are also additional items that you can use to increase your chances of capturing a wild Pokemon successfully. One of them is known as Razz Berry. Additionally, some higher level Pokeballs such as Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls can also be used to greatly increase your chances to capture a wild Pokemon. In order to select these items, touch the bag icon in the Pokemon encounter screen.


Throwing Technique

To catch a Pokemon, you will have to touch and hold your Pokeball first. A ring will then appear around the Pokemon after you do so. The colour shown on the ring will also indicate the difficulty level of catching that particular Pokemon. A green colour ring indicates that the wild Pokemon is easy to capture. An orange colour ring indicates that it is intermediate difficulty and a red colour ring indicates that the wild Pokemon is extremely difficult to capture. Remember to use your Razz Berries and highest level Pokeballs known as Ultra Balls when you see red colour rings on the wild Pokemons.


The highest chance for you to capture the wild Pokemon is by landing your Pokeball when the ring is at its smallest diameter. This type of throw is known as Excellent Throw. There are also other types of throws known as Nice Throw and Great Throw. Excellent Throws gives you additional 100 EXP while Great Throw gives you additional 50 EXP and Nice Throw gives you additional 10 EXP. On top of that, you can also add curveballs into the mix and curveball throws give you an additional 10 EXP. There are 2 different ways of throwing a curveball and their methods were listed down in one of our previous articles. These different types of throws and curveballs also increase your chances to capture the wild Pokemon.


If you are successful in capturing the wild Pokemon, the Pokemon will stay inside the Pokeball and you will be directed to the next screen but be careful, the Pokemon can escape from the Pokeball. You can also capture new Pokemons by evolving a captured wild Pokemon and by hatching 2KM, 5KM and 10KM eggs.