How To Order FoodPanda

FoodPanda provide online food ordering and delivery to your house or office or any places in covering area. It’s connects users with lots of local restaurants. As a customers, you can browse and choose your favourite menu and restaurant for delivery. With just a few clicks you can have your favourite food and enjoy your meal without any doubt.


FoodPanda start working from 10.00 a.m until 11.00 p.m every day, from Monday to Sunday. It’s have more than 500 restaurants connected with FoodPanda and can deliver customer’s order. You can order any foods without limit or any other conditions. Nowadays, most people prefer to order food delivery because it can save more time especially for busy people. They don’t have to walk in to any restaurant for having meal.


If you never try or no idea how to order FoodPanda, here’s some steps you may follow and so easy like ABC.

Download Foodpanda App at

Make An Order With FoodPanda


  1. Go to Malaysia FoodPanda website at You may also install FoodPanda apps on your smartphone for easier ordering food delivery.
  2. Register first if you don’t have account with FoodPanda. Key in all details such as First Name, Last Name, phone number, email address and password. Click Register button. There are 2 types of registration which includes phone number sign up and Facebook account sign up .  
  3. Login to your FoodPanda account with registered email address and valid password. Click login button.
  4. After successful login, choose your city and current location, then click Find Restaurants.
  5. You may choose your favourite restaurants on screen. For easier process, you may use filter restaurant button.
  6. After choose your favourite restaurants, you have to choose your menus. Click Go To Menu button.
  7. Choose your menus and click Add button. Your choices of menu will go to Your Order cart situated at right. Click the quantity of your order and after finish, click Proceed To Checkout button.
  8. You will see Review Your Order screen. Make sure to set time for delivery whether it should deliver As Soon As Possible or Later. If you choose Later, you must put estimation time for delivery.
  9. If you have anything to inform, just write down your notes on comment space.
  10. To get discount price, you must key in voucher code on Enter Voucher Code space. If don’t have any code, just click Checkout button to proceed.
  11. Any amendment on your order can be done by clicking Change Order button.
  12. Make sure to key in your full name, email address, phone number and delivery address.
  13. Choose your method of payment, Cash On Delivery or Online Payment.
  14. If there’s nothing to change, just click Place Order Now button. You will receive notification through email and SMS from FoodPanda for confirmation. You have to verify that notification and FoodPanda will deliver your order.

With FoodPanda, people can avoid traffic jammed or parking. You can have your favourite food through online apps and FoodPanda apps can be download for free on your smartphone. This apps can access anywhere and anytime. You just have to wait for FoodPanda rider deliver your food while doing or settling your job and enjoy your food at your own place. With a reasonable price, good services and tasty foods, you may never regret to choose FoodPanda services.


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