Iflix review

Many of you would have known what iflix is. Iflix Sdn Bhd based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, owns Iflix, one famous type of subscription video-on-demand service. In Malaysia, Iflix has an objective and vision to be one of the best online video streaming service in the Southeast Asia region. So far, Iflix has been gaining more than over one million subscribers.

Iflix offers its subscribers with unlimited access to popular series, movies, kids programs and other exciting shows. The supported browsers include Chrome 40+, Firefox 36+, Safari 7+ and IE11. One setback of Iflix is that it won’t work on jailbroken smartphones or tablets. Iflix will continue to provide as broad as possible and most relevant content selection for its subscribers within an affordable price. In terms of price, Iflix has charges in between RM8 to RM10. Those who pay their subscription fees every month will be charged RM10 while those who pay annually will be charged RM8 per month. Do take not on this difference. Also, subscribers have to be aware when exactly their subscription will ends, as there will be no prior notice given. It will be renewed automatically. Regardless, Iflix is really a steal with such a low subscription fee. RM8 to RM10 will get you a lot, about 20 000 hours of movies and television series and shows, including TV shows from ABC Studios like Once Upon a Time, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost.

As compare to its competitors, Iflix has a larger inventory. In other words, its inventory is huge. For example, you can enjoy some down memory lane series like ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to the latest series. Can you imagine how broad the inventory is? Moreover, Iflix even have Chinese, Korean and Japanese dramas. Most of the shows are available in Astro and subscribers can watch on demand too.   

What about the speed for Iflix? Well, do not put such a high hope as the speed is said to be only average, not too slow but not too fast either. When you stream a video on a less than 8MBps connection, the video is good in quality but with some occasional freeze or lag. One annoying problem with the speed for Iflix is that you will need to refresh the page to continue your video streaming when it just freezes half way of your streaming. Other than the speed, what about the audio? Audio is not a strong or beneficial selling point for Iflix. This is due to the fact that it uses poor audio compression for its videos, which ruins the sound. However, this may not be noticeable if you are watching videos from a phone. This downside is more obvious when you view the videos from television.   

Here are some other features for Iflix. One great feature about Iflix is the permission to download drama episodes or movies so that the shows can be viewed offline at a later time but it comes with an expiration for each downloaded videos. Let’s say if you download an episode, you’ll be given seven days to watch it. If you want to watch that episode again, you have two days to do so. This is still an upside for Iflix as this is one feature that its competitor is lacking off, even though it is currently only available on the phones.  

In general, Iflix is much cheaper. This in turn means that you have to put up with less international titles, lower image quality and more censorship comparing to its international competitors. It is advisable to sign up for a trial package regardless of which provider that you are interested in.