LEGO 60052 Review

Could this be the best LEGO set? Some LEGO enthusiasts apparently think so and some of them went far as claiming this LEGO 60052 that consists of a full track, different train cars, a powered locomotive, a truck, four mini figures and a loading station to be the LEGO set of the year for 2015 to 2015. Customers that purchased this LEGO set also praised the nice details found in the green wheelbarrow, the Longhorn Bull, the forklift and the crane terminal. LEGO 60052 set offers great LEGO building experience and you will also able to control the locomotive using a remote controller that requires three AAA batteries.


The Box

Compared to LEGO 60051 set, LEGO 60052 has a bigger box than its previous predecessor but it is not completely filled up. The box weighs more than 6 pounds and it comes with several labelled bags and six big and small instruction books that are easy to understand as this LEGO set is specially designed for 6 to 12 year old kids.


The Truck

The instructions to build the truck can be found in instruction book number 1 and the whole building process will just take a mere 14 minutes and it is very straight forward. This little green truck that can fit two mini figures has a standard 6 stud wide build and a long wheelbase also comes included with the LEGO freight train. If you own a LEGO car that was released in the last couple of years, you will notice similar build in this truck.



The Locomotive

As the process of building the locomotive with integrated power functions is a lot more difficult and complicated, the whole building process will take at least 52 minutes to finish assembling it. The locomotive that can fit a mini figure has a 6 stud wide build of 32 long and it is taller than two mini figures stacked on top of each other. In fact, the locomotive is as tall as three mini figures stacked together. Similar to traditional trains, the locomotive has a bright blue build with yellow and gold accents on the sides, cab and nose that reminds one of some train company. The power functions include a battery box that holds 6 AAA batteries and an IR receiver to get the locomotive to move forward and backward using the remote controller can be seen at the back of the locomotive. However, only 2 back wheels are powered. In addition, you are also advised to use rechargeable batteries for both the battery box and the remote controller.


The Cattle Car

The Cattle Car is the smallest car in this LEGO 60052 set and it will only take you 14 minutes to assemble it. This 6-stud wide and fence-like structure cattle car that has its sides acting as ladders when they are flipped down also comes with a Longhorn bull, a stack of hay, a red bucket of milk,  a feeding through and a farmer mini figure.


The Cable Spool Car

The Cable Spool Car, by far, is the easiest car to build in this LEGO 60052 set and it will take you only a couple of minutes to assemble it by putting the trucks and several 2×2 jumpers on for the flatbed cart and another few minutes for the spools. Although this cable spool car may not be useful, it looks good and it is really fun to play with.


The Flatbed Car

As the complexity of the flatbed car lies in between the cattle car and the cable spool car, building it is relatively easy. Despite the simplicity in the design, this flatbed car with forklift and Octan oil barrel has a matching colour and style. The flatbed car also comes with a mini figure and a wheelbarrow. However, certain customers found the flatbed car to be disappointing and it makes no sense to ship a wheelbarrow using an open air cargo train.


The Crane Terminal

The crane terminal is a simple construction with a window, a door and has a crane that works like a charm. It has a good looking design and it also comes with a chair, a desk and a computer to control the crane. Regrettably, you will have to exercise some caution when you place the crates or else they will fall off due to the inconsistent width.


The LEGO Railroad Track

With 8 straight pieces, 20 curved pieces and 2 turnouts, the LEGO Railroad Track can be arranged in several different ways to further enhance your playing experience. The standard way is to assemble the railroad track in an oval shape with either an inside or outside turnout.


Mini Figures

The mini figures in this LEGO 60052 set include:

  • The train engineer
  • Lady crane worker
  • The truck driver
  • A workman


Model Data

Name: Cargo Train

Reference Code: 60052

Theme: LEGO City

Year of Manufacture: 2014

Total Parts: 888



In conclusion, while it will take close to 3 hours in total to assemble everything, this LEGO 60052 is brilliant for both children and adults of all ages and some of the LEGO enthusiasts said that it is one of the best ways to get started with LEGO if you are new to it. No one knows how long this LEGO 60052 set will last before it gets retired so make sure you buy it as soon as possible to experience endless hours of fun of playing with LEGO.