How To Use Lalamove

Lalamove, provides logistics services or ‘grab’ services has been officially operating in Kuala Lumpur since 2018. It is the 9th city to use Lalamove services. Each day Lalamove receives up to 300 orders. Using the Lalamove service is easy and as a user, you only need to install the Lalamove app on Google Play or the Apple Store. There is no charge for registering.


Service Charge

The Lalamove Service charges for the delivery a very reasonable. The charges are as follows:

  • First 5km – RM 5
  • Next 1km – RM 1
  • Delivery between 9:00 pm to 12:00 am – RM 2 surcharge
  • Delivery between 12.01 am and 6:00 am – RM 5 surcharge
  • Buy on behalf of customers – RM 4
  • Return trip – RM 4
  • Door-to-door delivery – RM 5


How To Use Lalamove Application

  • Open the Lalamove application
  • Choose your location – select Kuala Lumpur
  • Click the Create Account if you don’t’ have a Lalamove account
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name
  • Enter your mobile phone number and email
  • Enter your password
  • Click the Sign Up button
  • Enter the verification code sent via SMS for verification  
  • Answer the following questions and then press the NEXT button  
  • Select the type of vehicle needed to deliver the goods
  • Enter the location address for the pick-up
  • Enter the location address for the drop-off
  • Choose either scheduled delivery or instant delivery
  • Add additional notes to Lalamove rider
  • Choose a payment method
  • Confirm your order to start shipping


Lalamove Service Type

Lalamove provides the following delivery services:


  1. Food Delivery

Customers can enjoy their favorite dishes by simply booking from home. Lalamove can get your favorite foods just by using the Lalamove app.


  1. Delivery of Goods

You can use Lalamove to deliver goods from any location within the Lalamove coverage area without having to deal with road congestion.


iii. Document Delivery

If you need to submit the document immediately, use the Lalamove service. Just fill in the recipient information in the Lalamove application without having to fill out a consignment note. Shipping is also fast and secure.


  1. Purchase of Groceries

Lalamove also provides groceries purchase services according to your order. However, if you choose a motorcycle for transportation, the maximum allowable price is RM 100 and if you choose the car for transportation, the maximum allowable price is RM 200


  1. Truck or Van Reservations For Moving

In addition to motorcycles and cars, Lalamove also provides truck and van services for moving. There is a truck with 1 ton, 3 ton and a van as well. If you need help, you can also order helper assistant to lift large and heavy items.


Lalamove takes approximately 50 minutes for transmission within a 10km radius. However, it also depends on the current traffic situation.