iPhone 7 Rumours

iPhone 7 Rumours


Though Apple is yet to release it’s next flagship until the next several months, there have been enough of information and rumors that started since January 2016. One of the major differences of the iPhone 7 compared to it’s predecessors is the body of the phone. A Chinese website potrayed a photo of the rear camera which design was identical to the iPhone 6 with no sign of the antenna bands. In the past few months, it is suggested that the phone will undergo a serious slim down to the point of having some recognizable features taken off. For example, the usual 3.5mm headjack which is found on just about every other smartphone may not be a part of the device anymore. According to tipster @onleaks, what Apple would replace with the headphone jack is the Lightning Connector as the base for users to tune into their audio regimes. With converting the head phone jack to the new port, there is confidence in Apple to heavily scale down the thickness of the phone without jeapordizing much of the other upgrades in power and performance. Rumors have it said that Apple intend to make the phone comparatively thin as the 6.1mm iPod touch.

Some cracked photos from China indicated a bigger battery of 7.04 watt-hour pack for the iPhone 7 as compared to the iPhone 6S of 6.61 watt-hour and iPhone 6S plus of 7.01 watt-hour battery. This cries for a huge applause if Apple does succeed in squeezing a larger battery into that proposed almost-to-nothing body. If this dream comes true, then the iPhone 7 would outplay the model of the year in terms of battery capabilities. However, the source of this is unverified, so don’t get your hopes too high in case battery performance is a deal breaker for your phone investment.

In terms of design, it has been numerously reported that Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus’s antenna lines will be given a makeover from it’s hideous looks. The camera will also most likely either be flush rear or merged together with the phone’s surface getting rid of the bump for good. In early February DigiTimes informed that Largan Technology and other lens makers from Japan and China sent Apple dual-lens camera samples for testing and will eventually single out one of them for the iPhone 7 Plus or a premium version of it – one with a single lens like the iPhone 7 and another with a dual-lens camera system that produces quality type DLSR pictures with optical zooming two or three times more and enhanced low light perfomances.


According to Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple may apply Linx Imaging, a kind of technology that shoots double images and incorporates them together resulting in one perfect photo. This component will be only be reserved for the more special version of the iPhone 7 Plus. It is also induced that the Smart Connector that is featured on the iPad Pro, will also be featured on the back of the new iPhone 7. However, the purpose of a smart connector on the smartphone is yet to be known.


Similar to the iPhone 4 and 4s, there will be a glass bounded with the phone made of the same construction on the front and back. The change to glass from aluminium also makes the phone a lot lighter than the iPhone 6 predecessors. The new phone will be more curved than the iPhone 6 so we expect a really distinguished looking futuristic phone in the market from the rest. The Plus version of the phone is also expanding to a 5.8-inch screen compared to the 5.5-inch in the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple plans to introduce wireless charging to the new iPhone. Despite some other phones having this feature, it does not seem to be well adjusted by customers. Starbucks and Ikea both have wireless charging features, but consumers seem to still attached to plugging in their devices for charging.