Iphone 6S price in Malaysia


Apple has finally announced the release of the much anticipated Iphone 6S and Iphone 6S plus on 9th September. This has pretty much confirmed all the rumors that have been going on recently with the release of new Iphone from Apple.  The new phone features much waited improvement as compared to it’s predecessors.



The new phone release comes in two sizes. The Iphone 6S is 4.7 inches at 1334×750 in resolutions while the 6S Plus is 5.5 inches 1920×1080 in resolutions. Iphone 6S is aluminium built but not just any normal aluminium. These 7000 series aluminium are the ones used for aerospace materials. Apple claims that the new Iphone would be the strongest Iphone ever built so far. Let’s hope the Iphone 6 ‘bent’ incident would not repeat itself on the latest 6S series.

Apple has also introduced a new rose gold color besides the traditional space grey, silver and gold options. The Iphone 6S weights at 143 grams and is  138.3×67.1×7.1mm in size while 6S plus weights 192 grams and is 158.2×77.9×7.3 in size.

iphone 6s performance


Inside the Iphone 6S , the phone is powered by an A9 chip embedded with M9 motion processor is one of the fastest ever available on an Iphone. The 64bit chip is energy saving and performs better as compared with it’s predecessors. For your info, A9 CPU chip is roughly 70% faster compared with A8 while has a 90% faster GPU performance.  Iphone 6S comes with a default iOS 9 which is very much integrated with the A9 chip for optimal performance.

iOS 9 received much improvements such as more powerful Siri and redesigned applications.  Iphone 6S is also LTE capable device while comes with second generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor which we hope is faster. 



Apple confirms that it has improved the new Iphone 6S screen. The screen are still full HD Rentina display while the screen is now much tougher. The new glass has received some treatment at molecular level. Apple claims that the new screen is one of the strongest screen compared to other smartphones in the world.

3D Touch

Currently all if the smartphones touch screen works on a 2 planes touch. Iphone 6S and 6S Plus comes with a revolutionary 3D touch technology dubbed the new generation of multi touch.   The new phone is  capable of detecting  tough by  how hard users are pressing the screen thus opening up new possibilities in gaming and and other apps.  This has also enable new easy access function such as Peek , Pop based on finger force on the screen.  Users can easily zoom into the screen based on how hard the finger is touching it. The new 3D sensors on Iphone 6S is very integrated with IOS 9 which comes default with the phone.

iphone 6s camera


The new camera from Iphone 6S does not disappoint. The new phone has a 12MP iSight back camera and a 5MP FaceTime camera which is a huge improvements for Apple. However, a good photographer knows that megapixel size has not much effects on a good photo. Apple claims the autofocus for Iphone 6S has improved. Apple also takes prides of color accuracy from Iphone 6S camera.

Iphone 6S also introduced a new Live Photo technology. ‘Live Photo’ is sort of a short video or GIF photos where moments and sounds are also captured together with the photos.  These moments can be brought back by pressing the photos.

Finally, Iphone 6S is now capable of recording 4k videos at 3840 x 2160 resolution , users will also be able to take 8MP photos while recording video. The phone is also capable of doing time lapse and slow motion recording.  Iphone 6S’s camera also comes with good old optical stabilization that enables sharper photos on dark situation.  Old functions such as true tone flash, panorama, and many mores are retained.

Pricing and Availablity

Iphone 6S comes with choices of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB in size. Official worldwide sale for Iphone 6S starts at 25th of September but unfortunately Malaysia is not on the list. We do not expect this phone to be launched anytime yet in Malaysia.  Iphone 6S and 6S Plus will be officially released on 16th , October in Malaysia joining countries such as India and Turkey on the 4th release of the phone worldwide

Here are the official retail price for Iphone 6S and Iphone 6S Plus. It’s quite horrific if you factor in the weak ringgit. Apple has also reduced the price of Iphone 6S after the announcement of Iphone 7.

Iphone 6S 

32GB RM 3,199  RM 2,449

64GB  RM 3,699   No more stock

128GB RM 4,199  RM 3,199

Iphone 6S Plus

32GB RM 3,199  RM 3,199

64GB RM 4,199  No more stock

128GB RM 4,699 RM 3,699

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