Huawei Mate S Price in Malaysia


Recently, the Mate S which is the latest device made by Huawei has been launched at IFA 2015 in Berlin. Huawei creates the device in order to replicate the company success in its market. Therefore, the device would offer various premium features such as a fantastic fingerprint scanner, a great screen and mediocre battery life inside a well-designed device that will be available in mystic champagne and titanium grey colours for the 32GB models as well as coral pink and prestige gold for the 64GB models.


Design and Build

The device is worth to take a look more closely as its design shares the quality and feel that makes both Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S Plus an interesting device. It is packed in a gorgeous metal unitized body with a slight curve at its rear to give its users a comfortable grip. Although, the device has straight and rigid edges that may appear at disadvantages for some users, the device with its 7.2mm thickness does not let the users feel the device as another boxy-feeling device. In fact, this intricately design device has ditches that effect and place with diamond cut sides, curved frame and chamfered edges on top of the device cover namely the Gorilla Glass 4 layer.

huawei mate s 00

The Full High Digital display is approximately 5.5-inch and it has makes the device more compact with its design. The lines on its flush antenna have been match with the colour of the device to make it less noticeable. On top of the device, there a microphone and a headphone jack that could be found while a speaker can be found located at the bottom. A very little pad found on the back of the device is the device’s fingerprint scanner. It is yet the fastest scanner in the game that could bypass the lock-screen, pops up the notification panel, open up the gallery and moving through the photos. Others bits and bobs of the device’s hardware include dual-SIM, 4G LTE, NFC and a microSD slot.

huawei mate s 02


It sports a full 1080p High Digital 5.5-inch display that gives out a crystal clear, crisp and bright screen with high percentage of saturation and contrast ratio via the AMOLED panel that shares a pixel density of 401 pixels per inches. In addition, the display of the device has also been supported by the Corning 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4 that prevents the display from being damage when dropped. There is another feature offered by the device particularly the Force Touch technology which is capable to weigh objects on the screen and to get a wide range of photo magnification level.



Huawei has packed the Mate S with a customised version of the latest Android operating system (OS) namely the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. This OS provides its users with numerous interesting features via a swipe from the top of its screen such as notification centre and accessible to various toggles and as it is a hybrid of Android and iOS, the icon and app drawer has been turn into a little box on the screen. The device leaves out a plentiful of freedom to tweak or disable the app or background according to their creativity while the Power usage firewall help them to highlight any app that start to drain out the battery.

A new interaction has been created for the users and its device through the feature that has been called as Knuckle 2.0. The touch control of the Knuckle 2.0 let the users to set up their device to wake up whenever they want with their knuckles as well as performing a knuckle action to take any screenshots, crop any photos and videos. On the other hands, drawing gestures with the knuckles would let the users to assign any gestures on the screen to act as a shortcut to open up various apps.

The Emotion User Interface (EUI) made by Huawei is running on top of the OS. It is a little bit invasive than others UIs that include only a home screen and a setting menu alongside some of the horrible theme and apps. The customization for the problem can works wonder for the users and can even looks better and great.


Price in Malaysia

Mate S is already available at Malaysia starting with the price tag from RM 2829


It is powered by a 64-bit HiSilicon Kirin 935 octa cores processor that comprised of a quad cores 1.5GHz processor and a quad cores 2.2GHz processor with a 3GB RAM alongside a Mali T628 MP4 GPU. It also a device that comes with a 2,700mAh Lithium Polymer battery that could last up to a full day use on a single charge with a capability of Quick Charge that allows the battery to be charge up to at least 20% in less than an hour.

huawei mate s 01


A 13MP camera with optical image stabilisation and a four colours Red, Green, Blue, and White (RGBW) sensor is located at the rear of the device that could capture stunning and colourful images without shakiness. It also provides two-tone LED flash and a Digital SLR level sensor for the rear camera which is made from sapphire glass. The 8MP front-facing camera of the device is supported with the latest beauty algorithms and a soft lightning flash to capture a great selfies. There is also several modes has been given by Huawei to the device in making versatile images and to make videos at 1080p recording.


To put it briefly, the Mate S created by Huawei is a device with a delicate design and a great display. It provides a wide range of software to the consumers with all around technology and thus makes it less interesting without a core feature. Nonetheless, the lightweight device and its custom Android software would likely bring something different to the market that includes the features of Knuckles 2.0 and timeline-based notification. It is surely a device that is ready to compete with the like of big player in the game such as Samsung and Apple.

Pros and Cons


  • A device with premium design and build quality
  • It feature a good camera and performance
  • The fingerprint scanner is worth to give a test


  • The device may has a highly price
  • The UIs is still new and may not suitable for everyone