iPad Mini 4 price in Malaysia


Finally the latest version of iPad Mini 4 is available in Malaysia after a year in waiting. Although the release of iPad Mini 4 was pretty much eclipsed by Iphone 6s, this new little tablet still deserves some attention.



The iPad Mini 4 fits perfectly for you when it’s not too small compared to a smartphone and it’s not too huge. It feels similar with the previous versions of iPad Mini if you are familiar with Mini range product. Apple pretty much retained the iPad Mini 4 design as it’s predecessor. The iPad Mini 4 has the same premium metal glass design although technically it is aluminium built. At 6.1mm, the iPad Mini4 is is a little bit slimmer when compared to it’s predecessor the Mini 3 at 7.5mm.  Nevertheless Mini 4 fits and feels comfortable on your hands

Ipad Mini 4 is fitted with a 7.9 inches display.  It has a 324 ppi pixel density which is pretty good for a 7.9 inches display. The screen looks pretty laminated such as iPad 2 Air. The lamination has reduced glare and reflection making reading for comfortable and scratch resistance. Colors are vibrant and impressive although having the same resolution as compared to Mini 3.


The new iPad Mini 4 comes with the upgraded Apple’s dual core 64bit A8 processor. This is the same powerful processor that is powering the current version if Iphone 6 but it sure lacks if compared with iPad 2 Air.  According to Apple, the new chip boost up to 30% performance compared with A7 which is great for intensive Apps. The Mini comes with a 2GB RAM. The device comes with choices of 16GB to 128GB of on board stroage.

iPad Mini 4 comes installed with iOS 9. There are some cool nifty features. Some of the software has been revamped where focus is given on multitasking experience for users. The OS also comes with the feature to split screen just as Air 2 when using apps which I think it’s pretty cool. 2 Apps can now run side by side on a single display. Other Apps such as Notes and News were also revamped.


Apple has upgraded the Mini 4 back camera and boost it to a 8MP camera. Burst mode is also now available. This would be great for people who shoots from their tablets a lot.  The tablet also comes with a 1.2 MP secondary camera with a f2.2 lens. All features such as HDR are still available. These cameras are able to capture decent sharp photos at the right condition.

Price and availability

Good news, the iPad Mini 4 is readily available in Malaysia, with weakening Ringgit at the price of writing, the price of iPad Mini 4 expected to look ugly. Here are the breakdown of Ipad mini 4 that available from Apple Store Malaysia. The iPad Mini 4 comes with choices of Silver, Gold and Space Gray.

iPad Mini Wifi only

16GB RM 1,599 , 64GB  RM 1,999 , 128GB  RM 2,399

iPad mini Wife + Sim card (LTE)

16GB RM 2,099 , 64GB RM 2,499 , 128GB RM 2,899