Kindle Fire Utility

How to Make Your First Generation Great Again With Kindle Fire Utility

While the first generation kindle may still perform as a decent tablet, it lacks the performance and speed of the newer models. Why not make the device great again by flashing a standard Android ROM to it?

First Generation Kindle

With hardware specifications like 1024 x 600 display resolution, 8GB internal storage, and a dual-core 1GHz processor, the first generation Kindle was never close to being a high performance tablet. It was merely a slight upgrade from the monochrome display found in Kindle models. The modified Android version that was based around bookshelf rather than a proper home screen launcher and the lack of official Google Play Store access makes the tablet to be not so user-friendly and functional.

However, in order to replace the previous operating system, the good news is you are able to flash a new ROM to the tablet and this increases the usefulness and lifespan of your old device by reaping the benefits from the Google Play Store.

Rooting Your Kindle Fire

You are able to customize the software in your device by rooting your Kindle Fire. Rooting is a process that allows you to unlock certain parts of your tablet that is usually locked by the manufacturer and to give permission to certain software. By doing so, you are able unleash the true performance of your tablet according to some people. The first step to root your Kindle Fire is to use the Kindle Fire Utility, a rooting software that can be downloaded from XDA-Developers at no additional costs. However, be warned that rooting will void your manufacturer’s warranty.


Steps to Root with Kindle Fire Utility

The steps to root with Kindle Fire Utility are:

  • Download Kindle Fire Utility
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Ensure that your kindle is fully-charged
  • Have a USB cable ready beside you
  • Have a computer or laptop with Microsoft Windows operating system or a virtual installation of Windows beside you
  • Go to Settings in your Kindle Fire
  • Select More and then select Device
  • Set Allow Installation of Applications to On
  • Open Windows Explorer on your computer or laptop
  • Go to Organize and select Folder and search options
  • Tick the box for Show hidden files, folders, and drives
  • Open the folder where you unzipped the downloaded Kindle Fire Utility file
  • Connect your Kindle Fire to your computer using a USB cable
  • A display will show that you can transfer files from your computer to Kindle
  • Double click on install_drivers.bat
  • Wait a few minutes for the process to be completed
  • You will be prompted with a screen that says Congratulations! You finished installing your Kindle Fire drivers if you do it correctly
  • Next, double click on run.bat
  • If your ADB is displayed as offline, close the Kindle Fire Utility window, right click on My Computer icon, select properties, and then Device Manager
  • Look for a device with the yellow triangle exclamation mark icon
  • Right click that device and select Update Driver Software
  • Choose the Browse my computer for driver software and then select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  • Select USB Composite Device
  • Next, click on run.bat again and select option 2 – Install Permanent Root with Superuser in Kindle Fire Utility to start the rooting process
  • Be patient for the next few minutes and do not mind the constant Windows alerts on the USB being connected and disconnected because it is part of the process
  • Do not disconnect your Kindle Fire until you see a message displaying Root Installed followed by Permanent root has been installed or you will risked having your device bricked
  • Press any key to continue


Adding Official Google Play Services

To add the Official Google Play services to your Kindle Fire, follow the steps below:

  • Click on run.bat again
  • Select option 6 – Extras <Requires Root>
  • Select option 1 – Install Google Apps / Go Launcher EX
  • Wait for a few minutes for the process to be completed
  • Once it is completed, select Google+ and login with your Google username and password
  • Next, look for the Go Launcher icon and tap on it
  • You will then have access to Google Play by tapping on the Market icon


With Google Play Services, apps and games can be installed into your Kindle Fire as long as they are compatible with your hardware specifications. Finally, make sure that you do not update your Kindle Fire again using Amazon’s official update as updating will resets the rooted capabilities. You do not want to start the whole rooting process again from scratch.


Kindle Fire Utility Version and Features

Kindle Fire Utility version 0.9.9 works with the latest update 6.3.2 and make sure that your device is booted up in the normal mode before you start performing the rooting process. The features in Kindle Fire Utility include:

  • Automatic elevation to root for tool operations.
  • Full root install.
  • Auto detect current bootmode.
  • Auto Detect ADB/Fastboot Online/Offline.
  • Auto download from Amazon.
  • Auto download and install TWRP Recovery.
  • Auto download and install COTR Recovery.
  • Auto download and install FFF Bootloader.
  • Manage current bootmodes.
  • Manage Read/Write.
  • Install Google Apps/Market/GoLauncherEX.
  • Lock/Unlock the Wallpaper from being changed.
  • Automated Dual-Boot installation and Un-Dual Boot
  • Choose Amazon Firmware to update to


If you experience any problems and errors while using Kindle Fire Utility, the best solution is to seek for help by posting in Kindle Fire Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting section in XDA-Developers forum with the following information:

  • Microsoft Windows Version
  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • What steps you have taken
  • What device manager says about your device
  • Version of KFU you are using
  • Exact error you received