How to export Google Hangout message the easy way ?


Google Hangout is becoming a very popular chat application with the rise of technologies such as Android phones and Google Chrome.  Everyone that logs into these application will need a Google account and thus will almost automatically has a Hangout account. Now Google does not provide an easy way for you to export the chat history with your contacts, infact there are not direct button where you can just push the button and export chat history. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can export the chat history.  Here is the quickest way to export the chat history without any coding knowledge ( This is applicable at time of writing)

google take out

1. Google Takeout

Google Takeout is the only known best way to export something out of Google accounts.  You can access your takeout service via this link Next you will need to choose the services where you want the data to be exported. Do make sure the hangout button is selected with a green tick. Click next

google take out 02

 2. Download the Hangout chat

After clicking next, it will take a while to process the Hangout chat data. You can then download the data after it was processed by Google Takeout.  Bear in mind to have your Google ID and password ready for any verification process. The file is actually zipped. You will need to unzip the files.  You will then have a hangout.json file. This file actually contains the chat history however it is not is readable form.


3. Upload to somewhere readable

Fortunately someone has made a parser to read the files on the Internet. You can upload the Hangouts.json file to and wholla, your chat history is now readable.