How to Screenshot Laptop

Many of you may have been aware that it is simple to screenshot on laptop. There are actually a number of methods available to take screenshots on laptop and depending on one’s preference; these methods are definitely worth knowing. 

One of the methods to take screenshots on laptop very quickly is by using keyboard shortcuts to screenshot the entire laptop screen and an active window. This is no doubt the quickest method to screenshot on laptop as the entire screen will be captured and copied to the windows clipboard automatically. Thereafter, you can paste the screenshot into either Words document or Paint or any other apps that are being supported. It is all about using one single keyboard shortcuts and the job is done. However, do take note that you can use these Windows keyboard shortcuts only to capture the entire screen or a single window. Let’s say if you wish to capture only a selected area and not the entire screen, you need to follow some other methods, which allows you to do so and even to edit screenshots.  

For those of you who wish to only capture certain parts of the screen, you can try to use the snipping tool in order for you to take and edit screenshots. Snipping tool is actually a pre-installed system tool for users to do screenshots. It is also relatively simple to use to capture your screen and do simple and minor editing. All you need to do is launch the snipping tool and click on New to start capturing your preferred screenshots on laptop. Move your cursor to the initial area that you want to start the screenshot and drag to fully select a complete area to screenshot. It is very convenient. In case you want to cancel the action, you just need to press the Esc button. Once you have the screenshot captured, you can now save the screenshot by choosing the Save as function. You may paste the screenshots into the format that you preferred like Words document etc. Other than that, you can also save the screenshot or picture in other formats like PNG and JPEG format.  

As mentioned on the above methods for screenshot on laptop, they can either only allow entire window screenshot or minor editing. Now, there are actually some methods that allow flexibility of functions that are found to be limited in those described above. There are many screenshot apps available online and one recommended app is called Snagit, which allows you to take, edit and share screenshots. So, what is Snagit and why Snagit is recommended? It is a screenshot program packaged with image editing and screen recording features. You can use this program to take screenshot very quickly and edit the screenshot captured very easily with its advanced image editing tools. In addition, you can even capture videos, in which most of other apps are not equipped with this function. 

First, you need to download and install Snagit; run and sign in the program. In order to start doing your screenshots, click on the Capture button and move the pointer to which area that you want to begin your screenshot with. Then, drag to select an area of choice and left click your mouse to capture the area. You can also hover over an area in your window to auto-select. Next, click on the camera icon on the toolbar so that you can save your screenshot as an image. For editing purpose, you can do so in the pop-up Snagit Editor window whereby you can add shapes, texts or make some adjustments to your image. Once you are done editing, you can either save your image or share the image by clicking the Share button on the upper right corner.