Iphone 7 price in Malaysia


Apple has finally announced their latest flagship phone, iPhone 7. Apple said that this latest flagship phone is water-resistant, has upgraded cameras, longer battery life and stereo speakers. Apple claimed iPhone 7 to be the most advanced and best smartphone that they have ever created.

Release Date

You can start to pre-order your iPhone 7 on 9th of September and shipping is said to start from 16th of September onwards. The official release date is set to be on 16th of September in 28 different countries including the US and the UK. The iPhone 7 will then be available to another 30 countries a week after 16th of September. As expected, Malaysia is NOT in the list of second wave nor 3rd wave of iPhone 7 release.  I guess we will always be one of the last countries to received the official version of this phone. 



The latest iPhone 7 comes with dust and water resistance feature and two new colours known as Jet Black and Black. The colour option of Space Grey is gone and it has been replaced by Black. The Jet Black colour simply looks gorgeous but Apple warned that it might get scratched easily so you will have to opt for a case to protect your iPhone 7. The sleek design and the iconic rounded design is maintained like its predecessors. The phone is  7.1mm thick while weights 138g.

It also has a camera bump that is moulded from the aluminium frame of the smartphone and it houses the antennas. Apple has also built in stereo speakers into the iPhone 7 and they claimed that it will give you clearer, louder audio in order to create a great experience for movies and gaming. It is also said to be twice the volume produced by iPhone 6S and there will be an increased dynamic range to make the speakers sound good.



The performance of iPhone 7 was further boosted with the new four-core 64-bit A10 Fusion processor and Apple said that the performance of iPhone 7 will be 40% faster than iPhone 6S and double the speed of iPhone 6. The phone comes with a default iOS 10

Removal of Headphone Jack

Apple has done something really daring by completely eliminating the need of having a headphone jack. Instead, you will get a set of Lightning Earpods included in the iPhone 7 box. There is also a more expensive option if you have the cash for it. Apple has launched their first wireless Bluetooth earbuds known as AirPods. A set of these AirPods will set you back for approximately USD 159. Apple claimed that they offer at least 5 hours of listening on a single charge and they have dual microphones so that you can answer calls and interact with Siri. Although the removal of headphone jack may not sit well with the users at first, there is a high chance that other major smartphone manufacturers will follow this path in the future.


iPhone 7 Camera

The camera included in iPhone 7 has completely been overhauled from its previous predecessors. Apple brought in a brand new 12-megapixel sensor for its rear-facing camera and upgrading their front-facing camera from 5-megapixel to 7-megapixel with Facetime HD. The iPhone7 also has a brand new camera system and it has Optical Image Stabilization feature.


Increased Battery Life

Apple claimed iPhone 7 to be the longest lasting iPhone ever and it is said to have 2 more hours battery life compared to iPhone 6S. Apple also quotes that the battery life can support up to 40 hours of wireless audio playback and 13 hours of using wireless audio. The battery is fixed as for Iphone 7

Home Button

Apple redesigned the home button on iPhone 7 to make it more powerful and giving it taptic feedback but reviewers are complaining that it is less precise and the phone vibrates slightly when the home button is pressed.



As iPhone 7 has not been officially released, it is too early to decide if the users will be happy with these new features included in the iPhone 7. Only time will tell if this iPhone 7 will be a success or a flop when the official sales figures are released.


The price of iPhone7 starts from USD 649 onwards depending on the model that you choose.  The 32GB model will cost approximately USD 649, the 128GB model will cost approximately USD 749 and the 256GB model will cost approximately USD 849.

We estimate the most basic version of Iphone 7 price to start from somewhere RM 2,500 to RM 3,000