Huawei Honor T1

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Many have said that the future trends of gadgets such as tablets have to do with not just technology but also style and elegance. There is no denying that statement and the Huawei Honor T1 Tablet PC is one that has been designed to capture the hearts of everyone out there with its elegance. The Huawei Honor T1 Tablet is an 8 inch tablet that comes with a touchscreen HD (1290 x 800-pixel) IPS display. This tablet has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 dual-core chip at 1.2 GHz. That is not all as there is 1 GB of RAM a massive 16 GB storage capacity. This is a tablet built for ease and convenience as you can transfer data easily through the micro-USB port. Some of the other additional features which comes packed with this tablet is its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. The Huawei Honor T1 Tablet PC is one of those rare tablets that come with a 5-Megapixel rear camera and a 0.3-Megapixel VGA on the front. The T1 runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, hence giving it that smooth performance which everyone just loves.

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The Design

It goes without saying that the T1 tablet is very well built as a whole. What you will be able to notice on the T1 is that a lot of effort has been put into the details of its aluminium like casing with a beautiful slim chrome rim that surrounds the screen. You will also notice something special about this tablet and that is its cover flap for the microSD slot, found on its side. It is made of a semi-rigid material rather than the usual flexible rubber which is often used for all tablets. Although its size might be a little bigger than the normal tablets you will see in the market, this tablet is pretty light and easy to carry around. You also won’t feel that it is hollow because of how its crafted workmanship.


The Display

The Honor T1 has an IPS display which some might think is a pretty average display for a tablet but what they don’t know is that the benefits of having an IPS screen is that your tablet will have the advantage of displaying better colours. The Huawei Honor T1 Tablet PC is also able to able to give a much more stable response because of it IPS screen. If you were to look at the display on an overall perspective, then yes, this tablet’s IPS screen does fulfil its basic requirements as what it should.

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The Interface

A little bit unusual you might say about this tablet was it runs on an Android 4.3, making this one a little left behind compared to all its other rivalries in the market which run on a standard 4.4 KitKat or even the ones which are powered by the latest Android 5.2. You won’t have to worry much as you will still get all of Google’s basic services which include Gmail, Chrome, Google+, Hangouts, YouTube, Drive, Maps, Play Store and many more. You also get the privilege of changing your tablets background and icons.

To be dead honest, the performance of the T1 might not make you jump off your seat but it still is a pretty effective although there are a few very small issues when you tend to open up multiple applications all at the same time.


As you may already know, the T1’s Snapdragon might not be all that great in the world today but it still can run most of your usual Play Store games. Some of you who love listening to music might get a little by disappointed by the T1’s speaker which you will find at the front. This is because if you were to turn your volume up to more than half, you will start to hear the treble cracking and an overall distorted sound too.

The Battery

The T1 comes with a 4500mAH battery which is actually pretty good and this is to compete with all its other rivals with a much smaller battery capacity. The battery on this tablet here can easily last close to 8 hours 50 minutes which makes it on par with many mid-range or even high-end tablets that have been released in the recent months. When the battery of the T1 was tested to see how long it could stay alive when it came to using the tablet for gaming, it lasted for a good 4 hours and 40 minutes and this is mostly due to the resolution of the game which is being played. It takes 3 solid hours to charge the T1’s tablet back to a 100%.

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The T1’s camera is something people who love taking pictures of themselves would love. With a staggering 5-Megapixel rear camera and a 0.3 front camera, video calling via Skype or Google Hangouts is not a problem anymore. While the Huawei Honor T1 doesn’t possess the greatest camera of all time, you will still be happy with its performance.


The device is priced around RM 600 which is less than SGD 220 making this an entry level tablet.

An Overall View

Some of the things which might make you jump out of your seat and grab the Huawei Honor T1 is that it has very handling, something which what most people look for nowadays in a tablet. The battery life is pretty good and you can run almost any task on the T1. With a 16 GB space, you ara able to store all your files and so much more and remember, if that is not enough, you can always upgrade it to a 32 GB storage capacity.

A couple of things that might disappoint you though would probably be the speed issue which you might face when opening too many tasks at a given time on this tablet right here. The front and back camera might also not be up to your expectations especially if you are someone who is looking to take the most perfect selfies all night long.

Regardless of everything which it may lack compared to some of the much more expensive tablets out there in the market, this tablet right here is a good value tablet not forgetting the fact that it is able to carry out daily tasks without any problems at all. If you are someone who need a tablet for your daily usage, then the Huawei Honor T1 would definitely be it.