How to register PSV for Grab

The government has set the requirements for all ehailing services to be regulated in Malaysia.  . This would include all ehailing services such as Grab, Dacsee, Mycar and all ehailings in Malaysia. The dateline for regulation is at July 2019. Here are the rough steps to comply with all the requirements set by Ministry of transport.


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Submit your PSV & Puspakom Documentation

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Estimated total Regulation COST (with subsidy from Grab) 

Total estimated cost:  RM 690.00 ( more subsidy coming)

1.Medical Examination – RM 20

2.PSV – RM 200 ( RM50 will be subsidies by Grab)

3.Pupakom – RM 70

4.Ehailing top up insurance – RM 400 P/a (pending negotiation from Grab)


1)Medical inspection

There are subsidy given by Grab for medical inspection.  Please show your Grab driver app to receive the subsidy. The authorized clinic location are


Please download the form to go to medical check up

Borang Permohonan Lesen Vokasional(JPJL8A) updated Sept 2019

  • First page to be filled by applicants
  • 2, 3rd an 4th  to be filled by doctor


2) PSV for taxi and ehailing  or Online PSV

PSV Training materials Buku Panduan Kursus PSV Modul E-Hailing


PSV Online with Grab app


PSV with Institute memandu

List of location for PSV


  • Malaysia and Permanent residents
  • Aged 21 years and above
  • Possess a D/DA valid driving license
  • No records of summons
  • Pass health test in government clinics and hospitals
  • Training module is required
  • Pass theory test with JPJ

Please wear long pants , shirt with collars and shoes when doing the training. IM may have the right to refuse you for not wearing the proper attire.


Grab PSV online training is up. You can use the PSV online training and attend examination later.

We have found a very cheap way to get PSV here   The promo is not available anymore at the time of writing but it is still the cheapest PSV license we are able to find

There is a estimated RM220 PSV fees at the time of writing.

We believe that larger ehailing providers will setup their own ehailing training services.

PSV  training module

There is a 6 hours theory class with examination at the end of training module. There will be an examination after the exam. 60 questions where 48 is required to pass the exam. Online PSV from grab is already available.



Ehailing Operator training centers

It is recommended to get into Grab certified PSV centers so you can get subsidy for PSV license.



3) Puspakom

Puspakom inspection is required for car which is older than 3 years. There are more than 56 Puspakom centers around the country. Please make early appointment with your nearest Puspakom center for car inspections

Buku Panduan Kursus PSV Modul E-Hailing

  1. How to Schedule Puspakom Inspection

2. Bring original Grant from bank or JPJ printed info for RM20

Things you need to qualify for Puspakom inspection. Please bring min 1KG fire extinguisher before the inspection. The extinguishers required must be dry powder or CO2. Foam type is not accepted.




  • Clean your engine so chassis and engine can be read
  • Check smoke diesel/petrol
  • Check alignment
  • Check suspension front and back
  • Check brakes
  • Tyres Grip
  • Safety Triangle
  • First aid kit for 8 eater
  • All lights are functional ( front ,back, brake, singnal)
  • Vipers are functional


4) EHailing Insurans

Ehailing is working with insurance company so drivers will have the options to add on ehailing as part of the insurance. Currently a few insurance company are providing additional e-hailing coverage. To add this coverage, contact your existing car insurance provider top up additional insurance.

5) Get your ehailing Permit

Submit all your information and documentation. Grab will work on to get your ehailing permit. You will receive your permit with a ehailing sticker that is compulsory when you are fetching client.