Irobot Roomba Review

roomba560_sideviewRobot cleaning devices have been gaining popularity recently and particularly in Malaysia. I’m a sceptic on the devices however a friends introduction made me interested with these devices. This device is particular useful for busy people and lazy people who hates to clean their floor. My schedule and habit fits nicely into these categories.

Why Irobot

Irobot is one of the earliest pioneer in robot cleaning devices. This company started in America since early 1990s which also research and manufactures bomb disarming robots for military and police forces in U.S.A. So Irobot has a solid experience in these robot manufacturing. There are a few ranges of home cleaning robot from Irobot. The particularly famous commercial ones are Roomba, Scooba and Braava. The commonly used in Malaysia are Roomba and Scooba.


Roomba is the most favourite range of robots to be used in home cleaning. This robot is actually a vacuum device that has a docking bay and rechargable battery. This robot is suitable for dry type of environment.


Scooba is suitable for wetter environments such as bathrooms and wet kitchen. This is a floor washing robot.

Having said that Roomba is often of popular choices of floor cleaning robot in Malaysia. Unless one is really wealthy, he can probably afford a combination of Roomba and Scooba at his home.

irobot roomba 880

Irobot Roomba 880

Irobot’s capacity is determined by the number on the mobel. The higher number is always the robot with bigger capacity and suction power. Irobot Roomba 880 is one of the top choices of vacuum cleaning robots in Malaysia. Roomba 880 is the latest improved robot from the 870 series. The new robot has received a few upgrades that made this device cleans much better




The new Roomba 880 is completely brushless. Why is this better ? Hairs and dust get stucks over brushes over a period of time and requires a lot of manual work to clean. Hair and brittle will also clog brushes thus reducing the efficiency of the cleaning process. The roller which acts as dirt cleaners are completely made of silicon rubber like materials. This cleaning head is said to clean 50% more efficiently than previous technology.

How Irobot Works ?


Upon unpacking, this robot comes with few standard devices such as battery, home base, remote control and hepa filter. This new robot requires a 16 hours pre charged. We let it charged overnight and the robot is ready to operate the next day. Setting up the robot is extremely easy for the first time. One will just have to set the time and the robot is ready to function.

A very quick common sense would tell you that the big button in the middle would start the robot cleaning process. Note that this device also supports auto schedule cleaning which means that you do not have to press the button everyday for a cleaning. A nice music was played by the robot and it is ready to rumble. This device is not as quiet but bearable compared with vacuum cleaners. The robot randomly moves across the living room and cleans around.

One of the benefit of these robots is that it can craw through spaces under the table and sofa and cleans efficiently. Everything from hair to dust are sucked up by the robot. After cleaning for a while, this robot seems stucked at my Kitchen. Bear in mind that the robot is intelligent to crawl down a floor that is lower level however it will not be able to crawl back. This robot is also smart enough detect if the level is too high and not fall off from second floor or staircases.


After the robot finishes its task which takes around 1 to 3 hours for 1000 sqft area in my house. The robot is intelligent enough to craw back to it’s home for a rest and recharge. Once it did, it made another sound and the living room is ready for cleaning inspection.

The house is definitely much cleaner compared with manual cleaning. Hairs and dusts are not visible. There are so much particles being cleaned in the filtration system that is not visible to human eyes. Irobot 880 works flawlessly to clean my house. The house does feels very much cleaner without needs for manual cleaning. I wouldn’t say you can totally stop manual cleaning however you will require much less manual cleaning

Random technology

Unlike some of Irobot’s competitor HERE. Irobot is using random technology while sweeping your floor. This means that Irobot will zigzag randomly across the floor instead of using algorithm to detect whichever parts that was vacuumed. This could mean double or repetitive work for Irobot across the floor. You may call it inefficient perhaps the floor is much cleaner with repetitive cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is not an issue, this robot is strong enough to crawl through carpets with good suctions. One disadvantage of this bot is that items such as strings,  pieces of clothes, chords or electrical cable will jam the wheel of the robot. It doesn’t really damage the robot however the robot will be stucked until the battery is fully drained. Keep items such as these away when Irobot is cleaning.



Irobot Roomba 880 is priced at over $1000 by the official distributor in Asia. There are also a few grey distributors which cost RM 100 or 200 cheaper. If you are keen to get it really keen, these devices sells under 900 USD inclusive of shipping however without local warranty.


Ebay is a great place to get this product at very cheap price, the cheapest that I’ve found for Irobot Roomba 880 is around 400USD cheaper than price at my country. There are risk such as warranty issues especially when you live far away from the seller. You can check the price for Irobot room at the link HERE