JomRides Driver Malaysia

Traffic in Kuala Lumpur is not the best and nowadays, people don’t need to face tiring of driving anymore. You can look for other option which is mores easier and convenience. While Malaysian taxi drivers aren’t world class, they seem to be picking up the slack to compete in this era of ride-hailing. Grab services is more popular ride – hailing, but sometimes it’s not available or out of your coverage area. So, Jomrides is another option for ride – hailing as a backup options in case you’re in a rush. This is other options that you will consider in future and is said to operate like the MLM concept where the platform needs to recruit more drivers to uphold their driver’s career.

Jomrides is new app in the market that riders should try it out. Riders can book instantly or book 30 days in advance. For chartered services, riders also can book 60 days earlier. Riders can pay fares with cash or credit card, can review drivers, get real – time driver status or send an SOS message to family and friends in case of emergency. Jomrides emphasizes the concept of teamwork, which is helping fellow leaders and men. It concept suppresses 1 leader to register a maximum of 10 new drivers to get more profit. The leader not only have to recruit maximum of 10 drivers, but he also needs to monitor new drivers and help them get 10 new drivers also. And this system will keep repeating so everybody can get maximum of profit sharing. The drivers will get income every month from the work of 10 drivers that they’ve registered and 100 drivers under them. Income also comes from every rides that you’ve register. Drivers can see how much they’ve had earn for their trip in the apps.

Jomrides apps was developed by the driver to keeping the driver virtuous. This apps is ready and available in the Playstore or Applestore. The presence of Jomrides is not a destination to compete with other apps but it’s to help Jomrides drives become partners and keeping the driver virtuous. Only registered driver can register other drivers for profit sharing. Apps Jomrides run through network or community. Jomrides apps are not much different from other apps like Grab or Uber. There’s no registration fees, monthly or annual fees. Waiting time, pick up distance, cancellation job by rider will be charge accordingly. Customers will be notified with real time driver status like on the way, arrived or any other info. Fare payment can be made with cash or credit card. Customers do not need to worry if they get lost as each driver will use Google maps app.

Drivers will be restricted in case of serious offense and there’s no exception. Incentives are converted to profit sharing here if you are not able to work on that day or week, driver will still earning income. Jomrides provide the best platform for drivers to uphold their driver’s career and earn extra money for living.