How To Use Zoom

The Zoom Meeting app is so popular today as a medium of communication with others and can be used anywhere. It facilitates day-to-day interactions that can connect with each other for miles. This application allows people who are required to Work From Home to hold meetings, discussions and so on. The app allows for interaction with up to 50 co-workers at once without any problems. 


Benefits of the Zoom Application 

  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, simple and well-suited for swift collaboration 
  • Can use any email address to sign in 
  • Be able to share the desired screen with the meeting members 
  • File sharing can be done in the chat room Zoom 
  • Excellent screen sharing quality and this application is free 
  • Enables sharing of information using Google Drive, Dropbox, document files, pictures and more 
  • Can send text into groups, pictures and audio 
  • No need to go out and interact in the environment 
  • You can have scheduled meetings by connecting schedules, Zooms and even calendars 
  • You can find out the attendance of a meeting member by report generated at the end of the meeting Click Zoom Account Management> Report Selection. Look for Usage Reports and then click Meeting to find the meeting you want, select the report type and date, and then generate the report 
  • You can record web conferences held and can be resold to those who do not have the opportunity to attend 


How To Use Zoom In Smartphone 

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Zoom app on your mobile phone through Google Play or the Apple Store 
  • Before you can use this application, make sure you have registered your ID first 
  • When signing up for an account, you will need to enter your email address, First Name and Last Name, and sign your consent to Zoom’s terms of service and click Sign Up 
  • You will receive an activation code via email for activation 
  • Then Sign In and select Join A Meeting 
  • Enter your Meeting ID obtained through the employer, write down the real name so that the employer does not misunderstand. Every friend who attends the meeting will use the same Meeting ID. Then, click the Join Meeting button 
  • Once you have successfully signed in, you will need to select Call Via Device Audio to ensure you can hear the voice of others attending the meeting

How To Use Zoom Application On Computer 

  • Visit the Zoom website at
  • Click Sign Up Free and register your account using your email or Facebook account 
  • You can choose between the free Zoom application or the premium version 
  • Premium (paid) Zoom accounts have more features than basic accounts with limited features 
  • If you use an email address to sign up for an account, Zoom will send the activation code to the registered email address. Click the Active Account received to activate the account 
  • Once you have successfully signed up, you will need to sign in with your ID 
  • Click on My Profile on the homepage and you will be able to see the Personal Meeting ID in the space 
  • You can start a meeting by clicking the New Meeting button to start the meeting 
  • Click My Meetings and use your Personal Meeting ID to invite other friends to join you in the Meeting Rooms 
  • Your friends can join you using the link via the Chrome web browser 
  • You can also join the meeting by simply clicking on the link in the inbox (invitation link from a friend to join the forum / meeting) 


How to Invite a Friend to Join a Zoom Meeting 

  • All you have to do is click on the Meetings tab 
  • If you’re using the Zoom application on your computer, click Copy Invitation that has information such as Zoom’s Meeting URL, ID and phone dial-in information and it will be copied to the clipboard which you can enter by email or text 
  • If you’re using the Zoom app on your smartphone, click on Send Invitation and you will be given 3 options : Send Message, Send Email or Copy to Clipboard (It will copy Zoom’s meeting’s URL and meeting ID to your phone’s Clipboard) 

Many people prefer to use Zoom because it is easy to use. It’s easier to get work done even when you’re not in the office. The use of Zoom also allows each member to discuss issues and make decisions faster. Zoom is one of the alternatives that can make things easier without having to meet face to face.